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MiCOM S 1 Agile

MiCOM S 1 Agile
MiCOM IED support software that provides users global access to all MiCOM IED data.
Version 1.4.1
Build 4.5.0 Neo/
Copyright GE 2018

Origian:Default Connection(WebApi)

Origin: Default Connection (WebApi)
Add Data Models-Select Models
Please select data models to install, then click Install

Data Model Manager

Data Model Manager
Getting details of: IEC870-5-103-P433

Load frimware to device(s)

Load firmware to the device(s)
Load firmware to device(s)completed with error(s).

Withdrawn DDDs(4101:000000)

Withdrawn DDDs (4101:000000)
Some of the installed DDDs are Withdrawn
For additional information about Withdrawn firmware, go to the DDD management view