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Installation Guide:

  • Can get installed on Win 10, Win 7, XP professional
  • Cannot get installed on Win 8

Installation of DIGSI 4 V4.94 over an existing DIGSI 4 Installation

  • Close any DIGSI 4 before you install DIGSI 4 V4.94
  • Decompress the files to a local folder on your PC. Keep the folder structure as it is in the ZIP archive.
  • Execute SETUP.EXE. This will install DIGSI 4 V4.94 over your existing DIGSI 4 installation.
  • Now you can delete the decompressed files.

Download DIGSI 4.94

Download DIGSI 4.93

Download DIGSI 4.92

Download DIGSI 4.91

Download DIGSI 4 Video training package

DIGSI 4 video training package

DIGSI 5 Video Training Package