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Face-to-face / Online

Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile)

  • Power System Automation communication protocol
  • Open Protocol
  • Introduction to DNP3 protocol
  • Why DNP
  • DNP3 overview
  • DNP Stack
  • DNP3 messages
  • DNP3 Application Layer
  • Transport Function
  • Link Layer
  • DNP3 protocol simulation
  • Practical section with DNP3 protocol
  • DNP Protocol translator

Online Sections:

Configuration in DIGSI 5 SIPROTEC 5: basic DNP3 settings of TIM/CP (Device Configuration); configuration of a DNP3 connection in DIGSI 5; SIPROTEC 5 time synchronization in the DNP3 protocol; transferring analog values, counter values, and Boolean values time stamping, and event-buffering; Transferring Commands and Setpoint; peer-to-peer communication; serial & IP/Ethernet-based communication;
Exercise for simple system configurations with Ethernet-based networks …