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Download PSCAD Software 

PSCAD is a simulation tool for analyzing power system transients.    

PSCAD is most suitable for simulating the time domain instantaneous responses, also popularly known as electromagnetic transients of electrical systems. The PSCAD Graphical Interface greatly enhances the power and efficiency of your simulation. It allows the user to schematically construct a circuit, run a simulation, analyze the results, and manage the data in a completely integrated graphical environment.    

The PSCAD/EMTDC software comes with an excellent collection of example cases, which can be used as the starting point for many of your projects. They are also used as example cases to illustrate the usage of certain complicated models, which are described best using a working example. You can also copy parts of these examples to quickly assemble your own circuits. For details on available templates see the online help system. These cases are available in your PSCAD installation directory under Examples. There is also a set of Tutorial examples in this directory.   

Download Template networks in PSCAD for a transient testing package

Type: PSCAD (.pscx)

Size: 18 MB

Download PSCAD

Type: Software

Size: 93 MB

Download PSCAD Full package (Download PSCAD + Download Template networks in PSCAD for the transient testing package) 

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