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 Power quality is simply the interaction of electrical power with electrical equipment. If electrical equipment operates correctly and reliably without being damaged or stressed, we would say that the electrical power is of good quality. On the other hand, if the electrical equipment malfunctions, is unreliable, or is damaged during normal usage, we would suspect that the power quality is poor.

 As a general statement, any deviation from the normal voltage source (either DC or AC) can be classified as a power quality issue.

 We can verify the power quality by installing a special type of high-speed recording test equipment to monitor the electrical power. This type of test equipment will provide information used in evaluating if the electrical power is of sufficient quality to reliably operate the equipment. The process is similar to a doctor using a heart monitor to record the electrical signals for your heart. Monitoring will provide us with valuable data, however, the data needs to be interpreted and applied to the type of equipment being powered.

  • Introduction to Power Quality, Standards, and Monitoring
  • Custom Power Devices
  • Nonlinear loads, Passive and Active Power Filters
  • IEEE Standard 519-2014
  • Six-Pulse Rectifiers
  • DC-Link Reactor –Current Source (SCR Drives)
  • DC-Link Capacitor –Voltage Source (PWM Drives)
  • Active Front End –Voltage Source (PWM Drives)
  • Eighteen Pulse Rectifiers
  • Multiple Transformers
  • Single Transformers
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Passive Filters
  • Active Filters
  • New RR substation to be connected to utility 115 kV line
  • Single-phase connection to harmonic loads
  • Significant harmonic currents measured Is a harmonic filter needed If so, what type?
  • Generation-Load mismatch large
  • To fill the gap IPPs are encouraged
  • Low investment high return may attract many people to participate in power generation
  • Low power capacity and hence connected at low voltage
  • Encourages renewable energy penetration
  • cRooftop PV will be the future

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