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Learning the fundamentals of relay testing, on your schedule. Learn how to efficiently test overcurrent, distance, and transformer differential relays with the OMICRON Test Universe. Our Training course provides you with relevant background information and takes your specific questions into account during the training. The material of the protective relay testing course is designed to help you to be a professional in this field.

Nothing beats hands-on learning from an engaging instructor who gives you the information you need and lets you practice in a safe environment.

  • Basics of Protection
  • Power System Faults & Numerical Relay Fundamentals
  • Feeder protection and relay coordination
  • Basic Transformer protection
  • Distance protection theory and application
  • Power Swing and out of step testing
  • Protection schemes Testing
  • Advanced Differential protection
  • IEC61850 Introduction
  • IEC 61850 Process bus introduction
  • Testing IEC 61850 based protection system

 we provide training courses at your site or online, contact us for reservations.