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Valen tin PV*SOL Premium

A real-world representation of the shading from surrounding objects is extremely important for precisely calculating yields. You’re therefore looking for a program that takes shading into account as analytically as possible? PV*SOL does just that! You can visualize all roof-integrated or mounted systems – even on the ground – with up to 5,000 modules in 3D and calculate shading based on 3D objects.  

The user-friendly 3D menu navigation is divided into six sections terrain view, object view, module coverage, module mounting, module configuration, and cable plan. Simply select possible shading objects and position them on the terrain or the building. PV*SOL then calculates how often on average the modules are shaded by the objects and displays the result in graphical form. 
Your benefit: the visualization in 3D mode provides you with detailed information on shadows cast at various times of the day and year, and consequently on likely reductions in yield.
Through the detailed analysis of the shading of individual modules, the effect of power optimization on the system yield can also be precisely visualized in PV*SOL. 

Here are some key features of “PV*SOL”:
– Visualization of the roof structure by displaying rafters and battens.
– All roof areas in the 3D visualization will now be issued with the most important dimensions in a plan. An export (*.dxf) in most CAD programs is possible.

  • Copying of object groups including all structures and inverter configurations.
  • Simple duplication of objects by specifying the number of duplicates and the distance between them.
  • Selection of custom textures for the terrain. 
  • New Languages for Presentation: Croatian, Norsk, Portuguese, Slovak, Hungarian
  • Autosave
  • Maximum Feed-in power clipping is selectable at the inverter or the feed-in point. 

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PVsyst is a PC software package for the study, sizing, simulation, and data analysis of complete PV systems. PVsyst is designed to be used by architects, engineers, and researchers. It is also a very useful educative tool. It includes a detailed contextual Help menu that explains the procedures and models that are used and offers a user-friendly approach with a guide to developing a project. PVsyst can import meteo data from many different sources, as well as personal data. PVsyst presents results in the form of a full report, specific graphs, and tables, and data can be exported for use in other software. 

Management of the project: For a given project (a defined site and meteo), you can construct several variations for your system (“calculation versions”). 

System design board:  The system design is based on a quick and simple procedure:

  • Specify the desired power or available area
  • Choose the PV module from the internal database
  • Choose the inverter from the internal database

Specialized tools are also provided for the evaluation of the wiring losses (and other losses like the module quality), the mismatch between modules, soiling, thermal behavior according to the mechanical mounting, system unavailability, etc.

Simulation and results report: The simulation calculates the distribution of energies throughout the year.

Main results:
1. The total energy production [MWh/y] is essential for the evaluation of the PV system’s profitability.
2. The Performance Ratio (PR [%]) describes the quality of the system itself.
3. The specific energy [kWh/kWp] is an indicator of production based on the available irradiation (location and orientation).

A powerful tool for a quick analysis of the system’s behavior, and potential improvements in the design.

RETScreen Expert

The RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software (usually shortened to RETScreen) is a software package developed by the Government of Canada. RETScreen is a Clean Energy Management Software system for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and cogeneration project feasibility analysis as well as ongoing energy performance analysis. RETScreen Expert, an advanced premium version of the software, is available in Viewer mode completely free of charge.