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The solutions from Siemens for energy automation offer a multitude of standardized configurations and functions for many typical tasks. These default settings allow the use of flexible products but at the same time is open for more challenging and customized applications. The acquisition of all kinds of data, computing, and automation functions, as well as versatile communication, can be very flexibly combined to create special solutions and to make integration into the existing system environment possible.

The process and visualization system SICAM SCC (SICAM Substation Control Center) is an important component of power automation solutions. Independent of the utilized substation, SICAM SCC can be used with both the power automation system.
SICAM PAS and also with the products of the SICAM RTU family. SICAM SCC can communicate directly with bay and protection devices that support the communications standard IEC 61850 and can be used for this as a cross-device HMI system. SICAM SCC is scalable for individual applications and supports efficient engineering for energy automation solutions of power utilities and industry.

Download SIEMENS Substation Automation System Part I (Practical)

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Download SIEMENS Substation Automation System Part II (Practical)

There are two sections in “Mapping\PAS_FS1\PASCC\PASCC1_Interface\HMI “. One is “Information-Monitoring Direction” and the other one is “Information-Command Direction”.

In “Information-Command Direction” we should select “ION\EMA “and check the parameters which we want to use in our system.



In “SICOM PAS CC \\ HMI\Graphic Designer “, we should create a window to show the parameters and double click on that.

If the text is bold, it means that there are some changes to that. So click on the bold icon.

If the item has value, we can right-click on that and select the tag. Then from “HMI\ION_EMA”, we can select the values.


For the other manufacturer which supports IEC61850, they should provide relevant IEC61850 with the equipment. Here, for “REG-DA”, the IEC61850 file is “eberle35.icd”.

There are two options to add “REG-DA” in the Siemens Automaton System. One is with DIGSI and the other one is UI-Configuration.


 We should import the IEC61850 file in our project.

A file with the name of “*.icd” with creating automatically. If the number of “REG-DA” is more than one, we should change the “REGS1” to “REGS2”. To do this, we can open “eberle35.icd” with notepad and edit the file accordingly.