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Generator Transformer Protection System full diagram based on SIPROTEC Siemens Relays

The task of the electrical unit protection is to detect electrical failures and inadmissible operation of the generator, generator bus bar, excitation system, generator transformer, and another existing transformer (Station transformer, unit auxiliary transformer) and disconnect faulty circuits with speed and certainly without interference healthy circuits. The mechanical turbine and generator protection are independent of electrical protection. The generator protection and synchronizing cubicles will be delivered in fully wired and tested cubicles, ready for connection. Each subcase contains a complete protection device with DC/DC converter for power supply, Potential, and current transformers, an A/D converter, computer chips, a watchdog circuit, and trip relays.

A numerical protection system (NPS) shall mean the protection terminals wherein the analog to digital conversion of the input variables takes place immediately after the input transformers and all further processing of the resulting numerical signals shall be performed by microprocessors and controlled by programs. NPS shall include all features of conventional relays, protective devices, relay panels for generator, generator transformer, unit transformer, and station transformer

The following course contains the diagram of the Generator and Transformer protection based on SIPROTEC 4 SIEMENS IEDs. Please contact us for more info and get this course.