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The testing & commissioning can be done by different testing software and hardware. In this training, we have used OMICRON Test universe, Vebko AMpro, and FREJA win.

  • Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile)
  • Pre-recorded videos with online access + Free Certification
  • Basic to advance (Zero to Hero)
  • Free technical support
  • Introduction, software Installation and general settings
  • Different types of test modules
  • Impedance/Vector/report View, Display settings
  • Test Object, Hardware Configuration
  • RIO, XRIO and PTL
  • Control Center, How to create and modify XRIO/ PTL files
  • Transient module, Advanced transplay
  • RIO Function Over Current, Define Element Characteristic, Pick-Up/ Drop-Off Test
  • Testing of the Overcurrent and Directional Overcurrent Functions (67, 67N, 50, 51, 50N, 51N)
  • Distance Configuration, Settings, Shot Test, Check Test, Search Test, Z\t Diagram, Zone Settings
  • Testing of the Distance function (21)
  • Principle of Differential Protection, Operating Characteristic, Differential Configuration, Differential Operating Characteristic, Differential Trip Time, and Harmonic Restraint
  • Testing of the Differential protection function (87, 87G, 87T)
  • Testing of the Power swing function
  • Autoreclosure, shot and times, unsuccessful / Successful Sequence
  • Testing of the Autorecloser function
  • Testing of the Fault location function
  • Testing of the Over/Underfrequency (81O/ 81U)
  • Testing of the Over/Undervoltage (59, 27)
  • Testing of the Pole-Slip function (78)
  • Testing of the Loss of Excitation (40)
  • Testing of the Negative Phase Sequence (46)
  • Testing of the Overload (49)
  • How to test distance function if the distance module is deactivated in the test universe software.
  • How to test differential function if the differential module is deactivated in test universe
  • Practical sections with testing of the relays (ABB REG670, MiCOM P441, MiCOM P123, …)

Supplementary Files

To save your time, we’ve also gathered important related files/ videos /software as supplementary training files. These files are attached to the training.

  • Test Sheet Template
  • Test procedure
  • Excel spreadsheet
  • E-book
  • ….

Pre-requisites: DIGSI 5, PCM 600, Micom


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Training on Testing and commissioning by Dr. Saeed Roostaee

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