Today, it is impossible to perform many of the required analyzes in electrical networks without using the relevant engineering software. Therefore, engineering software has been very effective in industrial environments. One of the most famous software is ETAP which is used in the analysis of distribution networks in industrial Plants and is made by the Operational Technology company. In this training package, in addition to collecting the required technical information in an attractive multimedia environment, various analyzes, and how to do them using ETAP software are presented practically.

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Course Name: ETAP for protection engineers

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Pack update:

  • Update 4 July 2020: Chapter 2 Part 9: Load Flow practice (ETAP project file + Video)/ Free update
  • Update 11 July 2020: Protection and coordination practice (ETAP project file)/ Free update
  • Update 19 July 2020: ETAP training whatsapp group
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This course is structured into 4 chapters with theory and practical examples.  Click here to see course details
Protection and coordination Practice