Course definition


  • Marketing function
  • Protection technician
  • Product Application Engineer (PAE)
  • Application engineer


  • To be able to understand and choose the protection functions available in Sepam range offer in compliance with standards and industrial MV network applications. Theorical introduction to Sepam series 20 40 80 bringing into operation.


  • Introduction to MV dist ibut ion networks,Generation, transmission and distribution systems, Substation, industrial and building environments, Typical loads and generators, The configuration of MV networks, faults, Neutral earthing systems. Introduction to MV protection principles: The protect ion functions, The principles of discrimination, Measurement sensors. Study of a MV industrial network and use of the protection plan: Calculation/ verification of fault current, Choosing protect ion function according to the application (substation, busbar, transformer, etc …).

PDF Files:

  • 00-Sepam Protection Principles.
    01-Plan_Network structures.
    02-Plan_Network and machine faults.
    03-Plan_Source of Isc.
    04-Plan_Symmetrical components.
    05-Plan_Calculation of Isc.
    06-Plan_Calculation of Isc_exercises.
    07-Plan_Earthing systems.
    08-Plan_Earthing systems_exercises.
    11-Plan_Irsd measurement.
    14-Plan_Vrsd measurement.
    15-Plan_Prot funct general charact.
    16-Plan_IDMT curves_exercises.
    18-Plan_ANSI 67.
    19-Plan_ANSI 67N.
    21-Plan_ANSI 87M.
    22-Plan_ANSI 87T.
    23-Plan_ANSI 64REF.
    24-Plan_ANSI 49RMS.
    25-Plan_Network protection.
    26-Plan_Busbar protection.
    27-Plan_Transformer protection.
    28-Plan_ANSI 24_transformer.
    29-Plan_ANSI 26-63.
    30-Plan_Motor protection.
    31-Plan_ANSI 40_motor.
    32-Plan_ANSI 78PS_motor.
    33-Plan_Synchronous generator protection.
    34-Plan_ANSI 21B.
    35-Plan_ANSI 24_generator.

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