Learning is a continuous process and enables us to be competitive in our field. Consistent with this belief and built on a strong experience in this field, we offer online training courses for practicing professionals in the area of SIEMENS Substation Automation and Protection system. The material of each course is designed to help you to be a professional in the field.

DIGSI 4 training will be taking you through all the key stages of working with DIGSI 4 using practical examples. The media of the course is in English and the total length of it is 190 minutes.

DIGSI 4 Online Training


  • Part 1: How to install DIGSI 4 (Length: 00:01:57)
  • Part 2: Introduction to SIPROTEC Relay Families (Length: 00:06:50)
  • Part 3: Wiring Connection (Length : 00:03:02)
  • Part 4: Start with DIGSI (Length: 00:19:12)
  • Part 5: Archive, Export, Import (Length: 00:12:36)
  • Part 6: Masking I/O (Length: 00:11:00)
  • Part 7: Masking I/O (Length: 00:04:51)
  • Part 8: Masking I/O (Length: 00:13:08)
  • Part 9: Default and Control Display (Length: 00:16:21)
  • Part 10: CFC (Length : 00:11:57)
  • Part 11: CFC and Implementation of experimental example (Length : 00:07:59)
  • Part 12: CFC Interlocking Example (Length : 00:04:26)
  • Part 13: CFC Protection Example (Length : 00:04:13)
  • Part 14: CFC Explanation of all blocks (Length : 00:11:01)
  • Part 15: Power system data 1 (Length : 00:08:34)
  • Part 16: Setting Group (Length : 00:19:13)
  • Part 17: Oscillographic Fault Recorders (Length: 00:03:06)
  • Part 18: General Device Settings (Length: 00:04:39)
  • Part 19: Time Synchronization and Interfaces (Length: 00:03:40)
  • Part 20: Device Driver and Firmware Update (Length: 00:09:04)
  • Part 21: Config SIPROTEC relay in a Practical Project (Length: 00:14:36)

DIGSI 4 Online Training

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SIPROTEC protection relays from Siemens can be used throughout all applications in medium and high voltage. SIPROTEC Compact and SIPROTEC 4 devices can be parameterized and operated via DIGSI 4 software.

Today, SIPROTEC 4 is considered the standard for numerical protection systems in all fields of application. SIPROTEC 4 provides suitable devices for all applications from power generation and transmission up to distribution and industrial systems.

The SIPROTEC 4 device series implements the integration of protection, control, measuring, and automation functions optimally in one device. In the other words, in many fields of application, all tasks of the secondary systems can be performed with one single device.

The material of the DIGSI 4 course is designed to help you to be a professional in this field. Nothing beats hands-on learning from an engaging instructor who gives you the information you need.


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