DIGSI 4 V4.92 Full Version with license key

WhatsApp & Telegram groups for Protection Engineers

To join our protection relay WhatsApp groups, please send “interest” on Whatsapp: https://elec-engg.com/whatsapp-group-for-protection-engineers/ Telegram:t.me/elec_engg Instagram:instagram.com/elec_engg WebsiteElec-Engg.comProtectionRelay.com Emailinfo@elec-engg.com protection relay 2 Discussion – During one phase PT failure, will overflux relay work? Has anyone seen this kind of voltage transformer connection?– Why is B-phase winding grounded on the secondary side?– Can u share the nameplate details […]

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DIGSI 4 Training

(Created: Nov 2018) (Last update: Dec 2021) DIGSI 4 training will take you through the key stages of working with DIGSI 4 by using practical examples. This online course is suitable for electrical engineers with a desire to understand the fundamentals of configuring SIPROTECT 4 with DIGSI 4. DIGSI 4 Online Training Covered Items Demo

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DIGSI 4.93

DIGSI 4.93 is the user interface to configure SIPROTEC 4, SIPROTEC Compact, and SIPROTEC 3 devices. It is designed with a modern, intuitive user interface. With DIGSI 4.93, from the numerous protection functions, it is possible to easily select only those which are really required. The settings can be entered and displayed as primary or

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