Licenses control the scope of DIGSI 5 functions that you can use. For example, you do not need a license if you work with DIGSI 5 Compact. However, you can only use a considerably restricted scope of functions. If you need the functional scope of DIGSI 5 Standard or DIGSI 5 Premium, install the relevant license on your computer. You can then use the additional functionality immediately. Like when using the different variants of DIGSI 5, also activate some optional functions and features with additional licenses. SIGRA is an example of this. You install, update, transfer, or delete licenses with the Automation License Manager. This is installed on your computer together with DIGSI 5. If you do not have a license, you can activate the Premium variant of DIGSI 5 with a test license. This test license is valid for 30 days and can only be used once.

You are using the DIGSI 5 Premium Trial that allows testing of the full functionality of DIGSI 5 for 30 more days. To continue working with DIGSI 5 after that period, using the same functionality as provided by the test version, order DIGSI 5 Premium.

DIGSI 5 Premium is the high-end variant of DIGSI 5. This variant contains the DIGSI 5 Test suite for testing SIPROTEC 5 devices and functions. You analyze fault records with SIGRA and you use the advantages of flexible engineering for IEC 61850. CFC debugging is a feature provided in DIGSI to verify the created logic before downloading it to any device. Use of DIGSI 5 premium license is based on single-user licenses. You cannot use one single DIGSI 5 premium license concurrently on several computers. You can, however, transfer a license from one computer to another. You can do that via a network or with a USB stick (flash drive).

DIGSI 5 Premium License How to Transfer license

DIGSI 5 Premium Licenses

Training on DIGSI 4 and DIGSI 5 Training, contact us

DIGSI 5 is for configuring, parameterizing, and operating SIPROTEC 5 protection, combination, and bay devices. With a PC or a notebook, you can parameterize the devices via the interfaces and export and visualize the fault data. DIGSI 5 comes in different variants (Compact, Standard, and Premium) that provide different functionalities.To use DIGSI 5 Standard and Premium, you need a license key for each computer you are running DIGSI 5 on. If you execute the software without a license key, it will be always available as DIGSI 5 Compact edition or as a Trial version for 30 days. The licenses are provided on USB sticks. 

DIGSI 5 V7.80 needs high performance specifications of the used operating system version. Therefore, it is recommended to install DIGSI 5 V7.80 on Intel® Core™ i5 with 16 GB of RAM, 

With DIGSI 5 V7.80, you cannot upgrade projects created with DIGSI 5 V6.20 and below directly to DIGSI 5 V7.80 due to the technical limitations. During the installation of DIGSI 5 V7.80, you will be prompted depending on the current DIGSI 5 installation on your PC. The following possibilities exist:

  • DIGSI 5 V6.20 and lower is installed on the PC :  You are informed that it is required to install any one version from DIGSI 5 V7.00 to DIGSI 5 V7.50 (recommended) to upgrade projects to DIGSI 5 V7.80. This will uninstall the DIGSI 5 V6.20 and lower from the PC.
  • DIGSI 5 V7.00 or higher version up to DIGSI 5 V7.50 is installed on the PC: You are prompted that it is required to retain/remove the existing installation.
  • If the existing DIGSI 5 installation is retained, it is possible to upgrade the projects created with DIGSI 5 V6.20 and lower. In this case, 2 DIGSI 5 versions will be installed on the PC.
  • If the existing DIGSI 5 installation is not retained, only the latest DIGSI 5 V7.80 is installed. It is then not possible to upgrade the projects created with DIGSI 5 V6.20 and below.

DIGSI 5 V7.80 can be used along any available DIGSI 4 version on the same system. If you install DIGSI 4.82 or earlier after DIGSI 5, you need to reinstall the latest Automation License Manager (ALM) after installation of DIGSI 4. ALM setup is provided on the DIGSI 5 DVD in the folder \Automation License Manager.

DIGSI 5 is V7.80 fully compatible with older versions of SIPROTEC 5 device drivers.

Click here to download DIGSI 5 V7.3 Package  

Download DIGSI 5 V7.80 – SIPROTEC 5 Device Manager and manuals

SIPROTEC 5 Manuals V7.80

SIPROTEC 5 Device Drivers V7.80

DIGSI 5 V7.80

Download Digsi 5 with Premium License 

How to transfer DIGSI 5 License from one PC to another

How to upgrade DIGSI 5 V7.X to DIGSI 5 V7.8

The following video shows how to upgrade DIGSI 7.3 to DIGSI 7.8

DIGSI 5 is the configuration and operation tool for all SIPROTEC 5 Protection relays. With DIGSI 5, you create system topologies, configure hardware and communication networks, set function settings and perform many further tasks.

You perform all configuration tasks offline from your PC without the need for a SIPROTEC 5 device. You transmit all data online to the SIPROTEC 5 device later on – for example, directly through a communication network. For communication, DIGSI 5 and SIPROTEC 5 are based on current standards such as IEC 61850 and proven technologies such as Ethernet.

The Elec-Engg provides a full package for Digsi 5 which contains following items.

  • Digsi 5 premium license unlimited single user
  • DIGSI 5 TEA-X-Plugin V1.10 for MS Excel
  • DIGSI 5 V 7.3 Premium setup
  • DIGSI5 V 7.30 HF01
  • DIGSI 5 TEA X Plugin
  • SIPROTEC 5 Device Drivers
  • SIPROTEC 5 Manuals

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Training on DIGSI 4 and DIGSI 5 Training, contact us

Useful SIPROTEC 5 & DIGSI 5 Manuals

Digsi Device Drivers and Manuals

Digsi 5 Premium License Unlimited

Operating Program for SIPROTEC Devices

Digsi 5 Device Drivers and Manuals

Learn DIGSI 5 with Dr. Saeed

DIGSI 4 and DIGSI 5 Training

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