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protection relay 2

– During one phase PT failure, will overflux relay work? Has anyone seen this kind of voltage transformer connection?
– Why b phase winding is grounded on the secondary side?
– Can u share nameplate details of the PT
– yes, in an oil company, usually they only use 2 PT input and make it as delta connection in relay
20digsi 4, 11:51 – abb pcm600: That’s an open delta voltage transformer (or potential transformer)
20digsi 4, 11:52 – abb pcm600: It’s mainly used as an input to detect earth faults using neutral voltage displacement ..
20digsi 4, 11:54 – abb pcm600: Typically the sum of the voltage across D7 and D9 is zero ….however should there be an earth fault and one of the phases hit the ground … you will get voltage across the open point ….
20digsi 4, 11:55 – abb pcm600: Such schemes are used in ungrounded systems or on generator – transformer sets …. there is no path for earth fault …
20digsi 4, 11:57 – abb pcm600: Sorry open wye … but the scheme is same …
20digsi 4, 13:04 – abb pcm600: Open delta connection , Yellow phase normally will ground.

But as per drawing seen some conflict..
Norammly 2 VT Winding we can seen..
20digsi 4, 13:05 – abb pcm600: IMG-20200420-WA0001.jpg (file attached)
Normally like this

20digsi 4, 13:05 – abb pcm600: This is star connection with y phase grounded. Not an open delta. I was reading on internet its some old practice followed in UK.
20digsi 4, 13:35 – abb pcm600: Yeah … that’s an open Wye or Open Star … works the same way ..
20digsi 4, 20:11 – abb pcm600:
Anyone have PDF of this book
21digsi 4, 03:07 – abb pcm600: Hollo, anyone have any worksheet for the theoretical calculation of the differential and restriction currents in general electric T60?
21digsi 4, 14:06 – abb pcm600: Who has the Relay Testing Handbook by Valence to assist me
22digsi 4, 12:10 – abb pcm600: Thanks!!
22digsi 4, 12:11 -abb pcm600: Thank you.
22digsi 4, 12:26 – abb pcm600: Thanks
22digsi 4, 12:52 – abb pcm600: Thanks guys to accept me to this group.
22digsi 4, 12:53 – abb pcm600: I m an instument engineer with base here in the netherlands
22digsi 4, 12:54 – abb pcm600: Welcome
22digsi 4, 12:54 – abb pcm600: Glad to help, if I can, but also I will ask for tips… 💪🏽
22digsi 4 – abb pcm600: Thnkas Zimuto
22digsi 4, 12:56 – abb pcm600″: Thanks
22digsi 4, 13:07 – abb pcm600″: Hi all, it’s Kashif.
Engineering Coordinator Saipem, working in KSA.
23digsi 4, 13:23 – abb pcm600:
23digsi 4, 16:13 – abb pcm600: Hi, anybody in this group who has experience with Digsi Manager from siemens?
23digsi 4, 16:42 – abb pcm600″: @966537578990 A. A
23digsi 4, 16:42 – abb pcm600: ??

23digsi 4, 16:43 – abb pcm600″: Nothing just Hi
23digsi 4, 20:35 – Elec Engg: @966539154087 Pls read the group rules and maintain the objective of the group
25digsi 4, 18:22 – abb pcm600: Anyone have any experience with diesel genset parraleling on common neutral resistor
25digsi 4, 18:36 – abb pcm600: Any drawing, and what you wanna know about?
25digsi 4, 21:38 – abb pcm600: How many generators can work connected on resistor and how many can work isolated in parallel mode
26digsi 4, 05:04 – abb pcm600: That’s a very big open question …
26digsi 4, 05:07 – abb pcm600: Yes, it is really problematic to solve its protection system
26digsi 4, 05:16 – abb pcm600: Yes we typically run the neutrals to a common neutral bar. Install atleast 3 of neutral earthing resistor and and contactors
26digsi 4, 07:41 – abb pcm600: Are you talking about medium voltage generators
26digsi 4, 07:41 – abb pcm600: Yeah …
26digsi 4, 07:42 – abb pcm600: How did you calculate the size of resistors
26digsi 4, 07:42 – abb pcm600: Please, can you share some calculations
26digsi 4, 07:45 – abb pcm600:
26digsi 4, 10:06 – abb pcm600: Please share as much as you can
26digsi 4, 10:06 – abb pcm600:
26digsi 4, 10:06 – abb pcm600:
26digsi 4, 14:56 – abb pcm600: Thank you, right this perfectly describes ngr under the fault
26digsi 4, 14:59 – abb pcm600: I want to show you this example
26digsi 4, 15:00 – abb pcm600:
28digsi 4, 10:16 – abb pcm600: IMG-20200428-WA0002.jpg (file attached)
28digsi 4, 17:56 – abb pcm600: Hello every one
28digsi 4, 19:05 – abb pcm600: Hi all
I need setting guid for directional protection
28digsi 4, 19:06 – abb pcm600: If any example for Double feed Sub-Station with the tie breaker normally closed
Mohamed badr: What is Apts scheme
28digsi 4, 19:15 -abb pcm600“: This message was deleted
28digsi 4, 19:16 -abb pcm600“:
For this system, with the two Transformers secondary breakers and the tie breaker are normally closed, and installing directional on the two secondaries, I need some guid on how to Make the setting for the directional, And if any one has a similar case i will be glad if he shares his settings and how to Make them
29digsi 4, 06:41 – abb pcm600: the intention of the Directional on the secondary side is for backup protection? i ever encounter application that uses the secondary side 67 as a backup by looking up into the transformer and if it operates it will trip both HV and LV. DOC (Isetting : full txf rating, TMS:0.1 , +30degree), DEF (Isetting: 0.1A, TMS: 0.1, 0 degree)
29digsi 4, 17:05 – abb pcm600: Can anybody share about the zig zag transformer? Principle operation of it.
29digsi 4, 20:05 – abb pcm600: Thanks🌹
29digsi 4, 20:34 – abb pcm600:
Winning COVID-19 – Preparedness and Response Management.pdf
29digsi 4, 20:34 – abb pcm600: Please enroll
30digsi 4, 13:08 – abb pcm600″: Anyone has SR 469 , SR 650 and SR 750 test formats? Which is the software used for these relay? Anyone pls help.
01etap, 05:30 – abb pcm600: IMG-20200501-WA0002.jpg (file attached)
01etap, 05:36 – abb pcm600: IMG-20200501-WA0001.jpg (file attached)
01etap, 05:36 – abb pcm600: IMG-20200501-WA0000.jpg (file attached)
01etap, 17:37 – abb pcm600: 🤷🏿‍♂️???
01etap, 20:52 – abb pcm600: More courses like this?
01etap, 21:10 – abb pcm600:
What is actually bandwidth voltage ???
01etap, 21:20 – abb pcm600: Sorry..Just found the answer above it🙏🙏
01etap, 22:13 – abb pcm600:
is there any wrong with this statement and calculation… ????
01etap, 23:57 – abb pcm600″: Anyone has GE f650 relay test format?
03etap, 08:47 – abb pcm600: Any?
06etap, 11:54 -abb pcm600:
what could be cause of SF alarm?
06etap, 11:54 -abb pcm600: PLC is communicating with another PLC over profibus
06etap, 11:56 – abb pcm600: Well, it can be a lot of stuff, but the first thing I always have for this alarm. SISTEM FAULT it means that you may have some unit programmed inside your PLC that is not connected in the field.
06etap, 11:56 – abb pcm600: So if it still works let it be
06etap, 11:56 -abb pcm600: with that alarm all parameters of slave address beocme red
06etap, 11:56 -abb pcm600: ok
06etap, 11:57 – abb pcm600: Is not something to concern, just be sure you have a good backup of the PLC program.
06etap, 11:58 -abb pcm600: but if it remains,it will not let startup of Engine
06etap, 12:09 – abb pcm600: Yes, but if it is already working, maybe is only a module programmed in the PLC but not connected in the field, but I say, I saw processes going on Years with this SF and nothing ever happend.

07etap, 09:36 – abb pcm600: we have a problem in the Genetaror Micom P343 that does not boot, please help us how to fix it, thanks
07etap, 09:39 – abb pcm600: Check the ribbon resistance of hmi to relay
07etap, 09:40 – abb pcm600: We have faced the same and ask Alstom ..then after they checked and replace the ribbon and fix the issue .
07etap, 11:21 – abb pcm600: 👍🏽
07etap, 19:43 -abb pcm600“: Where is ribbon?
07etap, 19:48 – abb pcm600: Open the front side of the relay then their is a connecting ribbon cable u can find
07etap, 22:45 – abb pcm600: Hi everyone
This not Bad contact Rubbon the message is clear (Micom Booting) with Led Alarm lightning in red Fast…
It’s like PC booting
I think it’s microprocessor …issue
07etap, 22:51 – abb pcm600: We have faced the same problem in our reliance industries jamnagar plant and Alstom it self give us solution and change all the ribbons. Micom rebooting issue may be from the HMI problem / relay power card problem but if it comes even after replacing HMI look forward with manufacturers.
It’s not just like pc booting issues. Their is no any chance of error in relay or bugs like microprocessor.
07etap, 22:53 – abb pcm600: I might be wrong but I share what i experienced with the same problem.
07etap, 23:00 – abb pcm600: 👍🏽💪🏽
07etap, 23:06 – abb pcm600: Any vacancy for Facilities Manager
07etap, 23:06 – abb pcm600: Job
08etap, 14:29 – abb pcm600: How do i determine distance characteristic in L90 GE relay
08etap, 14:30 – abb pcm600: do someone has commissioning manual for L90 relays
08etap, 16:29 – abb pcm600:
Remote Audit and Training -Electical.pdf
08etap, 16:43 – abb pcm600: hello good morning everyone, will any of you have high voltage protection information?
09etap, 09:48 – abb pcm600: Hello guys

I want to know what you guys as an Electrical Department is doing to to fight COVID 19 in their workplace.
09etap, 10:43 -abb pcm600: This message was deleted
09etap, 12:41 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
10etap, 20:33 -abb pcm600: 132kv circuit tripped showing R Y B phase and zone 1. And the same circuit is energized from other end at no load. Also no fault found on the circuit during patrolling. What will be the fault. Distance Relay type micom P 441
10etap, 20:35 – abb pcm600: It could be transient or pic up fault
10etap, 20:35 – abb pcm600: Pick up I mean
10etap, 20:36 -abb pcm600: Weather sunny
10etap, 20:36 – abb pcm600″: Does it show any distance in zone 1?
10etap, 20:37 -abb pcm600: Grid staff is not too much efficient to check fault recorder
10etap, 20:37 -abb pcm600: I will go to check it tomorrow and will discuss again
10etap, 20:37 – abb pcm600″: What is the status now does the line charged from both ends?
10etap, 20:38 -abb pcm600: Only from other end at no load
10etap, 20:41 – abb pcm600″: Sir but usually these transients will be blocked by numerical relays rights
10etap, 20:41 – abb pcm600: PTT-20200510-WA0020.opus (file attached)
10etap, 20:42 -abb pcm600: I think it may be DC grounding
10etap, 20:43 – You added abb pcm600
10etap, 21:02 – abb pcm600: Sir thanks for adding me…
10etap, 21:58 – abb pcm600: Check the fault recorded to see the fault current and voltage
10etap, 22:43 -abb pcm600: Lighting
10etap, 22:55 – abb pcm600: Depending on the magnitude and relay Makes. We have have had similar invent without any trace to physical cause
11etap, 06:01 – abb pcm600: can you share us the comtrade file?
11etap, 06:02 – abb pcm600: the .cfg and .dat that can be extracted from the relay
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11etap, 15:01 – abb pcm600: Please join the webinar on how to implement solid waste management programs
11etap, 20:28 – abb pcm600: hi.. sorry to disturb, does somebody ever experience calculating the stability factor of busbar protecton of siemens 7ss85
11etap, 22:03 – abb pcm600: Hello to all
What is the standard setting of the characteristic angle for directional overcurrent phase and ground (67/67N)?
12etap, 23:43 – abb pcm600: Hello
13etap, 02:49 – abb pcm600: IMG-20200514-WA0005.jpg (file attached)
13etap, 02:49 – abb pcm600:
13etap, 09:35 – abb pcm600:
13etap, 09:35 – abb pcm600: does somebody has this relay technical manual
13etap, 09:35 – abb pcm600: ABB PCD
13etap, 09:35 – abb pcm600: for recloser
13etap, 10:24 -abb pcm600: I think May 12th is yesterday 😃
13etap, 11:11 – abb pcm600: Which time zone is this? Here in Zimbabwe it is already 13th of May, 0745hrs
13etap, 12:00 – abb pcm600“: Follow Indian Standard Time zone
14etap, 12:20 – abb pcm600: Hi anyone have static VAR compensator (SVC) protection scheme that can share?
14etap, 12:20 – abb pcm600: thanks
14etap, 13:32 -abb pcm600“:
14etap, 13:38 – abb pcm600: okthanks
14etap, 15:49 – abb pcm600: Hello to all
What is the standard setting of the characteristic angle for directional overcurrent phase and ground (67/67N)?
14etap, 15:54 – abb pcm600: For typical distribution networks (upto 33 kV), I set it to 30 degrees. For sub transmission/transmission, I set it to 45 degrees, between the current phase and voltage polarizing quantity.
14etap, 15:55 – abb pcm600: However different scenarios may require different angles … and have to be worked out.
14etap, 15:58 – abb pcm600: This angle for directional phase overcurrent? What about the angle for directional ground overcurrent 67N?
14etap, 15:59 – abb pcm600: Are there any refferences for how to Make the setting for directional phase and ground overcurrent 67/67N?
14etap, 16:00 – abb pcm600: I would typically read the relay manual …
14etap, 16:00 – abb pcm600: And use the default recommended value
14etap, 16:01 – abb pcm600: The actual math behind setting them can be very tricky ..
14etap, 16:05 – abb pcm600: Which relay are you using ?
14etap, 16:09 – abb pcm600: Sepam s40
14etap, 16:10 – abb pcm600: The application is two parallel Transformers
14etap, 16:21 – abb pcm600: What’s the voltage level and how far is the relay from the supply transformer ?
14etap, 17:11 -abb pcm600“: From experience, RCA is 20~40
14etap, 17:42 – abb pcm600: For 67N, the value is dependent on the type of grounding.
Please refer to NPAG, it was clearly explained there
14etap, 17:45 – abb pcm600: Anyone have digsi4 Activation Key.?
14etap, 17:46 – abb pcm600: And for 67, if I am not mistaken, RCA is set based on impedance angle of the system
14etap, 18:00 – abb pcm600 left
15etap, 22:37 – abb pcm600: Any one tested Transformer DIFFRENTIAL 7SR242 DUOBIAS..
I have some dbout on bias characteristics..!
Could you please help..
15etap, 22:42 – abb pcm600:
15etap, 22:43 – abb pcm600: This is the complete manual, but bias equation is not clear on it..!
17etap, 14:15 – abb pcm600:
17etap, 14:15 – abb pcm600:
17etap, 17:23 – abb pcm600: Is it free
17etap, 17:30 – abb pcm600: yes
17etap, 18:30 -abb pcm600″:
17etap, 19:36 – You added abb pcm600
17etap, 22:32 – abb pcm600 left
22etap, 10:21 – abb pcm600: Does any one here got any information about ct accuracy class 0.1 PL 270 R6
22etap, 10:22 – abb pcm600: I want to know knee point voltage and resistance
22etap, 17:57 – abb pcm600 “: IMG-20200523-WA0004

For Allen Bradley which is the Scada Software
22etap, 18:32 -abb pcm600: Install Studio Enterprise this is combination of all scada….
22etap, 18:32 -abb pcm600: & it will work as per your lisencing….
22etap, 18:38 – abb pcm600 “: Ok Thank You
22etap, 18:39 -abb pcm600: Welcome……😊😊😊😊
24etap, 06:22 – abb pcm600: یہ دن آپ اور آپ کے اہل خانہ کے لئے باعث برکت بنیں۔ اللہ آپ اور آپ کے چاہنے والوں پر اپنی ڈھیروں نعمتیں عطا کرے۔ عید مبارک
24etap, 07:39 – Elec Engg: 🙏Please maintain the group objectives🙏
24etap, 07:45 -abb pcm600 “: STK-20200524-WA0011.webp (file attached)
24etap, 07:45 -abb pcm600 “: Ok
24etap, 12:23 – abb pcm600: hi Guys
24etap, 12:23 – abb pcm600: does anybody here has experience with toshiba relayy?
24etap, 12:23 – abb pcm600: GRL 200
24etap, 12:23 – abb pcm600: i want to ask about IO config
24etap, 22:20 – abb pcm600: IMG-20200525-WA0002.jpg (file attached)
25etap, 11:30 -abb pcm600 “: STK-20200525-WA0006.webp (file attached)
25etap, 11:31 -abb pcm600 “: Why don’t you Let admin look into it27etap, 09:16 – abb pcm600″: Please send me any study material regarding AVR
27etap, 09:17 – abb pcm600″: For a substation
27etap, 09:17 – abb pcm600″: Little emergency for my undergraduate project
27etap, 14:04 -abb pcm600: i can send you datasheet of Engine AVR
27etap, 14:04 -abb pcm600: ABB Unitrol 1000
27etap, 14:05 -abb pcm600:
AVR Unitrol-1000 Data sheet
27etap, 14:06 -abb pcm600: can ask if stucked stucked at any point
27etap, 14:31 – abb pcm600″: Sir if u have some documents like reading material for begginers
27etap, 20:04 -abb pcm600:
AVR Operating modes
27etap, 20:05 -abb pcm600: not exactly what you want, but will help you
27etap, 20:32 – abb pcm600″:
27etap, 20:32 – abb pcm600″: I have to change CT/VT ratio in a Elster A1800 energy meter. Already got established communication with meter via Metercat 3.5 software. I believe CT/VT ratios can be changed via function “Program” but I am not able to proceed as everything at the “Program” popup window is grey (not editable), I request you to support me in changing the CT/VT ratios. Please refer above snapshot. Thank you!
28etap, 03:26 – abb pcm600: You have to enable changing xt ration on parameters function
28etap, 08:47 – abb pcm600″: This message was deleted
28etap, 08:48 – abb pcm600″:
There is no Parameter menu in Functions? please clarify in details or send some snapshot
28etap, 12:15 – abb pcm600″: Hi Guys, I have a question
For 220KV level, which is suitable either CVT or IVT(PT)? And why
28etap, 12:16 – abb pcm600″: Usually we are adopting IVT(PT) in Andhra Pradesh India
28etap, 12:16 – abb pcm600: CVT always
28etap, 12:17 – abb pcm600″: Sir can you please support your statement… As we have observed the drift in secondary voltages are more in CVT compared to IVT over time span
28etap, 12:19 – abb pcm600: Mainly installation reasons …. they are lighter, cheaper
28etap, 12:20 – abb pcm600: Safer (transfer of emf when fault occurs)as there is no direct connection to the primary voltage source .
28etap, 12:20 – abb pcm600: Can you explain how does the voltage drift?
28etap, 12:22 – abb pcm600″: Deterioration in the capacitance levels over period of operations results in variations in secondary voltages
28etap, 12:29 – abb pcm600: Can’t that be fixed during maintenance? (Note: I don’t have any experience in maintenance and operation)
28etap, 12:31 – abb pcm600″: Even I don’t any experience in Maintenance. But I am not sure we can improve this in effective manner
28etap, 12:31 – abb pcm600: CVT for transmission circuits or High Voltage i.e greater than 66kV and IVT for distribution circuits 33kV and below
28etap, 12:33 – abb pcm600″: Moreover we are mostly using IVT in 220KV levels also so, I am not aware of fixing methods
28etap, 14:50 – abb pcm600: I believe it’s a cost trade off.
In India IVTs in 220kV class are more affordable than CVT. And yet you may see them actively used in 220kV stations where the transmission system is at 220kV level. This is because the same CVT would be used as coupling capacitor for PLCC communications as well.
28etap, 14:50 – abb pcm600: That’s my understanding
28etap, 18:04 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
28etap, 18:05 – abb pcm600:
Hi guys,
Why when we calculate short circuit at transformer secondary we should consider no load ph to phase voltage not rated voltage?!
28etap, 18:26 – abb pcm600: Yes.CVT is more affordable to be used since the consideration of its(equipments) isolation to H.V.
28etap, 18:30 – abb pcm600: Yes, we can track and analyze its dissipation factor( Tan Delta measurement) 👍👍
28etap, 21:52 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
28etap, 21:53 – abb pcm600: Which position??
28etap, 21:55 – abb pcm600: Sorry.. Mistakenly forwarded in this group
29etap, 13:19 – abb pcm600:
29etap, 13:21 – abb pcm600: ziv
29etap, 13:21 – abb pcm600: This is an AVR relay from ZIV bringing that message
29etap, 13:22 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
29etap, 13:22 – abb pcm600: you could contact him
29etap, 13:22 – abb pcm600: Who can help me
29etap, 13:22 – abb pcm600: he is representative of ZIV in Indonesia
29etap, 13:22 – abb pcm600: maybe he can help
29etap, 13:22 – abb pcm600: Thank you
29etap, 13:22 – abb pcm600: after you save
29etap, 13:22 – abb pcm600: i will delete
29etap, 13:23 – abb pcm600: Pliz help me i was adding
29etap, 13:23 – abb pcm600: The number
29etap, 13:23 -abb pcm600″:
Anyone have the pin configuration of this relay?
29etap, 14:37 – abb pcm600: If you mean bias setting, then I would say it has to be calculated based on the transformer parameters
29etap, 17:42 – abb pcm600: Hello everybody, good morning. any of you run the digsilent program?
30etap, 10:12 – abb pcm600: What /which are the switching operations and commissioning procedures of HV / EHV
equipment considering the safety rules of power system operation??Plz tell anyone,thank you
30etap, 17:13 -abb pcm600”: P94V undervoltage relay showing continuous trip,but no alarm present and all functions disabled,need technical support .can anybody please help.
30etap, 17:14 -abb pcm600”:
30etap, 18:04 -abb pcm600″: Go to view record and and reset led
30etap, 19:01 -abb pcm600”: Did ,but still not going
01etap, 22:11 – abb pcm600:
01etap, 22:15 – abb pcm600: To increase the contact Resistance with Ground..!!.
01etap, 22:17 -abb pcm600: To minimize step potential
01etap, 22:17 -abb pcm600: Yes
01etap, 22:18 – abb pcm600: How
01etap, 22:18 – abb pcm600: Why stone and wether it’s the only solution ?
01etap, 23:37 -abb pcm600: Cheapest bro
02etap, 04:00 – abb pcm600: Another reason stones are used is ‘cause it helps in fire 🔥 mitigation, especially where oil traps/ sump pumps are not available.

The leaked oil will have less surface area exposed to air that can burn, there by reducing the fire hazard.
02etap, 08:55 – abb pcm600: Thanks brother
05etap, 15:32 -abb pcm600:
Weather dry sunny temp 35c approximately Fault 132kv lighting arrestr and HV bush of power transformer 20/26MVA damaged
05etap, 15:33 -abb pcm600: 132kv CT side clamp
05etap, 15:34 -abb pcm600:
Counter of lighting arrestr
05etap, 15:34 -abb pcm600:
05etap, 15:35 -abb pcm600: Lighting arrestr
05etap, 15:35 -abb pcm600:
05etap, 15:35 -abb pcm600: Structure damaged
05etap, 15:36 -abb pcm600:
05etap, 15:36 -abb pcm600:
After fault jamper
05etap, 15:37 -abb pcm600:
05etap, 15:45 -abb pcm600: Analysis as per our senior most retired chief Engineer such type of fault occurres due to delay of lighting arrestr counter delay. These type of fault occurred in Pakistan time by time where lightning arrestr having counter are installed. Due to delay HV bush of power transformer also damaged
05etap, 15:50 – abb pcm600: Did the Hv bushing passed the lighting impulse test?
05etap, 15:58 -abb pcm600: At the time of manufacturing or now
05etap, 16:00 -abb pcm600:
05etap, 16:00 -abb pcm600: Bushing may damaged due to pressure of conductor
05etap, 16:48 – abb pcm600: Available 132kv surge arrester if required plz context 03214484444
05etap, 17:19 – abb pcm600: I wonder if you have the fault recorder of this lighting surge impulse on your relay
06etap, 15:30 – abb pcm600: Is there any lightening arresters in the top of transformers firewall/ other location ?
06etap, 15:32 – abb pcm600: What’s the fault in protection relay or fault recorder ?
07etap, 01:35 -abb pcm600: Ds agile documentations please
08etap, 18:06 – abb pcm600: Please guys how can I get cooling oil for a 1000 volt transformer
09etap, 16:44 – abb pcm600: What is the relay
saturation of IDMT curve in sepam T80 and S82 ?
09etap, 17:15 – abb pcm600: Let me check
09etap, 17:15 – abb pcm600: Sorry…no
10etap, 13:28 – abb pcm600: IMG-20200620-WA0004.

Any have experience In Reyroll Relays.! I need help how to change the “Out of service mode”.
10etap, 13:54 – abb pcm600″: IMG-20200620-WA0005.jpg (file attached)
Dear All,
We need to do 87L test, as you can see in secondary current to relay is very low 0.044A. We did secondary injection for GE L90 relay and found it doesn’t read 0.044A.
Value is fluctuating and getting stable at 0.1A.

please provide some solution.
11etap, 04:13 – abb pcm600″: Any ideas why the 51N protection of the REF615A relay operates in an almost constant time of 0.06 seconds
11etap, 04:13 – abb pcm600″: reviewing the operation curve the minimum operation time is 0.02 seconds
11etap, 04:15 – abb pcm600″: IMG-20200620-WA0006.jpg (file attached)
11etap, 04:17 – abb pcm600″: IMG-20200620-WA0007.jpg (file attached)
11etap, 04:21 – abb pcm600″: at least the first 3 tests would have given me the correct value
11etap, 04:37 – abb pcm600: check the other serting
11etap, 07:43 – abb pcm600″: Check the type of curve selected in relay
11etap, 07:43 – abb pcm600″: Whether it is definite time or IDMT
11etap, 07:53 -abb pcm600: 1 group setting might b clashing with another one,check all stage setting group wise.
15etap, 11:33 – abb pcm600 “: Work Is for Automation Visit in Kolkata. Just visit the site at Kolkata only people from Kolkata plz contact me..
15etap, 12:56 – abb pcm600: Please send me the details, I will help you
15etap, 12:58 -abb pcm600: Can I call you???
15etap, 13:04 – abb pcm600: Yes
17etap, 22:42 -abb pcm600“: A Power distribution full project including design of LV and MV component
17etap, 22:42 -abb pcm600“:
17etap, 22:59 -abb pcm600′: Niceee thanks
17etap, 23:00 -abb pcm600: This message was deleted
20etap, 11:10 – abb pcm600:
20etap, 16:34 – abb pcm600:
21etap, 03:21 -abb pcm600: 40mva x-mer tripped on differential during charging of 33kv feeder with Idr= 0.49pu, Idy= 0.50pu and Idb,= 0.53pu.
Both side LA has physically verified and found ok.
21etap, 06:34 -: Did you check the %of Harmonics during charging from the DR?
21etap, 06:35 -abb pcm600: I will check
21etap, 07:09 – abb pcm600″: please do stability test and after that examine the results.
24etap, 14:55 -abb pcm600“ left
26etap, 15:04 – abb pcm600: Hi, might anyone have the design book of transformers with CRGO steel core and amorphous metal core
26etap, 16:54 -abb pcm600: Please guide how to reset DR full alarm in DPR micom p442 Schneider electric
26etap, 16:59 – abb pcm600:
Maybe you can right click on the device and select supervise device
28etap, 21:44 – abb pcm600:
28etap, 21:54 – abb pcm600: 👍👍👍
29etap, 02:37 – abb pcm600: Thanks!!
29etap, 04:07 – abb pcm600: 👍👍👍👍

To join our protection relay WhatsApp group, please send interest on Whatsapp +989129613659

29etap, 08:08 – abb pcm600″: Anyone have VALANCE book on “How to Test Breaker Failure Element Logic”
29etap, 10:54 – abb pcm600: Thanks a lot for sharing this useful book.
29etap, 11:10 -abb pcm600″: This message was deleted
29etap, 11:10 -abb pcm600″: This message was deleted
29etap, 11:10 -abb pcm600″: This message was deleted
29etap, 11:10 -abb pcm600″: This message was deleted
29etap, 11:10 -abb pcm600″: This message was deleted
29etap, 16:53 – abb pcm600: Big like for this
30etap, 11:52 – abb pcm600:
I have a problem in Micom P443 for Distance Protection. I have a problem in System Checks for Autoreclose,anyone can tell me what is the difference between CS1 Close Enable dan C/S AR Immediate ??
30etap, 12:35 -abb pcm600″: Cs1 close enable is the setting of sync check on which you want to recloser the cirxuit breaker like on Live Line Live Bus or Live bus Dead Line or Dead Line Dead Bus
30etap, 12:37 -abb pcm600″: If you enable c/s AR immediate then it means that if during the dead time system check conditions are met then it will reclose the breaker without waiting for the remaining dead time period,
30etap, 12:37 -abb pcm600″: Like for example if dead time is 1 sec
30etap, 12:38 -abb pcm600″: And system check conditions are met during 0.6 seconds of dead time ,then relay will give reclose command without waiting for the remaining 0.4seconds of dead time,
30etap, 12:39 -abb pcm600″: But you habe disables the system check conditions on shot1 that means it will reclose the breaker wothout looking into any system check conditions,
30etap, 12:39 -abb pcm600″: Sys check on shot 1 should be enabled too,
30etap, 15:20 -abb pcm600: Hi guys….
Any one can help to join any VFD & plc related group….!!!
30etap, 15:31 – abb pcm600: I’ld like to join one as well !!
30etap, 15:35 – abb pcm600: Hi Guys I have a question: what is the problem with a 3phases motor runned by A frequency driver, if I want to run it very slow for instance at at 4HZ normally it runs at a modulated Frquency variable between 50Hz and 0 but what happen to a very low frequenzy?
30etap, 15:38 – abb pcm600: I know that it will run slow, but it will warm up a lot right?… but more than that what wil it happen?… somebody some documentation to explain this fhenomen?
30etap, 19:01 – abb pcm600: Somebody help?
30etap, 20:56 – abb pcm600: It depends on the loading.. The higher its loading, more power needed to turn the output torque.. If you don’t have a load, just make sure your lower frequency setting has a minimal current to move the rotor..otherwise it will be overheat..
30etap, 20:57 – abb pcm600: Thanks.
30etap, 20:57 – abb pcm600: 👍👍👍
02etap 10:54 – abb pcm600″: How to solve this error
02etap 10:54 – abb pcm600″:
02etap 13:41 – abb pcm600″: I even reinstalled my windows not going, I checked internet settings also
02etap 19:37 – abb pcm600 “:
02etap 19:37 – abb pcm600 “: Can any help me in this Programming
04etap 20:48 – abb pcm600 “: Does anyone have the know how we can develop HMI screen of operator name tag id selection in Schneider Vijeo Designer Basic HMI software
04etap 22:10 -h: Can Anyone suggest or provide link for low cost alternatives for moxa Uport 1150 type connectors with similar capabilities?
04etap 23:02 – abb pcm600:
USB to Serial converter
06etap 22:39 – abb pcm600: Hello
Any one have sft sav diagnostic software for sepam relay?
08etap 21:06 – abb pcm600 “: Does Anyone Have the knowledge of selec twix-2 PLC communication with Schneider hmi
08etap 22:44 – abb pcm600: Please have some one ever configured SEL 487B busbar protection ?
08etap 22:45 – abb pcm600: I need assistance please
08etap 23:28 – abb pcm600: hello follows the data sheet, unfortunately I can’t help much
08etap 23:28 – abb pcm600: 487B-1_DS_20200229.pdf (file attached)
08etap 23:30 – abb pcm600: The SEL Technical Support Line is available at +1.509.338.3838
09etap 11:37 – abb pcm600: hi
09etap 11:37 – abb pcm600: does anybody here has SUE3000 configuration tool
09etap 11:37 – abb pcm600: would you mind to share it
09etap 17:38 – abb pcm600: Thanks
10etap 21:12 – abb pcm600: Make money online buy watching videos,I did it and I earned 150 dollars, here is the link .All u have to do is to register and start watching.
10etap 21:35 – abb pcm600: Some example of End Fault Protection with SEL 487B??
11etap 15:05 – abb pcm600 was added
11etap 11:03 – abb pcm600: Make money online buy watching videos,I did it and I earned 150 dollars, here is the link .All u have to do is to register and start watching.
11etap 15:05 – abb pcm600 left
11etap 12:21 – abb pcm600: How does this guy get into this group? 🤷🏿‍♂️
11etap 14:15 – My Irancell Saeed Roostaee removed abb pcm600
11etap 20:12 – abb pcm600: STK-20200711-WA0011.webp (file attached)
11etap 20:12 – abb pcm600: STK-20200711-WA0012.webp (file attached)
11etap 21:11 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
11etap 22:32 – abb pcm600: 🤷🏿‍♂️
11etap 22:32 – abb pcm600: 🤷🏿‍♂️
11etap 22:34 – abb pcm600: Any body can please share with ME Schneidsr Software SFT SAV?
15etap 17:33 – abb pcm600: IMG-20200716-WA0005.jpg (file attached)
Hello, could someone tell me what does this number mean 6000 of this RCD?
15etap 17:33 – abb pcm600: It can open currents upto 6000A
15etap 17:33 – abb pcm600: 6kA
15etap 17:34 – abb pcm600: Note it’s RCBO not RCD
15etap 17:34 – abb pcm600: Yep🤦🏼‍♂️😅
15etap 17:34 – abb pcm600: Thanks alot
15etap 17:34 – abb pcm600: What s the difference?
15etap 17:35 – abb pcm600: Because some tell me it is the max number of trips
15etap 17:37 – abb pcm600: RCBO stands for residual current circuit breaker. It can open faults upto 6000A. It can be used for short circuit protection as well as sensitive faults of 30ma.

RCD is residual current device. It’s used only to pick up sensitive 30ma faults. They can’t open full short circuit currents.

Think of RCBO as RCD+MCB
15etap 17:37 – abb pcm600: No it’s the rated fault level ..
15etap 17:38 – abb pcm600: 👍 thanks
15etap 17:38 – abb pcm600: Very useful.
16etap 20:35 – abb pcm600″: Follow me on Instagram of new account only for testing and technical related my I’d is “ELEC_TONIC”
16etap 20:49 – abb pcm600″: Hello everyone
We have the following problem with ER make DUOBIAS relay for Tranformer differential protection
16etap 20:50 – abb pcm600″: VID-20200717-WA0001.mp4 (file attached)
16etap 20:51 – abb pcm600″: Can anyone gudie what to be done with this
17etap 14:10 -abb pcm600“: 👉Capacitors protection
18etap 05:33 – abb pcm600: Hi anyone have testing commissioning motor differential protection relay procedure please Sharing
18etap 10:57 – abb pcm600: Short circuit level for this device
18etap 13:04 – abb pcm600″: IMG-20200718-WA0002.jpg (file attached)
This kind of error shows in sverker 900 Megger relay test kit anyone have idea what is this
18etap 13:04 – abb pcm600″: IMG-20200718-WA0001

18etap 13:07 – abb pcm600: Maybe you could try to restart the device.And try to jumper each phase RST to neutral phase ..
18etap 13:09 – abb pcm600″:
Jumper are arranged like this is it ok?
18etap 13:10 – abb pcm600″: I have restarted kit but it not working
18etap 13:12 – abb pcm600: Jumper I1to neutral , then I2 to neutral and so on.
18etap 13:16 – abb pcm600: Simultaneously inject small current to monitor the device
18etap 13:16 – abb pcm600″: Voltage ports are also not working
18etap 13:17 – abb pcm600: How about the current ports ?
18etap 13:18 – abb pcm600″: They are also not working
18etap 13:37 – abb pcm600: Make sure when you start the device the knob selector in off position..
18etap 13:52 – abb pcm600: Check the fuses too
18etap 14:29 – abb pcm600″: How to check ot
18etap 14:29 – abb pcm600″: It
18etap 15:23 – abb pcm600″:
This fuse is ok
18etap 18:25 – abb pcm600″: Anyone have idea why this is not working
21etap 05:23 – abb pcm600″: Does anyone know if you can force or simulate voltage on an ABB relay? That is, without using a device like Omicron
21etap 07:11 – abb pcm600: someone help,how can i test GE L90 diff relay as a stand alone…without connecting with another one
21etap 07:52 – abb pcm600: You can only force digital outputs and simulate inputs. You can’t force analog signals such as voltage and currents. You need an external source
21etap 07:53 – abb pcm600″: Ok, thanks
21etap 07:55 – abb pcm600: I’ve never dealt with this relay but If it is for line differential, chances are that you’ll need two relays…the receiver and transmitter
21etap 07:57 – abb pcm600: But you can still use primay injection method to do the testing
21etap 08:09 – abb pcm600: Do you have to test line differential ?
21etap 08:09 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
21etap 08:10 – abb pcm600: ?
21etap 08:10 – abb pcm600: You can go to setting , testing , channel test and loop back
21etap 08:11 – abb pcm600: Inject currents, relay will consider one current as local and one as remote
21etap 08:12 – abb pcm600: Thank you
21etap 08:34 – abb pcm600: Welcome mate
21etap 17:58 – abb pcm600:
Hello guys, i’d like to ask maybe some of you ever test this type of relay ?
21etap 17:59 – abb pcm600: Where we can find the tms
21etap 18:02 -abb pcm600”: I think tms is 2
21etap 18:03 -abb pcm600”:
21etap 18:03 – abb pcm600″: TMS is nothing but round dial
21etap 18:03 -abb pcm600″:
21etap 18:03 -abb pcm600″: Yess it is 2
21etap 18:03 – abb pcm600″: In this case it’s 2
23etap 12:50 – You added Fatima
24etap 05:46 – abb pcm600: IMG-20200724-WA0004.jpg (file attached)
for ref relay input problem anyone
24etap 05:46 – abb pcm600: Ref620
24etap 09:46 – abb pcm600: From the drawing, check the terminal point associated to this input. Isolate it then troubleshoot that circuit to find out where the “high/positive” signal is coming from
24etap 11:18 – abb pcm600: Y inside relay see this messages drawing not problem
24etap 18:20 – abb pcm600 left
25etap 20:37 – abb pcm600: Hi,
I am working with 2X300 MW thermal power plant in India and our 400 kv switchyard is having alstom MICOM P 441, REL 670 for protection also for generator we are having siemens make 7UM622 and MICOM p345.
Is there any standard which speaks of about frequency of relay testing.
What is your experience…
Please share
25etap 21:20 -abb pcm600: Normally frequency of Numerical Relay testing depends on the utility practices.

In our utility we do annually. But in my opinion it is not required annually.
Numerical relay can be tested 5 years once.
Scheme testing can be done annually.
25etap 21:20 – abb pcm600: Thanks
26etap 00:25 – abb pcm600: Anty one have crack version of ase IED smart or IED scout for IEC 61850 simulation?
26etap 10:46 – abb pcm600 “:
How to do scaling of this pressure sensor
26etap 11:17 -abb pcm600: these transmitters are of fixed range
26etap 11:17 -abb pcm600: you cant calliberate it
27etap 16:56 – abb pcm600:
Anyone this pcm600 this messages
27etap 17:08 – abb pcm600: 615 series?
27etap 17:19 – abb pcm600: RET620
27etap 17:19 – abb pcm600: try to use new project
27etap 17:19 – abb pcm600: if still like that
27etap 17:19 – abb pcm600: try to factory reset the ied
27etap 17:26 – abb pcm600: but if it still opetation
27etap 17:26 – abb pcm600: dont do
27etap 20:32 – abb pcm600″:
27etap 20:32 – abb pcm600″: How to connect GPS to this siemens relay 7VE632
27etap 20:36 – abb pcm600″: synchronization via IRIG-B
27etap 20:38 – abb pcm600: someone assist me with cpc 100 software,thanks in advance
27etap 21:19 – abb pcm600: You either need IRIG B port on GPS receiver….or you need NTP to IRIG B convertor
28etap 10:29 – abb pcm600: does anyone has any Training materials en software of cpc 100
28etap 12:02 – abb pcm600: Please find below the parameters you are expected to used as discussed with RTM;
Reactance = 0.2215 ohm/km
Inductance = 0.20808 ohm/km
Suseptance = 0.07573 ohm/km
Distance = 313km
28etap 12:02 – abb pcm600: Please how can i find the positive and zero sequence impedances from the above parameters thanks
28etap 12:07 -abb pcm600: 400 KVAR 90 UNITS
neutral CT 5/5
132kv CT 400/5
Capacitor protection or unbalance relay current setting? Relay type SPAJ 160 C
28etap 12:15 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
28etap 12:21 – abb pcm600: Normaly Unbalance protection have one special other CT different from CT 132kv phase or CT neutral but if This CT 5/5A is just for SPAJ protection we ajust setting unbalance between 10 (..)20% In for nominal current this CT 5/5A
28etap 12:36 -abb pcm600: 👍
28etap 16:22 -abb pcm600: Please explain the working of reverse power relay at consumer end for the small hydro power plant of declared capacity 24.75 MW
29etap 10:21 – abb pcm600:
29etap 10:21 – abb pcm600: Have everyone ever read about this book ?
29etap 10:22 – abb pcm600: Need some references about that topics
29etap 11:36 -abb pcm600: Nice one, thanks
29etap 12:09 – abb pcm600: Hello everyone. Does anyone have reference books for Earthing Adequacy study.
29etap 14:58 – abb pcm600: 👍
29etap 23:55 – abb pcm600: Hello Gents,

What is recommended Characteristic angle for Directional Earth Fault protection (67N) on SEPAM S42 relay based on following data:
Sepam relay is on closed loop network.
Sytem grounding: resistance grounded (Two NGR Prallelled: 2x800A: 1600A).
Type used for 67N on Sepam: Type-02 (the protection function uses I0 vector magnitude).
Residual Current input on Sepam: Calculation of Summation three phase current (not residual CT).
Your support will be really appreciated.
31etap 01:13 – abb pcm600:
31etap 05:20 – abb pcm600:
31etap 11:48 – Fatima: If anyone interested in ETAP discussion Whatsapp group, send ETAP to me on Whatsapp 🙏😊
Topics, ETAP software, Relay coordination, power system, industrial design
31etap 13:59 – abb pcm600: ETAP
31etap 17:54 -abb pcm600: ETAP
31etap 20:11 – abb pcm600 “: I want to know if my raw data for sensor is 0 to 32767 and I wanted it to show in HMI in the format of 0 to 100 bcoz if in system sensor by mistakly get faulty or I have to replace sensor and the sensor of any other company in my system, so due to this I can change from HMI raw data in the format of 0 to 100 is it is possible??
31etap 20:15 -abb pcm600:
Micom p-243 protect compressor after start 15 minutes then trip
The indication in local hmi (motor fault alarm )but in the protection relay no indication but became open position
When i go to the record i see this in the pic
31etap 20:15 -abb pcm600:
31etap 20:15 -abb pcm600:
31etap 20:24 -abb pcm600: I do isulation resistance for motor by using 5kv meggar the result was 4Gohm
31etap 23:09 – abb pcm600: Any contribution?!
01etap, 05:57 – abb pcm600: ETAP
01etap, 06:10 -abb pcm600: ETAP
01etap, 11:12 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
01etap, 11:13 – abb pcm600: Etap
01etap, 12:11 – abb pcm600 “: Hello Guys. We are Providing Protection Data Management System
If you need to discuss send IPS to me on my personal WhatsApp
01etap, 12:12 – abb pcm600 “:
01etap, 13:38 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
03etap, 19:40 – abb pcm600 “: In HMI how to create operator name error
03etap, 20:07 – abb pcm600: PTT-20200803-WA0002.opus (file attached)
04etap, 19:45 – abb pcm600: It’s over Current …what’s your start motor current start pick and protection micom configuration …?
04etap, 21:47 -abb pcm600: Respected members, Please guide me how to carry out the Hi-Pot Test/Dielectric strength test for 22kV 3ph Breakers/Bus bar.
If the available source is DC for testing, how much voltage is to be applied and any references of the standard for the same.
Thanks in advance.
04etap, 21:51 – abb pcm600: Hi Fatima,
05etap, 10:03 – Fatima added abb pcm600
05etap, 10:06 – abb pcm600: Thank you Fatimah
05etap, 10:09 – Fatima: Welcome
06etap, 22:48 – abb pcm600 “: How to write scripting language for 0 to 50 Low and 50 to 100 high value in C programming for HMI
12etap, 10:50 -abb pcm600:
Is it possible to rectify at site. Please guide…
13etap, 10:57 – Elec Engg: Hello everyone,

13etap, 21:34 – abb pcm600: Hello, please i need assistance on nari pcs9611 relay
Its new, so when powered on it displayed sub supervision Alarms:
Alm -time sync .
How can I cancel
13etap, 21:40 – abb pcm600: ok
13etap, 21:41 – abb pcm600: set the time synchronization to off instead of sntp
13etap, 21:42 – abb pcm600: Under settings?
13etap, 21:42 – abb pcm600: under device config or communication
13etap, 21:42 – abb pcm600: Ok
14etap, 15:36 -abb pcm600: Does any have idea of Proof Testing of equipments?
14etap, 19:26 -abb pcm600″: STK-20200815-WA0000.webp (file attached)
15etap, 01:11 – abb pcm600 “: Any one interested in Protection Data management system? Text me.
15etap, 09:47 – abb pcm600 “: Sounds good. Many thanks to all who are interested to know more about Protection data management system . We are planning to go for life demo if you are interested text me and I will share the zoom link
15etap, 14:00 -abb pcm600: Hi interested
15etap, 14:36 -abb pcm600: Does anybody has ZX0 ABB seitchgear O&M.manual
15etap, 14:37 -abb pcm600: Especially Gas handling procedures
15etap, 14:37 – abb pcm600:
HB 600-05 en
15etap, 15:10 -abb pcm600: HB 605 Gas handling Manual for ZX0
15etap, 17:44 – abb pcm600:
18etap, 17:46 – abb pcm600: Hi ,
I have tested my lightning arrestor for 11KV after removing from line and the IR value was 400 meg.
Few minutes laters I have tested it again the value raised to 15 Gig.
What can explain that?

9etap, 15:20 – abb pcm600: Hello guys,
19etap, 15:20 – abb pcm600: Please i need the manual of siprotec 7SA87
19etap, 17:28 – abb pcm600:
19etap, 19:43 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
19etap, 19:43 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
19etap, 19:44 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
19etap, 19:45 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
19etap, 19:49 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
19etap, 19:51 – abb pcm600″:
19etap, 19:51 – abb pcm600″: Hello everyone, could you help me about the function of the TC1 on the delta winding ?
19etap, 20:04 – abb pcm600: Its a current transformer for the winding temperature gauge
19etap, 20:55 – abb pcm600″: Thank you !
19etap, 21:16 – abb pcm600″: someone knows what is the difference between I> and I >>
19etap, 21:16 – abb pcm600″: ??
19etap, 21:18 – abb pcm600: I> is the short time protection setting and I>> is the instantaneous protection settings of overcurrent relay
19etap, 21:19 – abb pcm600″: Ok, Thank you
19etap, 21:20 – abb pcm600: Can somebody tell me what happened if the tripping coil resistance and closing coil resistance of vcb is same ..then thier is any impact on performance of vcb ?
19etap, 21:25 – abb pcm600: You can return to the datasheet of the circuit breaker and closing and tripping coil, you can find the standard values of the resistance of the trip and closing coil and compare it to the measurement
19etap, 21:26 – abb pcm600: I just want to know the theoretical ans. Behind this ..
19etap, 21:26 – abb pcm600: As a electrical engineering point of view
19etap, 21:30 – abb pcm600:
19etap, 21:30 – abb pcm600: Read this paper
19etap, 21:30 – abb pcm600: It is very helpful
19etap, 21:40 – abb pcm600: closing coil resistance is designed much less than tripping coil resistance to have a stronger magnetic field
19etap, 21:44 – abb pcm600: Yes I know it is designed ..but my question is ..if they are same then …what happened ?
19etap, 22:26 – abb pcm600 changed their phone number to a new number. Tap to message or add the new number.
20etap, 20:06 – abb pcm600: MAM,
20etap, 20:06 – abb pcm600: I would like to relay professional video training pack.I need your help.To take this training,Can you help me a little.
21etap, 12:54 – abb pcm600: hi
21etap, 12:55 – abb pcm600: does somebody here have some “how to configure modbus protocol in SEL relays” document or somekind like that?
21etap, 13:41 – Fatima: Replied privately
22etap, 11:18 – abb pcm600: Someone have a method statement of Testing CVT Tan Delta
22etap, 11:18 – abb pcm600: Do you need procedures
22etap, 11:19 – abb pcm600: yes
22etap, 11:19 – abb pcm600: Ok will send
22etap, 11:19 – abb pcm600: Your mail ID
22etap, 11:20 – abb pcm600:
27etap, 23:13 – abb pcm600 “: You now can book for online demo using this link
31etap, 20:13 – abb pcm600: Hi friends,,
31etap, 20:14 – abb pcm600: Does any body have a project of RED670 relay.
31etap, 20:14 – abb pcm600: ?!
31etap, 20:14 – abb pcm600: Yeah …
31etap, 20:14 – abb pcm600: Can i have it please 🙏
31etap, 20:15 – abb pcm600: Ok … I’ll send the pcm600 files tomorrow …
31etap, 20:15 – abb pcm600: Anything in particular you are after !’vv
31etap, 20:15 – abb pcm600: ??
31etap, 20:16 – abb pcm600: Current line differential relays are fairly straightforward..
31etap, 20:17 – abb pcm600: Is there a difference ?!
31etap, 20:43 – abb pcm600: Anyone knows what is the problem when a source (power plant) transmit power to a substation, then the neutral current monitored in power meter is a bit higher normally…
31etap, 20:46 – abb pcm600: I know that It means that there is an unbalance current on each phase. But what else can be that causes of phenomenon..
31etap, 20:49 – abb pcm600: The P.F on phase R and S is lagging 0.9, but the phase T shows a leading P.F
02etap 20:56 – abb pcm600:
Hello guys, i need some understanding on this problem..
02etap 20:57 – abb pcm600: In case it’s internal fault, just assume that the 87 T relay and Ref relay will trip…
02etap 20:58 -abb pcm600: your understanding is correct
02etap 20:59 – abb pcm600: But apart from it, if primary Overcurrent (50/51P) works, it will trip the CB 150 kV and how avout the CB 20 kV ??
02etap 21:00 – abb pcm600: Is it required to trip the CB 20 kV too ?
02etap 21:03 – abb pcm600: 87T trip, REF not really, depend on the fault. PP fault or 3P internal fault wont initiate REF
02etap 21:04 – abb pcm600: yep… to isolate the power from LV side too, in case bus section in 20 kV side is closed
02etap 21:05 – abb pcm600″: Depends on the control scheme we use…in most of the cases we adopt if HV side CB trips on protection LV CB also gets trip
02etap 21:08 – abb pcm600: REF is more sensitive for earth faults in the differential zone
02etap 21:08 – abb pcm600: If it is an earth fault REF trips faster than Diff.
02etap 21:12 – abb pcm600: Okayy..thank you everyone for the answer..
02etap 21:14 – abb pcm600: I think that 20 kV CB will need to trip too to prevent reverse power from remanent voltage (power) at Bus 20 kV side
02etap 21:15 – abb pcm600: But if there is a remanent voltage in 20 kV side, is it possible to induced voltage in primary winding to create a current..
02etap 21:16 – abb pcm600: Since you have NGR…earth fault close to neutral may nit be detected by REF
02etap 21:16 – abb pcm600: Percentage of unprotected zone can be calculated based on relay settings and CT ratio
02etap 21:31 – abb pcm600: Yes..due to the resistance, the sensitivity will be limited..
02etap 21:40 – abb pcm600: Have everyone ever tried, to induced voltage on secondary winding of step down Transformer i.e. lets say 150/33 kV. How about the primary winding transformer, does it will generate a low current or a harmonic current
02etap 23:29 -abb pcm600: Actually fault moves towards source. In actuall LV will not trip because fault current will move towards source side(150kv) side but if intertrip function is available then LV 20kv side will trip too
06etap 18:27 – abb pcm600:
06etap 18:29 – abb pcm600: Anyone knows about the calculation to get the value of Z1 Sensit. Iph>1 ? 🙏🙏
06etap 18:29 -abb pcm600″: Fault current should be above this value to identify zone 1 or zone 2 faults
06etap 18:30 – abb pcm600: 👌I got it.. But how to get this value ..
06etap 18:33 – abb pcm600: Okay. I have found it was 1.2 x CCC / CT Ratio
06etap 18:42 -abb pcm600″: Thanks
06etap 18:43 – abb pcm600: Youre welcome bro 💪
06etap 19:18 -abb pcm600: CCC indicates which value please clarify I have doubt in this
06etap 19:31 – abb pcm600: Current Carrying Capacity
06etap 19:33 – abb pcm600: Of the conductor
06etap 19:36 -abb pcm600: Thank you
07etap 17:27 – abb pcm600: In Distance Relay
07etap 17:27 – abb pcm600:
Anyone knows the CB IS( In Service) Time function ??
07etap 17:30 – abb pcm600: Since I close my CB thenthe IS time starts to count to set AR Block
07etap 17:32 -abb pcm600″: If cb is manually closed than after this time CB will be considered in service and Auto Recloser function will be enabled too,
07etap 17:33 – abb pcm600: Oh i see
07etap 17:33 – abb pcm600: But why it AR block indication is appeared.
07etap 17:34 – abb pcm600: After the CB IS Time starts to count..
07etap 17:35 – abb pcm600:
Still strugling on this distance relay
07etap 17:43 -abb pcm600″: Because during CB IS time AR Function is disabled to block the AR on SOTF fault,
07etap 18:06 – abb pcm600: change to ABB REL670
07etap 18:07 – abb pcm600: What type of relay is this one
07etap 18:26 – abb pcm600: Hahaha..Need to be scheduled soon 🤗
07etap 18:26 – abb pcm600: P443 Micom
08etap 09:54 – Fatima added A1 5414r.
12etap 19:19 – abb pcm600: hi guys
12etap 19:19 – abb pcm600: does anybody here has p14d modbus register
16etap 14:18 – abb pcm600: Hey….who knows ZIV default password
16etap 14:18 – abb pcm600: thanks
16etap 14:37 – abb pcm600: Any ZIV relays specialist
16etap 19:47 – abb pcm600: Hello all, does anyone has a GRL 200 Toshiba Line Current Diff Manual Book ?
16etap 19:48 – abb pcm600: 🙏🙏
16etap 20:02 – abb pcm600: Four corner numbers 7931
17etap 12:04 – abb pcm600 “: Dear Sir/Mam
Our Specializations

  • Manufacturing of all types of Automation Panels, PLC Panels, SCADA Control Panels, Drives, VFD, Sensor, HMI, PLC Controller, Communication Cables,etc
  • All type of control panels as per customer requirements.


Contact Us
Trividh Tech Solution
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17etap 13:17 – abb pcm600: Hello guys..i have a Zivercom relay for Tap changer…everything looks fine but its not Tapping who can assist tanks
18etap 12:12 – abb pcm600: is anyone familiar with Siemens Siprotec 4 7SD Line Current Differential relay? For example one end of the relay is select in Commissioning mode(test mode), will the remote end relay differential protection be in commissioning mode or test mode also? Thanks
18etap 13:55 -abb pcm600: Commissioning mode at one line end will not turn on commissioning mode automatically to other side..Plus commissions mode is completely different from test differential mode
18etap 13:56 – abb pcm600: Thanks for the explanation
18etap 13:56 – abb pcm600: Can you explain a bit more on the test differential mode?
18etap 13:56 – abb pcm600: Does turning the test differential mode at one end will also activate the test differential mode of the remote end?
19etap 08:08 – abb pcm600:
Anyone REM620 relay this message what problem please
19etap 18:33 – abb pcm600:
25etap 18:01 – abb pcm600: Any one has the actual standard IEEE 485 or an excel sheet?
25etap 18:02 – abb pcm600: I need to size substation batter charger please !!
25etap 18:48 -abb pcm600″: IEEE 485-2020?
25etap 19:20 – abb pcm600: Yes please ..
25etap 20:18 – abb pcm600″: Do you have an email that I can send it to?
25etap 20:27 – abb pcm600:
25etap 20:27 – abb pcm600: Thank you sir!!!
25etap 20:37 – abb pcm600: K
26etap 01:16 – abb pcm600″: Does anyone know what these signals are used for?
26etap 01:16 – abb pcm600″:
26etap 01:17 – abb pcm600″: Apparently they are permissive of Switches
26etap 01:17 – abb pcm600″: RECEPTION RRR, RRA, RRX and RRY
26etap 01:18 – abb pcm600″: the arrangement of the substation is as follows
26etap 01:18 – abb pcm600″:
26etap 14:39 – abb pcm600: Have anyone tested Cap bank differential protection in Siprotec 5 7SJ85 relay ??
29etap 16:33 – abb pcm600:
who can help please
29etap 16:33 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
29etap 16:34 – abb pcm600: constantly getting this error while writing to the IED
29etap 16:42 – abb pcm600: delete the hmi page first
29etap 16:42 – abb pcm600: do the lisence update tool
29etap 16:42 – abb pcm600: okey
30etap 01:12 – abb pcm600:
30etap 01:13 – abb pcm600: Does any one hav software for this relay micom2.1
30etap 01:14 – abb pcm600: is this micom or ziv
30etap 01:14 – abb pcm600: This cant be Micom i doubt
30etap 04:46 – abb pcm600: Yes i need ziv and micom 2.1 both
30etap 04:48 – abb pcm600: I hav found micom software if any one can giv ziv software as well plz
02etap, 23:47 – abb pcm600:
In our substation incomer feeder is tripping at downstream and upstream without any fault when switching on outgoing feeders.
02etap, 23:47 – abb pcm600: Please suggest any idea to solve the above mentioned issues
03etap, 09:35 – abb pcm600“: What fault recorded by relay?
03etap, 11:13 – abb pcm600: There is no fault on relay but upstream and downstream is tripping when switching on any outgoing feeders.
03etap, 16:35 – abb pcm600:
Dear All members
We will very excited to present your our Test set Relay.
Product Details :The VEBKO AMT 105 Universal Relay Test Set and Commissioning Tool is the universal solution for testing all generations and types of protection relays. Its powerful six current sources (three-phase mode: up to 128 A / 400 VA per channel in AC) (one-phase mode: up to 64 A / 200 VA per channel in AC)with a nice dynamic range, make the unit capable of testing even high-burden electromechanical relays with very high power demands. The VEBKO AMT 105 Relay Test Set and Commissioning Tool is the best choice for applications requiring the highest capability, amplitude and power.
In addition The VEBKO AMT 105 have the ability of testing this instruments : Transformer,Circuit Breaker,Resistance,CT,CVT,Meter,RTD
03etap, 16:36 – abb pcm600: waaa….upto 64 Ampere….
3etap, 16:40 – abb pcm600:
Product Details :
The VEBKO AMT 105 Universal Relay Test Set and Commissioning Tool is the universal solution for testing all generations and types of protection relays. Its powerful six current sources (three-phase mode: up to 128 A / 400 VA per channel in AC) (one-phase mode: up to 64 A / 200 VA per channel in AC)with a nice dynamic range, make the unit capable of testing even high-burden electromechanical relays with very high power demands. The VEBKO AMT 105 Relay Test Set and Commissioning Tool is the best choice for applications requiring the highest capability, amplitude and power.
In addition The VEBKO AMT 105 have the ability of testing this instruments : Transformer,Circuit Breaker,Resistance,CT,CVT,Meter,RTD

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for furthers information
Web site:
03etap, 16:43 -abb pcm600: Can i ask how much the price??
03etap, 16:45 – abb pcm600: This single kit can test transformers, relays, cts, vts and breakers?
03etap, 16:51 – abb pcm600: Yes Mr Sir
For more information
YouTube channel:
06etap 18:10 – abb pcm600:
AMT105 is a universal solution to testing all types of protection relays and instruments such as power transformers, current transformers, potential transformers, capacitor transformers, circuit breakers, cable and RTD. This device is capable of testing all electromechanical relays and protection instruments and equipped with six 32 A current sources (64 a in 3PH mode, 128 A in 1PH mode), four 150V voltage sources (450V in single-mode), current and voltage combination cable, 8 analog binary inputs, 2 DC analog current and voltage inputs with high accuracy, 4 binary outputs, Dc voltage sources (212V). We can assure you that AMT105 is one of the most outstanding machines on the market, and our confidence in it is supported by our three-year-warranty.
06etap, 21:54 -abb pcm600“: This message was deleted
06etap, 22:04 – abb pcm600: battery voltage please ?
09etap, 20:29 – abb pcm600: guys
09etap, 20:29 – abb pcm600: does anybody here has acSELerator software from sel?
09etap, 23:05 – abb pcm600: Yes
09etap, 23:23 – abb pcm600: aaa…
09etap, 23:23 – abb pcm600: would you mind to share it here 😍😍😍
09etap, 23:40 -abb pcm600: Yes
09etap, 23:41 -abb pcm600: I will sent tomorrow
09etap, 23:48 -abb pcm600: Any circular regarding fare service life of various testing equipments in power sector.
12etap, 13:14 – abb pcm600:
Hi, has anyone every replace this mauell annunciator window tiles with a 3rd party tiles? or other alternative ? thanks….just looking for other price-reasonable alternative…
12etap, 14:30 – abb pcm600: Put a piece of paper
12etap, 14:46 – abb pcm600: ok thanks for the idea
14etap, 13:25 – abb pcm600″:
14etap, 13:25 – abb pcm600″: Hi Guys
We are facing this kind of rebooting issue with AREVA Micom P742 peripheral Unit for busbar protection. Anyone have any idea regarding this issue. How to overcome this??
16etap, 21:42 – Fatima: Protection Relay Discussion Group in Telegram
17etap, 15:03 -abb pcm600: Can we use 10 ac drive on 15 hp motor
17etap, 15:08 -abb pcm600: 12.5 hp drive on 15 hp motor
21etap, 17:24 – abb pcm600: Hi All, do you guys ground the shield of control cables at both end or only single end?
21etap, 17:37 -abb pcm600: PTT-20201022-WA0000.opus (file attached)
21etap, 17:38 – abb pcm600: Single end
21etap, 17:41 – abb pcm600: I see..thanks for your response. How about for CT VT Cable?
24etap, 10:48 -abb pcm600: Anybody know alind relay password please
28etap, 10:49 – Fatima added abb pcm600
28etap, 10:35 – abb pcm600: May I know would there be issue if we use a CT with high Burden (15VA for example) for a protection relay (microprocessor type). For old mechanical type i understand that the CT need higher burden to drive the armature
28etap, 15:51 – abb pcm600:
05etap, 14:40 – abb pcm600:
when i turn on generator in this panel my generator has unstable frequency but when i operate it on manualy the frequecy stabilize. what may be the cause of this?
05etap, 14:40 – abb pcm600:
here is my genset set.
05etap, 14:43 – abb pcm600: Is ur gen set is synch with other gen
05etap, 14:43 – abb pcm600: no sir.
05etap, 14:59 – abb pcm600: What is voltage
05etap, 15:01 – abb pcm600: plzz check the gain & other setting for ur operator panel
05etap, 15:03 – abb pcm600: 460v
05etap, 15:03 – abb pcm600: there is no probel with engine & gen set itself it is the only problem with operator panel feed back signal which will be generate as per setting
05etap, 15:06 – abb pcm600:
05etap, 17:44 – abb pcm600: It is wierd
05etap, 17:44 – abb pcm600: Cause freq regulation is in generator itself not in woodward
05etap, 17:47 – abb pcm600: yes kind of.
05etap, 17:47 – abb pcm600: we try to bleed fuel on generator. but nothing happend
05etap, 18:17 – abb pcm600: I thought Woodward only do parallel synchronisation
05etap, 18:18 – abb pcm600: And some protection functiona
05etap, 18:19 – abb pcm600: but are only using small loads thats why we dont sync. our generators
05etap, 18:24 – abb pcm600: I looked at the manual for easygen
05etap, 18:24 – abb pcm600: Actually there is a function frequency control
05etap, 18:26 – abb pcm600: I have same system
05etap, 18:27 – abb pcm600: But never got time to check every function in Woodward
05etap, 18:28 – abb pcm600: i do check some function but the configuation has a password. the management told me that the supplier has the access to its unit .
05etap, 18:30 – abb pcm600: Please, contact the supplier
05etap, 18:30 – abb pcm600: And post answer here
05etap, 18:31 – abb pcm600: yes wir.
05etap, 21:36 – abb pcm600: U can check the access code or password in the manual may be the manufacturer didn’t change the default password
07etap, 01:47 -abb pcm600: document_très_intéressant 📕ÉTUDE DES PROTECTIONS DES RÉSEAUX ÉLECTRIQUES MT (30 et 10 kV) PDF : 👇Télécharger_maintenant👇
09etap, 15:18 – abb pcm600″: does anyone knows about arc resistance and tower footing resistance value for 765KV transmission line.
10etap, 16:06 – abb pcm600 “: Be careful a huge Cyber attack is going around in whatsapp
10etap, 16:06 – abb pcm600 “: Don’t trust any one from your friend list if he send you a link or ask for any information call him first
13etap, 07:41 – abb pcm600:
13etap, 07:41 – abb pcm600:
13etap, 07:42 – abb pcm600:
13etap, 07:42 – abb pcm600:
13etap, 07:42 – abb pcm600:
13etap, 20:36 -abb pcm600:
30etap, 08:37 -abb pcm600”: Dear sirs

I need to disable goose controls in REF 615 ABB relay.Is it possible from HMI?
30etap, 15:52 – abb pcm600: Any expert in L&T emx3 softstarter
03etap 11:16 – abb pcm600 “: Any one required Schneider plc HMI or vfd
03etap 14:01 – abb pcm600: Anyone have Micom P632 Data Model Manager
03etap 14:46 – abb pcm600:
04etap 12:20 – abb pcm600: who can assist me with an ied scout thats licenced
04etap 15:44 – abb pcm600: REG630 how to testing method DOPPDPR function Power Angle setting anyone have formula
07etap 13:47 – abb pcm600: Hello..Could anyone be having transformer test guides preferably based on megger make test equipment?
13etap 11:36 – abb pcm600″,abb pcm600, abb pcm600 and abb pcm600 left
09etap 12:36 – abb pcm600: Pacis configurator from Schneider, can anybody have this software if yes kindly send me the link, it’s urgent please help me
09etap 13:37 -abb pcm600: Somebody have REX640 TERMINAL DIAGRAM??
09etap 14:23 – abb pcm600: Does anyone know how to choose zero sequence transformer
09etap 18:50 -abb pcm600: share mail id n which version u want?? SCE ?
10etap 00:21 – abb pcm600:
10etap 00:22 – abb pcm600:, any version, yes SCE
11etap 16:21 -abb pcm600:
In VAMP300 relay display LED continye glow without assign ,without mapping with DI points… what is the issue please kindly suggest!!
11etap 17:15 – abb pcm600: Vacancy: We have a requirement of service engineer for different IED configuration. Preferred candidate from West Bengal or Orissa
11etap 17:16 – abb pcm600: If interested kindly send me your resume.
11etap 18:03 – abb pcm600: Any lead also welcome
Those who want to change their role can inform me and inform the vacancies to your college circle, i give referal gift vouchar to our engineers. Share below message in all know electrical group, college group
15etap 09:43 – tdyt: Great thank you
17etap 12:02 -abb pcm600: This message was deleted
18etap 00:52 – abb pcm600:
18etap 17:06 -abb pcm600″: This message was deleted
18etap 17:07 – abb pcm600: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
18etap 17:11 – abb pcm600: 👌👍👍👍
18etap 17:13 – abb pcm600: Why is it deleted
18etap 17:17 -abb pcm600″:
(PPBES)Practical Protection Engineering Basic.pdf
18etap 17:19 – abb pcm600: Thanks
18etap 17:19 – abb pcm600: 🙏
18etap 17:21 -abb pcm600″: Pleasure ,
18etap 17:24 – abb pcm600: Thanks for this book…a very nice one
18etap 17:26 -abb pcm600″: Pleasure,
18etap 17:28 – abb pcm600: Thanks 👍👍👍
18etap 17:29 -abb pcm600″: Welcome,
18etap 18:11 – abb pcm600″: Fine book….thanks for sharing this.
18etap 18:14 -abb pcm600″: Welcome
18etap 18:17 – abb pcm600: Excellent
18etap 19:04 -abb pcm600″: Welcome
18etap 19:08 – Hemani: 👌🏼👏🏼
18etap 19:10 – Khetha“: This message was deleted
21etap 15:15 -abb pcm600: Need help in ABB RVC APFC Relay programming.
Mohamed badr: If any one have any video or PDF explain ISA three phase secondary injection
I need to configure some issues in REB500 software related to the renaming of Bay units.
If anyone have a license for REB500. Can help me please.
01etap11:13 – abb pcm600 left
31etap 12:00 – abb pcm600: ABB normally do not release that license which allows you to configure
31etap 12:00 – abb pcm600: The user license there isn’t much you can do with it.
31etap 12:17 abb pcm600”: Thanks for your response
How can I do now?
31etap 12:59 – abb pcm600: Contact ABB
01etap09:48 – abb pcm600:
01etap12:58 -abb pcm600: May the NEW YEAR bring you happiness, peace and prosperity. Wishing you a wonderful 2021 to you and your family members 💐💐💐
03etap12:48 – abb pcm600″: Hello everyone, I hope all are fine 👍
03etap12:48 – abb pcm600″: Kindly someone tell me that in C264 Relay, how to change sychro-check parameters and find the passwords.????
03etap12:58 -abb pcm600: Connect to Cat tool to these device n check network parameter
03etap18:09 – abb pcm600:
05etap07:40 – abb pcm600:
Trying to read the setting but the reading takes some few hours .. Is there Any solutions ??
05etap09:39 -abb pcm600″: I assume some delays in the network..try connecting them one-to-one if possible..
05etap11:00 – abb pcm600: Try to reboot the relay
05etap11:45 – abb pcm600: what could be the problem if Generator Shuts Down on High or Over Frequency, Over Frequency Runaway
05etap11:47 – abb pcm600: If you are connected to the grid:

  • Burn the rotor due to induced currents.
    If you are in islanders mode:
  • damage the connected equipments
    05etap11:57 – abb pcm600:
    05etap12:21 -abb pcm600″: Thanks
    05etap12:46 -abb pcm600: Please resend this document (PPBES) Practical protection Engineering Basic.pdf
    05etap12:52 -abb pcm600″:
    (PPBES)Practical Protection Engineering Basic.pdf
    05etap12:53 -abb pcm600: Thank you.
    05etap13:00 -abb pcm600″: Welcome
    05etap13:53 – abb pcm600: is it ok to run a generator that varies 59.9-60.1 frequency ?
    05etap15:26 -abb pcm600: yup
    08etap14:23 – abb pcm600:
    08etap14:23 – abb pcm600:
    08etap14:24 – abb pcm600: Trying to read ABB RET 670, but the messages show up like this
    08etap14:24 – abb pcm600: Any insights of this problem
    08etap14:24 – abb pcm600: 🙏🙏
    11etap12:43 – abb pcm600: Doea anyone know how to add delay time in VT Fail ABB RED 670
    11etap13:42 -abb pcm600″: Not very sure but….Inconsistent state means the current values in pcm are not reflecting the ied values. If a read does not resolve this try to see if there is a new version of pcm.
    11etap16:50 – abb pcm600:
    11etap16:50 – abb pcm600:
    12etap20:28 – abb pcm600″: 132kV transformer HV breaker was close on NO load and LV breaker was open, but suddenly differential relay operate and give differential trip. In fault study, HV side current was 860 Amp. Somebody tell me that what could be reason??
    12etap20:30 -abb pcm600″: For how much time the transformer was on no load?
    12etap20:31 -abb pcm600″: 132/11.5kV ?
    12etap20:31 – abb pcm600″: Approximately 10 to 15 minutes
    12etap20:31 -abb pcm600″: MVA?
    12etap20:32 – abb pcm600″: 132/22 kV (wind power plant)
    12etap20:32 – abb pcm600: Not inrush current
    12etap20:32 -abb pcm600″: Yess
    12etap20:32 – abb pcm600″: Yes
    12etap20:32 -abb pcm600″: There must b some issue ,
    12etap20:32 – abb pcm600: So this is not inrush
    12etap20:32 -abb pcm600″: Do TTR and winding resistance,
    12etap20:35 – abb pcm600: If it is the new commissioned plant then the issue will be in relay setting otherwise check transformer winding…do the IR…
    12etap20:35 – abb pcm600″: I did excitation test @ 10 kV and results was OK.
    12etap20:36 – abb pcm600″: Plant is in operation from last 4 years.
    12etap20:37 -abb pcm600″: You will have to do TTR and winding resistance to diagnose the matter ,
    12etap20:37 -abb pcm600″: Hope you will get the problem by doing these tests,
    12etap20:37 – abb pcm600″: OK
    12etap20:38 – abb pcm600″: Thanks to all
    12etap21:13 -abb pcm600: Any mechanical protection PRD,BUCH has operated..Did u retrieved the fault records from relay..
    12etap21:14 – abb pcm600: TTR??
    12etap21:15 -abb pcm600: turns ratio test
    12etap21:20 – abb pcm600″: No any trip from mechanical protection.
    12etap21:21 – abb pcm600″: In fault record HV current was 860Amp and LV current was 0 amp
    12etap21:24 – abb pcm600″: Check the CT ratio adopted in the differential relay….and what was the differential current setting adopted and actual current during relay operated
    12etap21:38 -abb pcm600″: Transformer turns ratio
    12etap21:45 -abb pcm600″: HI 👋
    12etap21:47 – abb pcm600″: In 3 phase
    12etap21:49 -abb pcm600″: Did you check lighting arrester AT 132 KV SIDE
    12etap21:52 -abb pcm600″: Yes surge arrestor can also be damaged or weakened ,as you are using Yard CT for Differential protection,
    12etap21:54 -abb pcm600″: @923236933469 do also check your HV arrestors,
    12etap21:55 – abb pcm600: Can anyone help me in PACiS configurator
    12etap22:28 – abb pcm600″: Physically that was OK, for counter I will check
    12etap22:29 -abb pcm600″: Do hipot test of arrestors,might be differential tripped because of arrestors,
    12etap22:41 – abb pcm600: If u have secondary injection kit like omron or preja plzz do the secondary injection to know that there is no problem from the relay side…
    13etap10:30 – abb pcm600:
    13etap14:55 – abb pcm600: can i ask why my plc doesnt read flow
    13etap14:55 – abb pcm600:
    13etap18:49 – abb pcm600:
    13etap18:53 – abb pcm600: Check that analog signal is reaching from ur flow meter to plc?
    13etap18:54 – abb pcm600: Check 4 to 20 amp signal
    13etap18:54 – abb pcm600: let me do tommorow thank you sir . for tips and info
    13etap18:55 – abb pcm600: is this available for overseas?
    13etap18:56 – abb pcm600: Only for India
    13etap18:58 -abb pcm600″: PTT-20210113-WA0003.opus (file attached)
    14etap09:40 – abb pcm600: Hi, any update on the tripping ? curious to know…thanks
    16etap04:51 – abb pcm600:
    19etap12:22 – abb pcm600:
    19etap12:22 – abb pcm600: Subscribe. All free
    19etap16:20 – abb pcm600″: Any one have relay test sheets for AREVA relays
    20etap17:39 – abb pcm600:
    What does this error means while connecting siprotec 07SJ6021 relay
    20etap17:39 – abb pcm600:
    21etap01:16 – abb pcm600″ left
    25etap10:48 – abb pcm600: Hello guys, does anyone know how to avoid distance trip when VT Fail occured on 3 phase in REL 670 ?
    25etap12:10 – abb pcm600 “: Any one has any material for Artificial intelligence application in Protection?
    25etap12:15 – abb pcm600:
    Pls help me how to install pcm 2.10
    25etap14:24 – abb pcm600: Strongly recommend installing on virtual machines
    25etap14:25 – abb pcm600: After 3~4 different versions they always conflict and give errors …
    25etap14:25 – abb pcm600: I run different virtual machines on esxi hyper visor
    26etap19:41 – abb pcm600:
    26etap19:43 – abb pcm600: I need help to analyze this Disturbance Fault Record whether it is due to Lighting or Flash ..🙏🙏
    26etap19:46 – abb pcm600: It was fault on Line Diff and Reclose on Phase R
    26etap22:19 – abb pcm600: Anyone Plz tell me,what is relay coordination and its functions,thanks
    26etap22:45 -abb pcm600″: Kindly send .cfg file
    26etap22:46 -abb pcm600″: Line auto-reclosed successfully?
    27etap01:27 – abb pcm600:
    WAVEWIN REPORT Disturbance Record GI CERME BAY SGMD II.rar
    27etap01:27 – abb pcm600: Yes Sir
    27etap17:12 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
    27etap17:35 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
    27etap17:36 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
    29etap08:51 – oijoi: We have 50/1 5p15 CT installed on 33 kv feeder whos fault current initially was very less but now Power supplier has installed 50MVA transformer 11% impedance
    29etap08:55 – abb pcm600: And fault current is almost 8000Amps, I believe I need to upgrade protection CT in order to meet high fault current
    29etap08:55 – abb pcm600: Can anyone suggest
    29etap08:56 – abb pcm600: What’s the 33kv fault level ?
    29etap08:56 – abb pcm600: Now it is 8000 amps
    29etap08:56 – abb pcm600: Fault current level
    29etap08:58 – abb pcm600: 50 MVA transformer installed at state electricity board substation and we are consumers with 33 kv feeder voltage
    29etap09:00 – abb pcm600: 50MVA 220/33 KV star/ star connected transformer 11% impedance
    29etap09:01 – abb pcm600: Is the ct used only for over current and earth fault ?
    29etap09:01 – abb pcm600: Yes 50,51, 50G, 51G
    29etap09:04 – abb pcm600: Strictly speaking, I would put 200/1 5P40 2.5 VA
    29etap09:04 – abb pcm600: However if the relays have CT saturation detection, you could go lower.
    29etap09:04 – abb pcm600: What’s the relay being used ?
    29etap09:05 – abb pcm600:
    Micom P117
    29etap09:06 – abb pcm600: P127
    29etap09:07 – abb pcm600: Do you have the CT test results. In particular the DC resistance of the CT.
    29etap09:07 – abb pcm600: No sir
    29etap09:08 – abb pcm600: Can you give your consideration or calculations for this selection
    29etap09:08 – abb pcm600: 8000/200 =40.
    29etap09:09 – abb pcm600: So you need an accuracy limit factor of 40, with a low burden
  • 9etap09:09 – abb pcm600: You won’t need much burden as the relay is numerical and installed inside the switchgear
    29etap09:10 – abb pcm600: Got it Thanks
    29etap09:10 – abb pcm600: Noted
    29etap09:11 – abb pcm600: Your existing 50/1, 15 VA may actually work if you knew the DC resistance.
    29etap09:12 – abb pcm600: Do I have to check with CT testing kit??
    29etap09:12 – abb pcm600: I believe CT supplier should I have this information
    29etap09:13 – abb pcm600: Yeas if you have a test equipment (Omicron CR analyzer or similar) that should be easily possible
    29etap09:13 – abb pcm600: That’s possible, however normally the manufacturer will not specify the DC resistance for 5P/10P class act’s. No harm in asking them though
    29etap09:13 – abb pcm600: CT’s
    29etap09:14 – abb pcm600: CT Analyser
    29etap09:15 – abb pcm600: Ok I will check with him today, as I don’t have omicron kit available near by That the only option I have
    29etap09:15 – abb pcm600: How you coordinate DC resistance with fault current
    29etap09:20 – abb pcm600: Wait
    29etap09:20 – abb pcm600: I’ll write it down can’t type it it’s a bit of a process
    29etap09:21 – abb pcm600: Ok thanks
    29etap09:28 – abb pcm600:
    29etap09:29 – abb pcm600: So if Rct<= 1.75 ohm, you can use it 29etap09:30 – abb pcm600: For a 50/1 A ct this may be achievable. 29etap12:14 – abb pcm600:
    My suggestion will be , need to Replace 33 kv side CT with ,. 1000/1A, 5P10,15 VA
    29etap12:29 – abb pcm600: With this approach, I’ld reckoned checking the pick up values.

06etap 15:17 – abb pcm600: Ynynd1
06etap 15:18 -abb pcm600″: And tertiary (delta winding) is unloaded??
06etap 15:18 – abb pcm600: Yes, I agree too 😁
06etap 15:18 – abb pcm600: Yes. Its unloaded
06etap 15:18 -abb pcm600″: Then no issue transformer will follow system phase sequence,
06etap 17:17 – abb pcm600: Hmm i see thank youu
06etap 17:18 -abb pcm600″: We have situations like this ,
06etap 18:02 – abb pcm600: This message was deleted
06etap 18:10 – abb pcm600: Yeaabb pcm600..luckily 💪
07etap 20:21 – abb pcm600:
08etap 11:42 – abb pcm600: IMG-20210223-WA0002.jpg (file attached)
What is the difference of IN-HV Deriv Angle and IN-HV Measd Angle on monitoring online
08etap 11:46 -abb pcm600″: Derived means the neutral current have been calculated by summation of IA, IB and IC where as measured means neutral wire of ct secondary is connected to neutral element of the relay, and it is actually being measured,
08etap 11:50 – abb pcm600:
08etap 12:11 – abb pcm600: What is dead zone in protection??
08etap 12:13 -abb pcm600: Dead zone is Zone between CT & Open CB
08etap 12:14 – abb pcm600: It’s the point not seen in the zone of protection that of a relay. If a fault occurs at this point, the relay will not issue a trip. Usually between CT and breaker
08etap 13:48 – abb pcm600: Oabb pcm600 i see..IN HV deriv is neutral vector calculation, meanwhile In HV measd is a neutral REF winding
08etap 13:49 -abb pcm600″: We cannot say it is neutral ref winding until we see the setting of the relay,
08etap 13:52 – abb pcm600: Hmm okay..setting of the wiring diagram right .
08etap 13:53 -abb pcm600″: Setting of the relay and schematic drawing depicting connection of the ct secondary wires with the differential reay,
08etap 13:53 -abb pcm600″: Differential relay*
10etap 17:07 -abb pcm600: Hi,what is different between Vk and Vk/2 in kneepoint explains please
10etap 23:55 -abb pcm600: VID-20210223-WA0003.mp4 (file attached)
12etap 14:15 – abb pcm600″: Some body have this software?? SEL-5030 acSELerator QuickSet Software,
12etap 14:16 – abb pcm600″: For SEL protection relays… Kindly share this software.
12etap 14:19 – abb pcm600: Did u try their website.
12etap 14:19 -abb pcm600″: You can easily download it from sel website by creating account
12etap 14:19 -abb pcm600″: Account should be of company oriented,
12etap 14:58 – abb pcm600″: Yeah, I created account on website but now they reviewing account. After that I can download software or manual etc.
16etap 15:46 – abb pcm600: IMG-20210223-WA0004.jpg (file attached)
18etap 10:18 – abb pcm600: Any one has relay setting calculation file with all details ?Plz do share in group,thanks
19etap 16:45 -abb pcm600: How can be calculate MDI
20etap 20:56 – abb pc

IEC 61850 library for Engineers

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⦁ process bus substation automation, protection, and control systems..

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