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IED 61850 data modeling in PCM600 does not match the IED application. This might have been caused because a faulty SCD file was imported to PCM600.

To rectify the situation, please import the SCD file matching the IED configurations or re-create the incomplete Function Blocks in the Application Configuration. The incomplete Function Blocks are.

Enter Device Password

Enter the Device Password.
Please type the password for the device

Update short product code(TNS) list (0000:000004)

Update short product code(TNS) list (0000:000004)
Failed to connect to the server
Check your internet connection again later.

An HTTP proxy is configured on this computer.
for more information about proxy settings, refer to the section Network Environment in the online help.

Object Properties

Object Properties
The given VD address is invalid it will be replaced by an unused VD address.

H (active with voltage)
L (active without voltage)
– (Not configured)

Unable to initialize SEL Compass because of error: Unable to connect to database.
Please contact SEL Customer Service at 1

Siemens DIGSI 5 V7.80 Setup

Siemens DIGSI 5 V7.80 Setup
There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.
A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor

Connection failed

Connection failed
Failed to connect to device 7UT82 via integrated Ethernet interface

Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

Siemens DIGSI V4.93 Setup

Siemens DIGSI V4.93 Setup
The serial number that you have entered is invalid.
Enter a valid serial number

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DIGSI4 training using examples. we will be taking you through all the key stages of working with DIGSI 4. Among other things, we will be showing you how to Create station topology, parameterize control monitor devices, Route information, Change display images, Configure logical functions, Task definition, Topology, Parameters, Routing, Logics, Display, Configuring busbar protection, Exchanging, and archiving data, Analyzing faults with SIGRA 4, Working online, Modem Connection, Direct Connections, Ethernet and IEC 61850         

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This course is a combination of lectures, software packages, tutorial videos of the experiences in the lab. Become familiar with the DIGSI 4 software for configuring and setting SIPROTEC  4 relays with Windows-based MATRIX-driven software.
Learn also how to analyze grid fault events based on the data stored in the relay.

The training is intended for protective relay engineers, designers, and technicians from electric utilities and the industrial section interested in the programming, commissioning, maintenance, and operating of SIPROTEC4 protection devices.

DIGSI 4 and DIGSI 5 Online Training

DIGSI 4 Online Training Course

DIGSI 5 Online Training Course

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  • Dr. Saeed Roostaee

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