• Online video training
  • Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile)
  • 4 hrs pre-recorded videos + 4 hrs attached supplementary videos on google drive + software and data models + PDF files

Part 01: MiCOM relays range, naming and application are presented.

Part 2 to part 7: present exercises with MiCOM P123 and AMT105 setup. Three-phase signals are injected into the relay to test hardware connection and protection functions.

Part 8 to part 17: present exercises with MiCOM P441 and AMT105 (configuration and PSL, event and disturbance recorder, overcurrent protection, voltage protection, negative sequence protection, and distance protection parameters)

Supplementary files attached

  • 01 start working with Easergy Studio in online mode
  • 02 MiCOM Relay Measurements, Event Logs & Disturbance Records
  • 03 Input naming in the Micom relays
  • 04 Communicate with MiCom P139
  • 05 Communicating with MICOM P139 checking the parameters from the front panel
  • 06 Binary input test from MICOM P139 front panel
  • 07 Binary input test from MICOM P139 front Easergy studio
  • 08 Function Parameters in the MICOM P139
  • 09 Overcurrent Function test in the Micom P139
  • 10 Inverse time overcurrent function IDMT test in the MiCOM P139
  • 11 CBF function config and parameters in the Micom P139
  • 12 Autorecoser function config in the MiCOMp139
  • 13 Autorecoser function test in the MiCOMp139
  • 14 Autorecoser function test in the MiCOMp139 By FREJA
  • 15 Under and Over Voltage protection function parameters and testing in the MiCOM P443
  • 16 Overcurrent and Earth Fault protection function parameters and testing in the MiCOM P443
  • 17 DEF protection function parameters and testing in the MiCOM P443
  • 18 Auto recloser function test in the MiCOM P546
  • 19 Trip Scheme in the Micom P546
  • 20 SOTF in the Micom P546
  • 21 MICOM P546 Differential protection test.
  • 22 MICOM P546 Syncro Check
MiCOM P123 front panel
Easergy Studio

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Certificate of Completion

After activating the MiCOM training pack on your system, we will issue your certificate for the course.

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  27. M-1027: Click here to download

This course contains the following topics:

  1. Distance Protection for transmission lines: part 1
  2. Symmetrical Components
  3. Distance Protection: Earth-Faults and Fault Resistance
  4. Residual Compensation Factors: K0 and RE/RL, XE/XL
  5. Distance Protection for transmission lines: part 2
  6. Distance Protection: Earth-Faults in Isolated and Resonant Grounded Systems
  7. Distance Protection: Negative Sequence Direction measurement
  8. Distance Protection: Tele-Protection and weak infeed
  9. Distance Protection Power Swing
  10. Distance Protection Monitoring Functions
  11. Distance Protection Series Compensated Lines
  12. Fault locator with 2 ended measurement
  13. Earth Fault protection
  14. Auto Re-close and Sync Check
  15. Distance Protection OHL Setting Example