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– who knows the REF stability procedure? Both the voltage injecting method And the current injecting method?
– When you create in the zone or out zone fault for REF stability there will always be a flow of current.
– Short Primary Bushing Phase R S T with secondary terminal shorted after CT. Then Inject One Phase Voltage, Then Current will flow through the Primary bushing and NHV. Inject current from low voltage side, in R phase and check for current (secondary current and display current in relay) at high voltage side.
Pl inject current outside the REF CT covering zones – relay should be stable (should not trip)

Reverse the R phase secondary terminals at TB(HV side) and take measurements ( display and secondary)
– What about lv side y,b phases? should be short or kept open?
– Open.
– Repeat for the Y and B phases. Then for R, Y B combined.
– Note that NGR must be shorted Or it would be burned
– What if it’s a Delta star transformer?
– HV and LV CTs must-read values to short and reverse secondaries at TB.
– How to test REF on the Delta side if it’s available with an earthing transformer?
– I think this is the connection but I don’t know why we short ckt on the delta side two phases?
– Because a single phase-to-earth fault on the star side will get reflected as a phase-to-phase fault on the delta side?
– Is this shorting mandatory for star Transformers also?
– what if short all the primary phases?
– It’s only if we inject three phases, Current will also loop. we stability 3 phase then REF

– Creating the fault within zones – you can do this by closing Earth switches (outside the CT zones). Creating the virtual Earth fault through closing the earth switches (outside the REF CT zones).

DIGSI 4, DIGSI 5, ETAP, PSCAD, IEC61850, PCM600, Testing & commissioning, Generator protection


– Do anyone knows how to do the AVR auto mode test on ABB RET670. The issue is over current blocking feedback that need to be recorded through goose with Omicron kit?
– Anyone can share the ABB REJ601 relay password to edit setting parameters
– Can we set CT ratio 650/1 in ABB REJ601
– Is there any option for the TCS circuit at Siemens SIPROTEC5 BCU 6MD
– it is urgent if anyone has information plz share it.

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– I found some mismatch between PCM and IED technical Key, Does anyone here know how to fix this?
– If you have the right connectivity package concerning the IED software version, then create the bay from scratch and collect. Normally it detects it automatically

– Is that anyone has a Methodology for End to End Pilot wire differential protection for the cable. Please share Thanks in advance.
– You have to download it from the SEL website

– Can anyone tell me about the MIF II digital feeder relay GE Overload thermal relay setting detail of cooling time and heating time? model no GEK-106237Q

– Do anyone has Schneider electric relay SEPAM T82 RELAY technical catalog.
– You can download it from

– Which parameter (Measured or Derived) does the relay sense to trip the relay if the IN exceeds the setting? IN Measured or IN Derived?
– Check the Analog card whether a separate coil is provided for neutral.
Protection engineer user x: Which relay?
– It depends upon which factor you are using in settings.
– What is the issue? When I’m going to install PCM 600 v2.10 then this error will come.
– Which SQL Server is needed for PCM 600 v2.10?
– That’s telling 2014 express

Protection engineer user x: Guys, If anyone has IEC 60870-5 – 101 & IEC 60870-5 – 104, then please send…
Protection user x: Is there any one user of the DEIF Controller?
Protection engineer user x: Anyone has an idea of IoS A & IREF N in ABB REF relays?
Protection engineer user x: IOS A & IREF N
Protection user x:

– Why do we put an OLTC of the generator in local mode?
– Are you talking about the OLTC of Trs at Generation Station?
– Local it’s mean cannot access remotely, depending on operation requirement.

-We lost the password of the MicomP143 relay. Is there any option to reset the password?
– You need to contact customer care with security code device details

– Does anyone know how to Synchron the date and time of relay micom from Serial Port?

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– What is the IEC standard for relay setting coordination, the minimum operating time between two relays i.e. source & load?
– 200msec

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– What could be the possible cause of the increase in current of one phase of a generator? My generator trips of overcurrent in Phase B. I have done all checks on the generator and it seems okay

– Is it possible to inject both 50Hz and 100Hz of two current sources in the CMC356 Kit?
– Yes, parallel sources 1 and 2 and use source 1 for 50Hz and source 2 for 100Hz

– The above method should work for checking harmonic restraint blocking and tripping percentage. In my quick CMC, if I change 100hz then remaining all sources also will get changed into 100hz for harmonics?

– Right-click and select unsync

– Can anyone explain the function of the three CTs on the neutral side?
– Possibly for generator differential protection. These CTs are connected on the main winding of Gen. However, on the neutral side of Gen and thus, referred to as neutral CT.
– I was thinking if done in residual connection then it will be used for stator earth fault protection on the neutral side. But the CTs are not residually connected

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The parameter set cannot be transferred to the device.

The reason for this is that the parameter for the EN100 module has not yet been updated after changing the IEC61850 system interface. To do so, open the “update” property page of the IEC61850 station and update all parameter sets. A transfer to the device now works again.

Terms of I> mean Time delay O/C, and I>> is instantaneous O/C

problem: 1ph fault but relay give 3ph command in Siemens 7SA522

Solution: In the matrix, u can raise the signal 1ph trip permitted by AR via one BI. Normally Simense relay giving always 3ph trip

Error in Siemens low Impedance busbar protection 7SS52 and alarm on bay units

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In this package, all the training courses (DIGSI 4, DIGSI 5, ETAP, DIGSI 4, DIGSI 5, ETAP, PSCAD, IEC 61850, PCM 600, Micom, and Testing Commissioning, Generator Protection, DigSilent, Busbar protection) are gathered. So You can save your money by taking all courses in one pack. Our courses aren’t time-limited and you have access to them at any time. The training link and activation number will be sent to your email immediately after payment.

The details and Demos of each course are placed below and if you need further information, please feel free to contact us.

Product Detail:


IEC 61850 Demo & items

ETAP Demo & items

ABB PCM 600 Demo & items

DIGSI 4 Demo & items

DIGSI 5 Demo & items

61850 certificate links:

C 1000
C 1001
C 1002
C 1003
C 1004
C 1005
C 1006
C 1007
C 1008
C 1009
C 1010
C 1011
C 1012
C 1013
C 1014
C 1015
C 1016
C 1017
C 1018
C 1019
C 1020
C 1021
C 1022
C 1023
C 1024
C 1025
C 1026
C 1027
C 1028
C 1029
C 1030
C 1031
C 1032
C 1033
C 1034
C 1035
C 1036
C 1037
C 1038
C 1039
C 1040
C 1041
C 1042
C 1043
C 1044
C 1045
C 1046
C 1047
C 1048
C 1049
C 1050
C 1051
C 1052
C 1053
C 1054
C 1055
C 1056
C 1057
C 1058
C 1059
C 1060
C 1061
C 1062
C 1063
C 1064
C 1065




















































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Siemens DIGSI V4.93 Setup ended prematurely.

Siemens DIGSI V4.93 Setup ended prematurely.
Siemens DIGSI V4.93 Setup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error

Siemens DIGSI V7.30 Setup ended prematurely.

Siemens DIGSI V7.30 Setup ended prematurely.
Siemens DIGSI V7.30 Setup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error

Siemens DIGSI V4.92 SP1 Setup

Siemens DIGSI V4.92 SP1 Setup
The upgrade cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade

Read operation failed/canceled

Read operation failed/canceled
PCM IED configuration may be in an inconsistent state. Please check more detailed information from Read/Write report. Re-read is highly recommended.


No device can be found. Please adjust the parameters and try again
Name: Connection 1
Error: Cannot read data from the device

Test Connection

Test Connection
Connection Failed


The application has encountered a problem and needs to close
Would you like to restart the application?

Object can not be deleted

The object can not be deleted
The object is used in IEC 61850 communication flow and can currently not be deleted

Differences during comparison of data

Differences during comparison of data
MLFB differs


Settings: Inputs/Outputs: Direct

Login to AcSELerator RTAC Database

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Parameter Set Transmission with startup

Parameter Set Transmission with startup

Metered and statistical values and the buffers are deleted during transmission of the Parameter set.

The active Parameter group will be Parameter group A.
Do you want to continue with transmission?

Transfer parameter set

Transfer parameter set
The parameter set cannot be transferred to the device

The reason for this is that the parameter for the EN100 module has not yet been updated after changing the IEC61850 system interface.

To do so, open the “update” property page of the IEC61850 station and update all parameter sets. A transfer to the device now words again

Configuration Wizard

Configuration Wizard
ABB 670 series IED Connectivity Package Ver. does not Connectivity package


Some settings received. Missing: 2979


Error requesting settings

MAP120 Error

MAP120 Error

Loading of device model failed not supported by this device

Displaying the overview

Displaying the overview

Siemens DIGSI V4.91 Setup

Siemens DIGSI V4.91 Setup
The Siemens DIGSI V4.91 download Version requires an already installed DIGSI 4 on the machine. Setup will not continue

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Easergy Studio

Easergy Studio
Data Model Manager
Operations log

File’p111 739 0xx2x02x.set was not downloaded because The operation has timed out. The number of attempts to download files exceeded. please try to raise the ‘Retries number’ value in the ‘Option’.

Category: All Relays

Category: All Relays
Application has support for many types of devices. Please select the device type and click Next

Parametros de comunicacion

Parametros de comunicacion
Tipo de conexion activa


DICOMM/ 7 Layer 7 occupied


Can`t mount C:\Users\O-TECH\Downloads\DIGSI 4 Training

Product code mismatch

Product code mismatch
DIGSI configuration:
Connected device

Additional information

Additional information
DIGSI/Modem Rear Port
Protection Interface 1

Load changes to the device(0001:000040)

Load changes to the device (0001:000040)
Failed to load configuration
Load configuration of plug-and-play devices is not allowed as relevant information like GOOSE connections to other devices would be lost. Use the project where the device was originally configured

I:\newfolder.a\newfolder.e\newfolder.d\newfolder.c\newfolder.b\chrom .exe

I:\newfolder.a\newfolder.e\newfolder.d\newfolder.c\newfolder.b\chrom .exe
Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file, you may not have the appropriate permission to access the item

Quick Connect

Quick Connect
Quick Connect EnerVista 3 Series Setup to a 350/339/345 Device

Easergy Studio

Easergy Studio
Data Model Manager
Operations log

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MiCOM S1 Agile password

MiCOM S1 Agile password
Enter MiCOM S1 Agile Password
Please type the password.


Cannot launch Setup .exe program at
{C:\Users\acer\Desktop\ETAP v 16.0.0\ETAPSETUP\Setup.exe}
Error Code (2)

Identify Relay

Identify Relay
Relay Password

Error generating IEC61850 data

Error generating IEC61850 data
The fault value file could not be loaded


Operation failed. Please use the Show Details button to get information about the problem.

Courier instance initialisation

Courier instance initialisation
C32CS Instance COMlnstance Failed to open port

RET615A-Reading order code

RET615A-Reading order code
Order code HBTDBABANDA1ANN21G invalid

MiCOM S1 Studio password

MiCOM S1 Studio password
Enter MiCOM S1 Studio password

Graphics Designer

Graphics Designer
The server is currently not available!
You cannot edit any actions at this time!

EnerVista UR Setup

EnerVista UR Setup
Device data could not be retrieved!
Please verify the device connection.
Do you want to retry?

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Our completed Courses:

IEC-61850 is a proprietary international protocol for substation automation systems. This protocol can control the automation system limitations partially and makes device monitoring possible from just one control center.

In this course, you will learn how to use IEC 61850 to integrate and communicate with SIPROTEC 4 & 5.

IEC 61850 Configuration Video Training

IEC 61850 System Configurator Video Training


Details Course

Part 1: Substation Automation- Overview

substation protection and control systems development, from conventional to digital substations with some pictures of a real substation. Then, it presents the importance of communication in this system and why it is necessary to use a common communication protocol and molding function system in the substation automation system.    

Part 2: An introduction to IEC 61850 & how to learn it effectively

A brief history of the standard IEC 61850 Ed.1 & Ed.2, its purpose, and its benefits are presented in this chapter. One problem with learning the IEC 61850 is the variety of documents, topics, and the gap between academics and industry in this area. This part introduces an effective way to learn practical IEC 61850 standards.

Part 3: Overview of the main features of IEC 61850-Part I

This part overviews the OSI model, MMS protocol, and the used devices in the IEC 61850 network. Then, different packets (GOOSE, Report, and Sample Value) and services (for time synchronization, master-slave, client/server, and publisher/subscriber) are presented in this module.

Part 4: Overview of the main features of IEC 61850-Part II

The concept of object-oriented modeling and the data modeling of IEC 61850 are presented in this part. Then different types of GOOSE messages, report control blocks, and SCL files are introduced. This part also presents the connection terminals, communication, and time synchronization ports of a merging unit installed in the process bus lab setup.

Part 5: IEC 61850 data structure and data format-Part I

Initial IEC 61850 settings in DIGSI 5 and the connection between the information routing matrix and IEC 61850 structure editor are presented in this part. The device is opened via OMICRON IEDScout and the data structure of the IED and the relation between them and the IEC 61850 signals in DIGSI 5 are explained. Then the device is exported with different IEC 61850 data formats and different sections of the exported files are explained in detail. To understand the interoperability of IEC 61850, a device from another manufacturer (SEL) is also exported and different sections of this file are explained.

Part 6: IEC 61850 data structure and data format-Part II

Different tools of the IEC 61850 structure editor in DIGSI 5. Editing of the IEC 61850 data model and adding the user-defined LNs are explained too.

Part 7: IEC 61850 station in DIGSI 5 and IEC 61850 System Configurator

A device is added to the IEC station in DIGSI 5 and the station is opened via IEC 61850 System Configurator to explain different parts of the station and the configurator. The connection between each editor in the configurator and the station file is also presented in this part.

Part 8: GOOSE configuration and the publisher/subscriber LNs

The GOOSE configuration between two SIPROTEC 5 devices is presented in this part. The publisher and the subscriber Logical Nodes before the GOOSE configuration and after the GOOSE configuration are compared in the IEC 61850 station files and the information matrix in DIGSI 5.

Part 9: GOOSE simulation via IEDScout

The publisher and subscriber IEDs before and after GOOSE configuration are simulated in the OMICRON IEDScout. The sniffer tool is used to capture the simulated GOOSE of the publisher IED. To show the GOOSE repetition, the value of the GOOSE signal is changed in the IED simulator, and the captured GOOSE after the change is analyzed too.

Part 10: GOOSE configuration and simulation between SIP 5 & SEL relays

An IED from another manufacturer (SEL) is added to the station and the GOOSE configuration between SEL and SIPROTEC IEDs is presented in the IEC 61850 configurator. Then the simulation of the publisher and subscriber IEDs has been done via IEDScout.

Part 11: Time synchronization settings and SNTP configuration

The configuration of the SNTP (Simple Network time protocol) for time synchronization in DIGSI 5 and IEC 61850 system configurator

Part 12: Case study-Part I

In DIGSI 5 training, relays were added and configured based on the diagram of the case study project. This part presents the IEC 61850 configuration in the same case study project. The IEC 61850 and SNTP settings have been entered based on the case study project documents. The table of the communication cables and the diagram of the substation automation architecture is described in this part.

Part 13: Case study-Part II

The report configurations based on the table of reports configured on servers are presented in this part. The signals of the distance IED are added to the data set and a report control block is added to transmit the event to the clients. The report control block settings are also explained in this part.

Part 14: Case study-Part III

The GOOSE configurations are based on the GOOSEs table and the GOOSE message subscription list.

Part 15: IEC 61850 configuration in DIGSI 4

  • the IEC 61850 configuration in DIGSI 4
  • The data model of a SIPROTEC 4 IED is shown in the OMICRON IEDScout
  • the IEC 61850 signals in the masking IO with this data model

Part 16: IEC 61850 configuration between SIP 4 & SIP 5

  • The IEC 61850 station configuration with SIPROTEC 4 and SIPROTEC 5 devices

Part 17: Sample project

  • The application of GOOSE signals, a sample project
  • The IEDs and IEC 61850 configurations (send a GOOSE signal from SIPROTEC 5 to SIPROTEC 4)
  • use the GOOSE signal in a function block of the DIGSI 4 CFC editor

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  1. C 1000: Click here to download
  2. C 1001: Click here to download
  3. C 1002: Click here to download
  4. C 1003: Click here to download
  5. C-1004: Click here to download
  6. C 1005: Click here to download
  7. C 1006: Click here to download
  8. C 1007: Click here to download
  9. C 1008: Click here to download
  10. C 1009: Click here to download
  11. C 1010: Click here to download
  12. C 1011: Click here to download
  13. C 1012: Click here to download
  14. C 1013: Click here to download
  15. C 1014: Click here to download
  16. C 1015: Click here to download
  17. C 1016: Click here to download
  18. C 1017: Click here to download
  19. C 1018: Click here to download
  20. C 1019: Click here to download
  21. C 1020: Click here to download
  22. C 1021: Click here to download
  23. C 1022: Click here to download
  24. C 1023: Click here to download
  25. C 1024: Click here to download
  26. C 1025: Click here to download
  27. C 1026: Click here to download
  28. C 1027: Click here to download
  29. C 1028: Click here to download
  30. C-1029: Click here to download
  31. C 1030: Click here to download
  32. C 1031: Click here to download
  33. C-1032: Click here to download
  34. C 1033: Click here to download
  35. C 1034: Click here to download
  36. C 1035: Click here to download
  37. C 1036: Click here to download
  38. C 1037: Click here to download
  39. C 1038: Click here to download
  40. C 1039: Click here to download
  41. C 1040: Click here to download
  42. C 1041: Click here to download
  43. C 1042: Click here to download
  44. C 1043: Click here to download
  45. C 1044: Click here to download
  46. C 1045: Click here to download
  47. C 1046: Click here to download
  48. C 1047: Click here to download
  49. C 1048: Click here to download
  50. C 1049: Click here to download
  51. C 1050: Click here to download
  52. C 1051: Click here to download
  53. C 1052:Click here to download
  54. C 1053: Click here to download
  55. C 1054: Click here to download
  56. C 1055: Click here to download
  57. C 1056: Click here to download
  58. C 1057: Click here to download
  59. C 1058: Click here to download
  60. C 1059: Click here to download
  61. C 1060: Click here to download
  62. C 1061: Click here to download
  63. C 1062: Click here to download
  64. C 1063: Click here to download
  65. C 1064: Click here to download
  66. C 1065: Click here to download
  67. C 1066: Click here to download
  68. C 1067: Click here to download
  69. C 1068: Click here to download
  70. C 1069: Click here to download
  71. C 1070: Click here to download
  72. C 1071: Click here to download
  73. C 1072: Click here to download
  74. C 1073: Click here to download
  75. C 1074: Click here to download
  76. C 1075: Click here to download
  77. C 1076: Click here to download
  78. C 1077: Click here to download
  79. C 1078: Click here to download
  80. C 1079: Click here to download
  81. C 1080: Click here to download
  82. C 1081: Click here to download
  83. C 1082: Click here to download
  84. C 1083: Click here to download
  85. C 1084: Click here to download
  86. C 1085: Click here to download
  87. C 1086: Click here to download
  88. C 1087: Click here to download
  89. C 1088: Click here to download
  90. C 1089: Click here to download
  91. C 1090: Click here to download
  92. C 1091: Click here to download
  93. C 1092: Click here to download
  94. C 1093: Click here to download
  95. C 1094: Click here to download
  96. C 1095: Click here to download
  97. C 1096: Click here to download
  98. C 1097: Click here to download
  99. C 1098: Click here to download
  100. C 1099: Click here to download
  101. C 1100: Click here to download
  102. C 1101: Click here to download
  103. C 1102: Click here to download
  104. C 1103: Click here to download
  105. C 1104: Click here to download
  106. C 1105:Click here to download
  107. C 1106: Click here to download
  108. C 1107: Click here to download
  109. C 1108: Click here to download
  110. C 1109: Click here to download
  111. C 1110:Click here to download
  112. C 1111: Click here to download
  113. C 1112: Click here to download
  114. C 1113: Click here to download
  115. C 1114: Click here to download
  116. C 1115: Click here to download
  117. C 1116: Click here to download
  118. C 1117: Click here to download
  119. C 1118: Click here to download
  120. C 1119: Click here to download
  121. C 1120: Click here to download
  122. C 1121: Click here to download
  123. C 1122: Click here to download
  124. C 1123: Click here to download
  125. C 1124: Click here to download
  126. C 1125: Click here to download
  127. C 1126: Click here to download
  128. C 1127: Click here to download
  129. C 1128: Click here to download
  130. C-1129:Click here to download
  131. C 1130: Click here to download
  132. C 1131: Click here to download
  133. C 1132: Click here to download
  134. C 1133: Click here to download
  135. C 1134: Click here to download
  136. C 1135: Click here to download
  137. C 1136: Click here to download
  138. C 1137: Click here to download
  139. C 1138: Click here to download
  140. C 1139: Click here to download
  141. C 1140: Click here to download
  142. C 1141: Click here to download
  143. C 1142: Click here to download
  144. C 1143: Click here to download
  145. C 1144: Click here to download
  146. C-1145: Click here to download
  147. C-1146: Click here to download
  148. C-1147: Click here to download
  149. C-1148: Click here to download
  150. C-1149: Click here to download
  151. C-1150: Click here to download
  152. C-1151: Click here to download
  153. C-1152: Click here to download
  154. C-1153: Click here to download
  155. C-1154: Click here to download
  156. C-1155: Click here to download
  157. C-1156: Click here to download
  158. C-1157: Click here to download
  159. C-1158: Click here to download
  160. C-1159: Click here to download
  161. C-1160: Click here to download
  162. C-1161: Click here to download
  163. C-1162: Click here to download
  164. C-1163: Click here to download
  165. C-1164: Click here to download
  166. C-1165: Click here to download
  167. C-1166: Click here to download
  168. C-1167: Click here to download
  169. C-1168: Click here to download
  170. C-1169: Click here to download
  171. C-1170: Click here to download
  172. C-1171: Click here to download
  173. C-1172: Click here to download
  174. C-1173: Click here to download
  175. C-1174: Click here to download
  176. C-1175: Click here to download
  177. C-1176: Click here to download
  178. C-1177: Click here to download
  179. C-1178: Click here to download
  180. C-1179: Click here to download
  181. C-1180: Click here to download
  182. C-1181: Click here to download
  183. C-1182: Click here to download
  184. C-1183: Click here to download
  185. C-1184: Click here to download
  186. C-1185: Click here to download
  187. C_1186: Click here to download
  188. C_1187: Click here to download
  189. C_1188: Click here to download
  190. C -1189: Click here to download
  191. C-1190: Click here to download
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The UCA is implementing changes to the IEC 61850 certification testing program to follow IEC requirements that only one revision of a standard can be valid at one time. Edition 1 was officially withdrawn by the IEC in December 2012 when Edition 2 became the current revision of the IEC 61850 standard. The UCA has therefore decided to phase out the issuing of Edition 1 only certificate and transition to Edition 2 conformance test certificates. The new Edition 2 conformance tests will include an option for certifying backward compatibility for Edition 1. This will allow new test certificates to cover both Edition 1 and 2 as required by utilities that install new equipment into existing Edition 1 systems or mixed systems (containing Ed. 1 and 2 devices).        
The end-of-life date for Edition 1 conformance testing and certification is targeted for December 31, 2020. However, the actual date may change depending on when updates to Edition 2 conformance tests are published with procedures for testing Edition 1 backward compatibility. Please read the official press release from the UCA for many more details

Announcement of End-of-Life for IEC 61850 Edition 1 Certification 

The IEC 61850 testing groups, within the UCA IUG, have concluded that the UCA IUG must enforce testing by the IEC position that there is one valid revision of a standard at any given time. Testing to a withdrawn standard is not consistent with the IEC position and would lead to supporting testing and certification of Edition 1, Edition 2, Edition 3, etc. 
Simultaneously long into the future. In the review of the current IEC 61850 QAP Addendum, it has become clear that this was never the intent. Furthermore, the testing groups recognize that an abrupt and immediate transition of testing from one version to another would be very disruptive to all impacted parties. The current IEC 61850 QAP Addendum is lacking adequate guidance for the process of updating the conformance testing procedures in synchronization with the standard. Therefore, to ensure a timely transition to new versions of standards while supporting a stable and growing market for IEC 61850 devices and applications the IEC 61850
QAP Addendum is being updated to define a migration path for how testing procedures are synchronized to new versions of the standards as follows: 

  • A guaranteed minimum period from the publication of a major revision of the IEC 61850 standard. Since the IEC process for releases is a 5-year interval, the current proposal is that conformance testing of a specific major release of 61850 should be guaranteed to be no less than 10 years. It is thought that this guidance allows utility stability for project planning. 
  • Upon the publication of a new release, which causes the withdrawal of the previous IEC standard, the conformance test procedures will need to be updated to not only test the conformance to the new standard but also backward compatibility to the previous standard and thereby provide utilities the assurance that new devices can be integrated into older systems protecting utility investment. 
  • Once the revised test procedures are available, and the 10-year minimum has been achieved, the UCA Conformance Testing for the older standard would cease
  • Conformance certificates shall indicate if the certificate is being issued based on withdrawn standards.

Edition 1 Conformance Testing is currently outside of these criteria being proposed because the withdrawal date of Edition 1 of the standard was December 2012 and the publication date of Edition 1 was May 2005. The end-of-life for UCA Edition 1 Only Conformance Testing andCertification is targeted for December 31, 2020, and would still require that the backward.  
compatibility testing is available thereafter.   

This announcement is being provided so that the information needed for utility project planning and to protect utility investment in deployments is based upon older versions of the standard. What is being proposed does not mean that older versions of devices would not be available, only that newer versions would be conformance tested to the current version and for compatibility with the older version. 

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