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  1. Preface ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 5
  2. Introduction ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 7
  3. Definitions and general approach………………………………………………………………………….. 8
  4. Instantaneous or Definite Time Overcurrent Protection………………………………………… 14
  5. Inverse Time Overcurrent Protection …………………………………………………………………… 15
  6. Distance protection……………………………………………………………………………………………. 17
  7. Transformer Differential protection …………………………………………………………………….. 19
  8. Line Differential protection …………………………………………………………………………………. 21
  9. Generator Differential protection ……………………………………………………………………….. 24
  10. Low Impedance Busbar Protection ………………………………………………………………………. 26
    APPENDIX 1 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 28
    Criteria for CT verification during internal faults ……………………………………………………….. 28
    APPENDIX 2 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 32
    Dimensioning of Current Transformers (CT) for Application in Protection ……………………. 32
    APPENDIX 3 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 47
    Typical X/R values …………………………………………………………………………………………………. 47
    APPENDIX 4 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 49
    Criteria for CT calculation in High Impedance Relays …………………………………………………. 49
    APPENDIX 5 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 54
    Calculation Examples …………………………………………………………………………………………….. 54
    APPENDIX 6 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 57
    Importance of having similar CT characteristics in a Generator Differential protection …. 57
    APPENDIX 7 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 61
    CT Equivalences between IEC and ANSI Standards ……………………………………………………. 61
    APPENDIX 8 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 63
    Conversion in class TPX or equivalent 5P …………………………………………………………………. 63
    APPENDIX 9 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 64
    Questions and answers ………………………………………………………………………………………….. 64
    APPENDIX 10 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 83
    Permeability and Saturation …………………………………………………………………………………… 83
    APPENDIX 11 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 92
    Terms and Definitions ……………………………………………………………………………………………. 92
    References ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 96

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– What are your configuration version and device firmware version?
– If the error can not be reset it can be an indication of defective hardware even tho it is new. If you have changed any configuration Settings, try to upload the previous settings and check whether the error still exists or not.


– What is the cause of the alarm as shown in the photo whenever I try to close BCU
– Is this a voltage controlled over current? This means that your test plan needs to take into consideration both voltage and current variation.

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– Device founds but was unable to connect. Digsi 5.
– Check your cable.
– Tried 2 cables.
It says 1 device found but doesn’t show the device.
– Check your driver for USB.
– I have performed a Siprotec4 7UT61 firmware update and now the device is in error mode. How to solve it?
– After you upload the firmware, you must initialize the device with the same version of the firmware that you installed.

– How to fix this problem while communicating with the relay?
– Driver Different firmware.

– When I copy one configuration file from one Siprotec relay and sent it to another relay in Scada, a feedback error came. I compared both files with two differences in the interface. One was an IP address and the other was a COM port
– My IP address changed but how could I change the com port number?
– How do change the com interface or any other thing that needs sorting out this issue?

– In Siprotec 5 7UT I want to receive a command which is a single cmd, Which signal to use will show on display?

– Why DPC in BO is locked?
– layer 7 occupied “is resolved for the Siprotec relay.

– Anyone knows how to check measurements on Siemens Reyrolle 7SR5111? I can’t find any item to check, only on the relay screen.
– Check for instrument viewer.
– thanks, I tried, isn’t there any option inside the connected device to Avoid close programs executing “Instruments monitor?
– I can’t activate the 50BF trigger. Relay trip by overcurrent functions but breaker failure not working with 51 overcurrent functions. Maybe, only works with the 50 overcurrent functions? activation is conditioned to close switcher towards bus bar? After getting LBB initiation.
– Only it will operate. Otherwise, overcurrent will operate.
– Please check if LBB initiation BI is high or not. Check your 86 input is mapped to LBB initiation
– In which case, it appears 50 & 51? is not initiating 50BF. 50BF generally initiates a trip on relevant CBS backing up the CB in question.
– what is the LBB signal? An external trigger on a BI input? I have one but, only triggers 1 and 2 coil breakers, nor active 50BF function is not a transformer, is configured as a line. I have 86 functions configured. I have opened Delta core in PT should I directly connect to the relay or connect the loading resistor and then connect to the relay?
– Relay is 7UM62
– What protection function do you intend to drive with the delta core?
– 90℅ stators E/F
– In 7UT85 relay shows a differential blocked by an external fault and after 300 ms it enabled and tripped the differential.

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In this logic please explain the seal in the timer function.
– The Undervoltage value reaches to set value for T seal in time, at the same time I1 or I2 or I3 current reaches the set value = fault + t set time = trip. If my TI> is 3 sec and T seal in time is 4 sec then at what time the protection will operate?
– After T seal, in time Undervoltage resets itself. So in your question, it trips after 3 sec.
– I think both overcurrent and Undervoltage must exist for 4 sec (seal in time) then it trips. If voltage recovers before 4sec then it blocks.
Protection engineer user x: What I understood is:
a) If voltage restores before T seals in i.e, 4.0 sec then the protection gets blocked. And
b) If voltage doesn’t restore before 4.0 sec then will it trip if yes then after 3.0 sec?

– yes

– So the protection will operate at 7.0 sec…… TI> + Tseal in..?
– No it will operate in 3 sec I think
– It will check for voltage restoration I.e T seal in up to 4 Secs, right?
– It will count 4 secs to reset. If time zone time sources 1 &2 both are put local any problem?

– What is showing after again open, means it’s opening but the distance does not match with the relay display. Relay display showing crt distance.
– In the 415 V system, if an earth fault occurs in any outgoing feeder controlled through MCCB, then how earth fault protection will be taken care of? Any ideas or suggestions?
– In my system earth faults occured in one outgoing feeder which is controlled through MCCB and fuses. This EF, tripped my incomer and MCCB was not operated, nor fuse blown
– I have one doubt when there is an R phase fault is there voltage decreased in 3 phase for 20 ms but back to normal in un faulted phase what could be the reason?

– Tracking keep active or inactive?
– Inactive

– I’m using digsi 5 v8.80. It’s working okay, but as I try to open or export any fault record in the online or offline window, this message pops up.

I have tried reinstalling the software, but the problem persists.
Any suggestions?

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– why the msg of ENG074 could not activate the power supply after associating the omicron kit with software?
– Please recheck the ground supply. It will indicate when the grounding is not proper

– why the msg of ENG074 could not activate the power supply after associating the omicron kit with software?
– Please recheck the ground supply. It will indicate when the grounding is not proper.

– in relay siprotec 7sj 64 the protection TRIP 94 what does it mean??
– General Trip.
– Means to Trip Matrix.
– And what could be the cause?
– Any Trip condition, For any protection function
– External?
– Internal and external.

– B phase polarity is wrong. I think Angle must be -60 or 300
– Dir. Phase or Dir. EF?
– Nondirectional.
– What’s your Ref. Phase A?
– Yes
– A @ 0 Deg, B @ -120, C @ +120 should do the job.
– R and Y phase CT polarity to be changed then. You have said nothing about the CTs, so can’t comment.
– I just pointed out your voltage phase displacement. Also, you mention ABC & also RYB. Which one is it?
– A and B’s current polarity might be wrong.

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– In the busbar protection manual close cmd is used for Binary input why use this?
– For end fault reset or too off

Micom p444 shows an error code while the relay is healthy. How to fix this problem??
– Reset the relay
– Yes make a reset of the relay
– I have restarted the relay but sometimes the same error is displayed on the screen.
– Read the relay’s manual and check what this error means

– As per the manual, the Analog input card is defective. It’s a distance relay right ?
– Distance relay gets CT and PT as analog inputs.
– Check if the relay is reading them okay.
– Unable to see parameters in the relay, it shows only an error.
– Then ask the vendor for a replacement. first, Check if your inputs are okay.

– In Generator VT, we are using an HRC fuse of around 120-ohm resistance at the HV side of VT (22 kv side). Can anybody tell me the exact use of the fuse and calculation parameters for deciding 120-ohm fuse resistance?
– I think resistance is not the deciding factor for fuse, we have observed 75-90 ohm also for 22kv generator VT, but the Fuse rating is 22kV,1A

– The relay has frozen in this condition and has stopped communicating. How to do the general reset?
– Remove the supply for a few seconds and then give it back
– have you with Software between Relay and Computer communication?

I entered that parameter and it worked! unlocked

– But still, there was a communication failure
– I took the hardware of the source and put it again, then the communication worked normally

– When I am scanning, it gives an error, Relay is reg630 abb make
– Have you installed Hyperterminal?
-yes. I am using a crossover cable and the console cable. The hyperlink shows connected but it displays nothing. TCP/IP and telnet are working fine From the RJ45 ethernet port.
– Use converter USB tO rs232 And then scan again with your HyperTerminal
– Yes I am using it. Any hidden setting I am missing?
– No Settings to use HyperTerminal first bro. u just choose COM At the device manager

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PROTECTION RELAY SYSTEM testing commissioning

Oil leakage near Buchholz relay flange. The gasket needs to be changed. what are all the tests to be done on the transformer if I drop the oil level and change the gasket in the 2.5MVA transformer?
– Dehydration test only And check the breakdown voltage of the oil. DGA test should be performed as per routine maintenance in order to know oil quality

– why did we put OLTC AVR in Manuel mode for the power gen transformer?
– Since OLTc is supposed to maintain. the voltage at the secondary side of Trafo and generator exciter is also set to maintain voltage. And Thus, Conflict will arise between 2 different types of equipment, if both will be in auto mode. Therefore, OLTC in power gen trafo is kept in manual mode and Generator exciter in voltage control mode.
– There IS a system like an AVR management system that coordinates between turbine generator, excitation system, and transformer OLTC. Gen Trafo OLTC is always operated manually (Means, human input). Turbine has no contribution to voltage control The excitation system is responsible for maintaining voltage on the secondary side of gen traf

– Replace the X120 card. You cannot on 615 replace the card yourself. It needs to go to the factory for repair.
– It’s possible to replace though you need to have the replacement card with you. I have done it several times

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– What should be a single phase pick-up factor for the ABB RET650 differential relay?
– I rated current /I nominal current
– Aren’t rated and the nominal current the same thing?
– No. Rated current =S/root(3)*VLL. Nominal current is the primary current transformer ratio
– My bad. My rated current is 27.55 and my nominal current is 100, But when I try to test my relay pick-up, it does not pick
– I am asking about pick up factor
– Correction factor should be 3.623 at hv & 0.2212 on lv side…
– The vector group of my TF is Ynzn11, But the ABB relay only takes Y and D values. Primary CT is 100/1, Second CT is 350/1, TF rating 6.3MVA 132/11.5kV
– Nameplate selected 350/5

– Change W2
– Megger template does not accept values lower than 1. Do it by direct injection
– Can you tell me how you calculated 3.6? Relay is showing correct behavior on 3.623 HV side PU factor

– Display is not working how can I fix RET670?
– Check using the PCM 600 tool after a connection on the ethernet cable
– is the IED in an energized bay?
– Restart, if not come to life, then its OS is corrupted.
– Yes is on service now
– the problem is HMI fonts are corrupted. it is recommended to take out of service and fix the HMI font problems.
– I tried to switch off 10min and then restart again but the problem still persists
– Don’t worry, Check-in the PCM tool after going online. I think it may come from the protection function block.
– seems the IEDs are in an operational state, this you can check using many tools like PCM600 and IEDScout I but it is recommended to fix the HMI font issue in the relay LHMI for better performance and monitoring
– I tried to communicate with PCM600 but didn’t communicate with it. then you make the transformer out of service
-Transformer is in service now
– Did you enable IEC 61850 communication in this IED?
– Yes enabled
– Ok, is the ied reporting to the SCADA system now? Previous before this problem IEC61850 the status was ready
– What is the current status of the SCADA system?

– Can anyone send a connection diagram for this relay Ref615?
– Sss .. new version. In abb, website is still not updated
– Products will not be released to the market without the ied documentation release.
You need to properly check in abb medium voltage protection control ied sections

– I want to upload this file in REF615
– Pcmp is a project file. Pcmi is a pre-configured file from ABB
– But how do I convert this file to pcmi?
– Pcmm not sure if it is a configuration file, but if it creates a project, voltage level, bay and then imports that fil. If it cannot import then it is not IED

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For joining our discussion groups:

– how to disable DHCP On which model ied?
– getaway server all adapter, getaway SYS 9600C
– Basically, it’s a windows based pc on top of that Microscada software running on it. You can use the static IP address and check the status information by right-clicking the adapter that you want to know the DHCP status
– not disabled
– If you don’t want DHCP support just disable the DHCP service from the services
– I think if you configure IP manually, then DHCP is disabled. I have already checked sir same problem.
– What is the problem?
– DHCP should not affect if you give a static IP address
– Where are you connecting? What is your problem? It does not communicate with relays?
– It is 104 lines?
– yes sir
– Where are you connecting this adapter? To switch? Is this Master or Slave in 104?
– Slave
– And this goes through some router?
– Problem is that Master does not receive any information.
– What is sys 600c? Is it not gateway? Do you have some additional gateway?
– Can you show the architecture?
– Sys9600c getaway server
– I never heard of 9600c… only 600c MicroSCADA PC
– I don’t think your problem is DHCP but maybe the gateway is not configured
– Any other substations connected to these NDC masters?
– this is a new substation connected to NLDC’s newly
– And do you have settings for other substation gateways?
– In abb microscada, when giving the breaker isolator command in mimic it always shows the white color the color cannot be changed why? if you any suggestions kindly gives me.
– Check-in CET. Are the values properly updated there?
– only in mimic
– it’s not color changing

– value properly update sir

– what can I do now
– Is the project empty? You will not lose any data?
– Open processes and kill the Pcm process
– Is the ied in normal mode or maintenance mode? From where did you download the ied modules if REL650?
– Maybe you are missing some files in the directory
– Check to add the REL650 ied object via offline mode and check the possibilities for the availability of the selection for different housing and display types to confirm the ied module instead properly and working fine on this pc.

– Yes via offline mode

– I’m trying to read recordings information I’m getting a popup SMS above From REL650

– First, accept the certificate from the ied when you make the connection from PCM600 otherwise you will be rejected by the device. Accept the certificate permanently or for the session
– Close PCM600 and open again then make the operating to the ied, you will get a prompt to accept the certificate, do accept the certificate permanently on this pc in order to the device to make sure that you are using a trusted client.

– ABB shows this message .what is the solution? It seems like an internal loose/open connection between the card & HMI.
– Check Ethernet connection between HMI and automaton
– It shows failed to install.. but the network has no issue… The Internet is working fine
– Disable the firewall and VPN connection if you use it. Try from other pc as well as different network

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– Can someone help me with this fault? What it indicates
– indicates Over current in the B phase
– Indicates Earth fault in the first stage.
– We just trial energize a substation transformer but Deadshot
– First, check the protection setting and IR resistance of the transformer with cable or bus bar
– What about retrieved events?
– Those events should be carefully checked
– Will revert back to you once I carry out this
– how to configure goose signal from siemens to RED670 relay? please ping me if any documents are available

– In Digsi use IEC 61850 configurator, import RED670 .cid and route signals as normally used with any other Siemens relay. All internal signals and configuration in each relay must be made first before exporting .cid files

– why disconnected?
– many reasons, for not having the latest Update Manager version and not having the high-speed internet
firewall blocking, proxy settings issue

– why this REF615 relay is going to fail? In one day it restarted approximately 25 times and this alarm appears. Is there a solution or is replacement recommended?
– It’s a software error, speak to ABB
Protection engineer user x: Clear this warning and check the IED SOE(Sequence of events)internal events from PCM600 why the ied is rebooting automatically?
– May we not get the proper auxiliary voltage power supply (fluctuations)

-Why it is happening? What is a recent change that happened in this relay?
– Check the healthiness of the power supply source, power supply module, watchdog contacts, and configurations
– Check all these details properly if you observe everything is ok. You can still do that firmware update by yourself easily by taking ied out of service if it belongs to the energized feeder.
– Ok I will check the events with the software, and I will check the auxiliary voltage level, however, I do not think this is the case since there are 14 relays connected to the same voltage source and only this one is the one that presents the fault.
– Recently technical staff have downloaded a new PCM600 configuration for all relays

– Is it possible to connect the RJ45 cable to the SFP port in the AFS670 ethernet switch? If so how?

– If the AFS670 is having flexible empty slots for SFP support(from the order options)then you can able to do that. if your switch model number is having support for that particular option then you can do it.
check out this and compare

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– In my case, there are 5 empty SFP slots but need to accommodate 5 RJ45 cables.
– Can you please share this manual with me, I couldn’t find it on the Internet
– you send your order option picture of the AFS. may be to me personally so that you avoid some problems related to MAC and other details in the picture in the public

– How to log in micom c264? Because I logoff to make some changes On relay parameters
– User name: Engineer
Password: AAAAAAAA
This is for Schneider to make C264

– Without FO cable connection is it possible to test Line differential protection?
– no
– In this relay. For any fault the PO1 PO2 is not getting NC due to this the breaker is not tripped so please suggest solving the problem
– Now we are testing line differential RED 670 without FO by switching off CH1 &CH2
– Check application config. in PCM. It needs to be configured
– PO1 is Close command and PO2 is Breaker Failure Backup Trip. You need to check circuit diagrams and configure input and outputs accordingly

– What is the function of X120 BI1 EXT OC BLOCKING? To this, we have to connect the circuit breaker close feedback
– Typically that would be used for “logical” busbar protection
– Can anyone inform me if is there any license required for the EcoSui software of Schneider Electric?
– Yes, you need it for long-term use By default, you can use it for 30 days as a trial later you need a license to run the software.
– Is there any license required for DS Agile?
– No, not required

– Do you have physical communication to relay? Can you ping it from the command prompt?
– Is the IP address correct?

– Close PCM, re-open it and open only 1 IED
– All cleared… Right-click on Bay name and Add IED, choose the correct version

Hey, you opened the same project two times. the connection is occupied from PCM600 to ied from the other PCM600 instance. Close the instance and work with one to the online ied. Use the pre-configured pcmi files from the update manager
* Take them from the Update manager.. they are all available there… Al templates

– I am required to submit the relay settings. If the .pcmi files are available with you, please can you share them?
– Do you have PCM?
-Then use the update manager which you have and download whatever you need
– I can download the data model of the relay from the update manager. But cannot define the settings without the .pcmi backup file.

– use templates to create the relay you need. Click no order specific and make any relay you need. You need to enable advanced options and the type of pre-configuration template (IEC/ANSI) in the settings menu of the update manager in order to see the pre-configured files in the update manager
– I can select the no order specific option and proceed. But cannot really enter the settings. The settings tab will be disabled.
– Read the engineering manual. Because there are no functions in… You need relay configuration which will actually be used
– You need to add the mandatory hardware modules from HWT and go for the ACT and customize the functions (add and map) that you added in the act from PST. This is the starting workflow.
Read the engineering manual it is also available from the update manager for free

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– In ret 615 x120 ct connection terminal 1 2 3 4 and 5 6 is lv or hv ct point? Current is not matched on hv and lv hc CT ratio is 300/1 and lv ct ratio is 900/1
– Tr is 16.6MvA 33/11 kv, Dyn11 Once check parameters of transformer datails in relay settings
– Wt about the difference in current?
– 1.5 times low in actual current hv side
– Getting root 3 times more But check the parameters

– Why phase difference is a mismatch in r and y phase in differential relay transformer is dyn11 vector group
– voltage is there? sometimes u need to have voltages available or sometimes u need to make a reference which phase will be a reference for the other 2 phases
– No available voltage in there
– check settings inside the relay
– Setting is ok I think polarity is a mistake or not
– check sequence also
– In this related to T terminal point is lv or HV bct connection point
– HV side is ok but the lv side should be balanced by -150, 90, and -30. Verify vector group selection in relay & physical polarity.
– Vector group selection in ok
– If relay tested by secondary injection then check field connections
– Also Check CT swapping is normal or not in the relay.
– Transformer is tripped when the differential setting is on
– This condition not getting satisfy so it is getting trip.
– How ct is swapping
– Is there interposing scheme?
– Is there a High impedance scheme?

– Does anyone have ABB test report FORMAT for relay model NI 41?
– hello anyone with a commissioning protocol for a new circuit breaker
– The fault analysis app it’s seems to be good

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– How can I inject from the relay back side, relay side 221, 222, 223, 224
– It should be 1200
– I inject from x120: 7,9,11,13 And 8,10,12,13 short connect to neutral
– Inject from 221 L1 ,222L2 ,223 L3 ,227N.The link between 224,225,226,227 should be open
Check injected current value by clam meter
– Please check the injected current phase angle it should be 0,120,240
– Correct
– I tried the exact measurements coming

– Why phase difference is a mismatch in r and y phase in differential relay transformer is dyn11 vector group
– voltage is there?
– sometimes u need to have voltages available or sometimes u need to make a reference which phase will be a reference for the other 2 phases
– No available voltage in there
– check settings inside the relay
– Setting is ok I think polarity is a mistake or not
– check sequence also

– In this related T terminal point is lv or HV bct connection point
-HV side is ok but lv side should be balanced by -150, 90, and -30. Verify vector group selection in relay & physical polarity.
– Vector group selection is okay. If the relay is tested by secondary injection then check field connections
– Also Check whether CT swapping is normal or not in the relay.
– Transformer is tripped when the differential setting is on
– This condition not getting satisfy so it is getting trip…

– Give the connection as per definitely it Will work
7 to r
9 to y
11 to b
13 to neutral, And connect the loop cable to 8,10,12,14.
– I tried this connection not coming. Otherwise, cts may be an error in the relay
– Can we solve it Or send it to the factory?
– Once give the 0.5 amp between individually 7 to 8
9 to 10
11 to 12
13 to 14
Then check the error how much it is
– Once confirm it, If a huge error you have to send it

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– Why do you have 0 -> 210 shift for the first phase?
-In quick CMC, R-0
y-240, B-120 FOR HV SIDE, And then add 30, R 210 and y, b is the balance angle, the Phase shift of 30

– By setting 110 % injection voltage is 73. But when I injected nominal voltage over Flux operated
– When I inject above 70 its reseted
– Firstly note down all settings perfectly and check each protection remaining in the off condition
– I measured the voltage from the relay it’s not reaching the injection +

– Once check with a multimeter relay and test kit
– I measured the kit output it’s got the Exact value

– Maybe the phase angle not getting properly In relay get different phase angles s
– What about a relay And did you connect directly?
– Check the Phase angle
-180, 300 & last one not showing
– First normal voltage give and check values in the 3relay are the same or different.

– This is my nominal voltage. I am receiving this voltage
– How about nominal Hz?
– 60hz
– Protection user x: Is it possible to get any vacancy in Telangana in the Electrical stream
– Any have settings for generator p40 agile micom type p343
Relay testing
– When the protection coordination fails within a DER between the DER relay (recloser) protection and the Substation recloser, the CTI (Coordination Time Intervals) is below 0,2 sec.
Can anyone share the different mitigations (methodology) we can apply to fix this issue? I will appreciate any book, any training video, excel sheet, or an example.
– Is it DAR or DER?
– Whats DER
– DER means Distributed Energy Resources or microgrid. But the problem can be generalized to any distribution coordination study. How do we fix falling time coordination between two consecutive relays? Any methodology to follow than the trial and error approach?
– Are these outdoor AR or they are actual IED relays with AR function?
– Your question is a bit general what’s installed on your network? What protection function is initiating the AUto Reclosing?
– Can anyone please tell me how to test open delta protection?
– Once could you send a wiring diagram of open and other VT connections? You can apply the voltage protection relay and test at open delta PT input terminal to relay, normal operation this voltage will be zero, during fault voltage will be present in open delta PT output, hence you can apply slight voltage to terminals and check, depends on your setting it is an act
Protection engineer user x: That means I have applied voltage into 3 ph VT core and I have checked in the open delta VT core?
– you can do a second injection to relay. if you want primary injection then with the less unbalanced voltage you can test it
– Is it open delta depending on other star-connected phase angle deviation
– voltages which create to flow the voltage in open delta
– Then I have to just inject the fault voltage in an open delta circuit for testing?
– depends on your setting and VT ratio in the relay
– Thank you, I will try it. Are there any other things I need to take care of while testing?
– nothing, apply voltage shouldn’t be more, be sure about that
– Why don’t you take from Update manager? It’s not coming to REG 615 D, But Reg 615 and 615 A and REG 615 C it’s shown

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– start SQL Server From here:

  • Widows Task manager, Service Tap,
  • Install the latest version of PCM600 2.11 and you get the SQLServer 2019 support that works better than the previous versions
  • Find SQL Server, in the “Status” tab, set in “Running”.
  • Uninstall this old version completely first
  • Try the latest version for better performance

Well noted let me try the latest version, It’s giving me the same error code

– Please show the full message of PCM

– Remove the PCM600 SQL server instance completely by uninstalling it properly
– have tried but same error. hoping to install version 2.11
– try starting from the task manager
– Have done it but the same error
– same error
– Restart your computer and try to open it after 4-5 minutes. Or you can type services.msc on Run and manually start SQL Server (PCMSERVER) after finding it.
-Tried and still no luck
– Did you install updated Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages? If yes then ok. Otherwise, you can try with an updated version.

– What is the phase angle we have to inject for synch relay?
– It’s both should have the same voltages with the same phase angle

– See I inject the set value but relay not responding
– First keep the time knob minimal
– V1 and V2 give the 63.5 voltage with the same phase angle
– Slightly change the phase angle then once check it
– But my voltage settings are 110v

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– how is this TCS implemented in bay control rec 650 and REL 650, what I see is it’s active when am decommissioning old breaker. am failing to figure out how they implemented it

– In this relay. In no load condition, the amps are showing. Please guide me
– You should check the configuration on the relay related to measuring Io or the analog circuit to transformation into Io
– What’s your problem?
– I have an abb 530 series CM module have 2 ethernet ports. but I am able to add in hardware tree (rtu util) for IEC 61850
– You should check the support protocol for ABB 530. Which is your RTUTil version? It supports the protocol. but only one port i am able to. You have to add more CM or use another protocol 104

– Pu30 relay communication problems
– Schneider Electric

– Why not com port showing?
– Contact Schneider customer service
– Instal USB drivers from the Schneider website
– if not my mistake, this relay should use vampset driver to communicate to pc

– Modbus scan I am getting this message, It’s connected

– Modbus timeout
– What can be the reason? Device not connected

– It shows connected
Protection user x: what causes a single pole breaker to trip immediately after it closed yet all positions status are okay
– Is it all DC supply in off
– the dc is okay and after it’s closed the TCS alarm is not appearing at all
– what could be the problem? of circuit breaker single pole CB that, after wiring, it can do all controls well open and close and when I make close command all operations work every good when am at the MK, after in make wiring for TCS, the alarm clear on the panels for TCS FAIL but When I make a close command it trips after closing
– trip Lockout still latching
– breaker first completes the closing cycle then it trips. maybe CB Pole Discrepancy read any CB Status not correctly for CB Closed
– all the CB statuses are well addressed, but the TCS seems to be tripping it. Maybe current from TCS is enough to trip the breaker

– Hello, I have this error on my relay micom p444: error code 0x81170000, what I Can do
– Co-Processor card is defective. A coprocessor card is used for distance fault location/calculation.
If you have a spare relay you can just replace the co-processor card, just inform the manufacturer they will guide you on how to replace it by taking a bay outage and doing the replacement safely.
If you don’t have spare contact manufacturer they will arrange a spare/healthy co-processor card for the required model number


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MICOM P123 protection relay has been made to control and protect current and ground faults for overhead and cable lines, and MICOM P441 is one of the distance relays that’s responsible for protection control and monitoring of transmission lines.

Through this course, you can learn how to configure and work with these relays.

  • Online video training
  • Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile)
  • 4 hrs pre-recorded videos + 4 hrs attached supplementary videos on google drive + data models + PDF files

Part 01: MiCOM relays range, naming, and application

Parts 2-7: exercises with MiCOM P123 and AMT105 setup. Three-phase signals are injected into the relay to test hardware connection and protection functions.

Parts 8-17: exercises with MiCOM P441 and AMT105 (configuration and PSL, event and disturbance recorder, overcurrent protection, voltage protection, negative sequence protection, and distance protection parameters)

Supplementary files attached

  • 01- start working with Easergy Studio in online mode
  • 02- MiCOM Relay Measurements, Event Logs & Disturbance Records
  • 03- Input naming in the Micom relays
  • 04- Communicate with MiCom P139
  • 05- Communicating with MICOM P139 checking the parameters from the front panel
  • 06- Binary input test from MICOM P139 front panel
  • 07- Binary input test from MICOM P139 front Easergy studio
  • 08 Function Parameters in the MICOM P139
  • 09- Overcurrent Function test in the Micom P139
  • 10- Inverse time overcurrent function IDMT test in the MiCOM P139
  • 11- CBF function config and parameters in the Micom P139
  • 12- Autorecoser function config in the MiCOMp139
  • 13- Autorecoser function test in the MiCOMp139
  • 14- Autorecoser function test in the MiCOMp139 By FREJA
  • 15- Under and Over Voltage protection function parameters and testing in the MiCOM P443
  • 16- Overcurrent and Earth Fault protection function parameters and testing in the MiCOM P443
  • 17- DEF protection function parameters and testing in the MiCOM P443
  • 18- Auto recloser function test in the MiCOM P546
  • 19- Trip Scheme in the Micom P546
  • 20- SOTF in the Micom P546
  • 21- MICOM P546 Differential protection test
  • 22- MICOM P546 Syncro Check
MiCOM P123 front panel
Easergy Studio

Certificate of Completion

After activating the MiCOM training pack on your system, we will issue your certificate for the course.

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sample discussions:

If there was a fault during the charging, only the setting of high set elements HS1 and HS2 were there. If the value of the current sense by the relay is more than the set point, the relay generates the tripping command?

– Sel is using two functions at the same time. Blocking (cross block) plus harmonic restraint. In that case, if both functions are working in parallel, and during energization, the relay detects fault current. Or high current in any phase with little or no harmonics. Harmonic restraints func will issue trips without going towards high set or unrestraint.

– What is the DCRP approval?
– For Ministry approval in Oman.

– Y 67 function is always +45 degrees?
– Even I also have seen + 30. So it depends on how the earthing system achieved.

– In a line that has underground cables & OHL lines together how do they calculate distance setting?
– The total impedance will be ohl+ug
– No, it’s called a hybrid feeder.
Current differential with backup distance protections. distance protection zone 1 should be calculated accordingly from the OHL end.
– I think in this case separate Zone is added to the Underground feeder to block Auto Reclosure
– but FO can’t be laid along with OHL.
– What if the feeder has more pieces of cable combined with OHL, Where the exact zone can’t be defined?
– Why VFD isn’t contributing the fault current into the system?
– FO can be layed along with OHL. We have Differential protection in line through FO cable

– My relay version is 5. can I use this.
– Your relay is pickup still not operated.
– CB compartment sf6 gas low in stage 1 or 2.?
– I think the alarm is stage 1 trip is stage 2.
– If possible can you change Remote to local?
– Please check the configuration, if you giving a start for UV1. It will not trip, in Siemens Relay, UV will operate when the minimum current setting is off. Please check in this relay also if the Minimum current requirement is there means to make it Off, Otherwise, check any block is given. For example VT MCB Off status like that.

– from the top near the main display 50 operate LED and 51 operate LED light blinking with red color, so what is the meaning of this?
-Now transformer operates with this condition, and only one feeder is loaded with 5 amp only.

– So is any problem arise in this type of condition? And also how to reset this one to get the normal operation?
– If the master trip has operated…just reset the master trip relay and charge the breaker.
– To rest LEDs just press clear and go through the navigation.

– Can I get the default passwords of 7sj82 & 7ut85?
– available on siemens website

-How do we calculate the tap ratio? Every time shows While I upload file to new relay, may I know what’s problem is?
– Check the error
– Existing file details are
Configuration version: V07.31
Communication configuration version: V07.54
– Use the same version to extract the file other else download offline and then try

– New relay firmware version V 07.54 Can’t connect with a new relay. Not communicating with new relay .. every time failed.
– connect by front port through of 7sj82 relay
– Check if you can see the relay in your online connection. Relay firmware version V07.54 and Existing file firmware version V07.31
Maybe you have a problem with the USB driver.
– It’s necessary to install the same firmware version on your computer
– The Protocols device driver is installed too?

– Line voltage inject 30 degrees lead to phase voltage, Ryb 0 _120 120
– Check voltage across the coil point
– Manual have?
– Check your schematic drawing

– What is the reason for L1-E, L2-E, L3-E voltage higher than L1-N, L2-N, L3-N?
– May be neutral is at some potential higher than earth potential. It is feeding a temporary generator and at the generator, side neutral was grounded
– Maybe that grounding is not proper
-Neutral is not properly grounded, therefore proper reading is coming w.r.t earth instead of neutral.

– How can I change 7UT85 Relay input by DIGSI 5?
– How can I change 7sj82 relay output (NO/NC) by software?
– Through CFC only

– how to update the firmware of GE Relay type MIF II.
– I have a problem with the magnetic balance test in the transformer. lv side magnetic balance is ok but the HV side is not okay?
– Please check proper termination of cables and also check any carbonization at the terminal point

– Then there are any flux leakages inside any core is more as compared to other cores where the winding is done.
– Try to demagnetize the core.
– Connect LV supply to LV side and switch ON & OFF several times say 20
– before magnetic balance which test had you perform
– If vector test or any other test u have performed then this type of error may occur

– If u have done DC winding resistance test then there may be the possibility of demagnetization of core
– How can I do time synchronization through SNTP ON REF615?
– I changed the IP address but the time and date are not synchronous.

– Is it a new CT or old?
1) As it is primary wounded CT, insulation fails between primary to secondary windings. Because of voids presence in epoxy moldings.
2) when it is loaded condition, secondary circuits may be opened and leads to high voltage on its terminals which leads to insulation fails on the secondary coil and inter turns fault happened.
– This old one.. and in-cabin we found humidity.
– CT circuit is ok. Because I already checked through injections of current.
– Then in this case more moisture contents are present in primary winding molding portions which lead to such.
– proceed to partial discharge (PD) tests

– anything can cause a flash inside the switchgear itself? which can be found during maintenance?
– all this can be found during maintenance test/troubleshooting/clearance for normally open Bay.
– broken CT / crack on the body/insulation breaks down.
once a flash happened no one can be 100% exactly sure what exactly causes the problem inside the SWG parts.
if Arc flash happened to the old switchgear I would inspect and test the other CT inside the substation.

– test CT and visualizy check
– to spare panel / normally open, etc
– CT is not affected by any external impact. Failure happens inside the CT itself

– For these results transformer is healthy and if there is a problem what it could be?
– Red phase Resistance
– What is the problem of the red phase?
– Used new CT’S with new switchgear.
– I think the red phase is dead short
– Why is the second phase to phase and phase to neutral is same value?

– I want to know why you see the red phase is defective
– Have you checked the factory test report?
– I didn’t find it
– But due to physical inspection we saw suite on yellow phase
– It seems the yellow phase flashed
– What about IR value?
– But I am so sure that Y I have the result for discussion
– what is IR?
– Insulation resistance
– Primary and secondary are separate coils
Hv – ground = 18Gohm
LV – Ground = 18 M ohm
HV – LV = 42 G ohm
– RY and BR values are equal
– YB mostly 2 times
– So are PHASE only possible to short?
– If so that would also reflect in ratio, vector group, magnetizing current?
– That is the nameplate of that transformer
– Are you measure these test
– Sorry this is delta winding so
-why phase may open, How do you measure these results? By using multimeter or transformers winding resistance measurement kits like TRM or CPC 100 ??
– If you use multimeter secondary value will show a minimum of 0.1 ohms in multimeter but if you use proper testing equipment means values to be in milliohms
– Yes for secondary should use this equipment
– What I think why phase is open hence when you measure YB the result =RY + RB, see even vector group connection diagram
– Actually, if it is star means red short but this is delta so yellow should open
– Multimeter

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– How to download the s1 studio data model from the internet?
– Go to data model manager

– Do you know the prive of DIgSILENT Library software?
– Anyone has a 7sj82 device driver V07.50.10?
– You can get Siemens website
– Only available V07.50

– What is the reason of ABTS (relay)function only gives rise to the command to the transformer tap?
– Hello! I´m changing a communication SIPROTEC 4 7SA612<->(RS485)RMC20 RuggedCom<->(RS232)PC to SIPROTEC 4 7SA612<->(RS485)[RS416 RuggedCom]. At SIPROTEC 7SA612 I´m using the PortB with an AME module (pins 3 as RS485 A Signal, 5 as GND, and 8 as B signal). At RS416 I´m using pins 2 as A signal, 7 as B signal, and 5 as GND. Between pins 2 and 7 I´m using a 120Ohm resistor. Unhappily, the new configuration isn´t running. Although, using RMC to convert 485 to 232 before connecting RS416, the communication runs. So, some suggestions to establish communication RS485 between SIPROTEC4 7SA612 and RS416?

– How to calculate fault current with RMS value?
– Inject current a little bit more from Setting value.
– One of my multiline 489 motor management protection relays is having a Reverse Power fault on Generator-B, I removed the relay and installed it on Generator-C, the same Reverse Power fault surface on the same relay, please can anyone help me to troubleshoot this?
– Please check the current direction selected on the relay concerning the CT Polarities

– Hello Everyone I am a fresher electrical Engineer, Having a problem with the relay connection.
– When we press the first Switch our lamp goes on and when we pressed the second switch, the second lamp goes on and our first lamp goes off. When we pressed the Third switch our third lamp goes on and our second lamp goes off. And finally, we have the stop switch Button when we pressed All lamp goes off.

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– Don’t know why I am not getting transformer winding resistance properly? but remaining all tests are ok
– In the same tap I Am not getting an equal resistance value, I m getting RY=89mohm YB=104mohm & BR=111mohm
– Is it testing equipment is calibrated?
– Try measurement with higher current, say 5 – 10A
Test without regulation winding. RY may have some issues?
– Avoid using clamps on nuts or threads. Clamp it on the main stud.
Make sure tightness in the testing equipment or on the transformer side.
Records the value in the same or nearby temperature.
You suppose to get similar values.

– Is there anyone who has DR analysis material? How to the analysis of any disturbance recorder? how can we analyze fault? Which kind of fault is this or how can we identify the fault?

-Hello everyone. Does anybody know MR tapcon AVR handling?
– When CAN bus communication is cut between master &follower AVR it’s not operating in independent mode. Voltage regulations are not performing.
– Anybody how to view digital events for SEL relay?
– Hello anyone has RET615 abb relay ANSI connectivity package ver. 2.0?
– I have ANSI relay product version 2.0.6. I have installed 4.0.3,4.04 and 5.1 ver But when in the ordering selection tool XC product version is not shown
– Relay ordering code is

– Use update manager and update your PCM
– This all relay one software only acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030.

– Can anybody help to share the “life assessment report for transformer “ for my reference?
– The configuration online and offline are different, you have to read the device and then start Monitoring
– I want Alstom to make MViec 61850M 61 relay catalog. Anybody has?
– Screw will be there on the sides. we removed both screws but it is not open
– Pull it or put screwdriver at outside and push slowly…shake from all sides..make it softer and open
– Parameter set of the relay should not be higher than the relay template in the Software
– Could someone explain the power management system?
– How to solve this?
– You missed the front panel! Scroll down and you can see that the device does not have a front panel. Drag and drop a front panel liberally and then check the consistency
– What’s cb2?
– What should I do about this?
– Your DIGSI need to have the same P.Set as the device have, So update your DIGSI which is suitable for your device
– Where 2 generators are sharing a network load both are in droop configuration? What would be the effect of manually increasing the speed on one of the generators?
– 1. If the network is grid-connected, the frequency is locked, hence the generator will take more load.

– If it is an isolated system, then system frequency will increase?
However, when 2Gens ate running one should be master and the other should be in droop
-What is droop configuration?
– You’ll find this in the turbine control panel. Generally, For turbine control in grid sync condition or load sharing mode.

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– What is the reason the generator shaft current would be increased?
– Rotor Earth fault with Pulse injection or any other method?
– In the shaft, we have CT and the CT cable connected to the shaft current monitoring device
– Can we able to communicate through a Multimode patch cord on a Single-mode port? anybody knows pls clear me. Insulation failure of rotor wdg?
– No everything it’s OK actually when the turbine rotates high speed the shaft current also increase that I want to know what are the would-be shaft current increase
– shaft current increased means, on load if MVAr is High that time shaft current is higher side if the load is less than rated and MVAr is low u get low shaft current

– What’s mean by cold load pickup protection?

– What is the purpose of this Aviation ball?
– Giving information to pilot that there is a HIGH TENSION LINE. Warning balls for airplanes

– I have some issues with my Siprotec compact 7sj802. I have 3 VT connected in open delta, I set U12, U23, UE based on the connection diagram, but I have Over/Under and General Trip LED. Now I switched off over under voltage function to solve the issue

-Can anyone help me whether the connection type is ok?
What about matching ratio phase vt to open delta vt, it is set 1.73, is it ok?
– Instead of 1.732 put 3, Normal 110/√3, But broken delta 110/3

– Relay shows blocked mode. how can I reset it?
– settings error.
– Device MLFB and disgi MLFB mismatch
– Correct digsi MLFB. U should HV a device file. Not variant file

– Does anyone clarify My CT has 30 VA I need to add AVR Relay so that power consumption is 35VA & intrinsic consumption 1VA above which burden, I have to follow?

– Hi. my relay file has VD address 10003 whereas the relay itself has a VD address of 10001 in Siemens 7UM61. How can I match?

– Hi bro, what is the difference between partial busbar protection and high impedance busbar protection?
– partial you mean Low impedance?
– No.. that one also has high impedance only
– I think connection might be the difference

– What is the origin of the abbreviation KMBG the main switch?
– Please clarify Why ICT requires both sides of V/F protection?
– Anyone test Siemens distance with the double kit?

– For directional relay 67 ANSI feature. What is the angle normally set in the relay? That relay should operate in one direction.
45 degree. Yes. Forward Direction

– It depends on your system. If it is a plain feeder and zero seq point behind your relay then 30deg while if it is transformer feeder with zero seq point in front of the relay then 45 deg
– Thanks. Can you please share its formula how it is decided to be 45
– Zero sequence point in front of and behind the relay means? Can u explain a bit more?

– Under impedance protection testing details with calculation, if have any documents impedance testing
– Does anyone has testing documents for Siemens differential relay apart from the usual Siemens documents(Manual)?

– Could anyone tell me how can I find MTA from the characteristic angle of directional overcurrent relay, because as you know when we test in omicron we need MTA, but in the relay setting there is the characteristic angle.

– Hi anyone uses megger TDR 1000 /3 fault detector for cable??
– The SQL server error is popping while opening PCM 600 software
– Can u please guide me on how to get rid of it

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The final setting is 85v stage 1 pick up so when I reduced the voltage from 100 until 85V its picked up LED & BO Also but When I need to Chek drop up it will drop up only 101 V
– So it’s showing when the system is healthy to still UV is not reset. So how can I make drop up LED & BO before Nominal voltage 100V
– You want to Decrease the drop-off ratio, this setting will come additional setting check
– My drop-off ratio is 1.2. I think to keep a minimum of 1.05
– So you will get 85×1.05=89.25V
– actually, the secondary of a bushing CT is connected with AVR for OLTC because AVR needs the ongoing load value of a transformer. This means that in case of overloading conditions, AVR will be blocked. So, one CT is enough for giving a response.
– Here in all OLTC, CT is connected in Y Phase only. Is there any specific reason for it?
– Maybe it’s a practice
– AVR is used just to maintain the Nominal voltage. This CT is are using only for measuring purposes. Not protection purpose. So one phrase is enough for AVR
– What is the need for measuring current in OLTC?
-: In AVR CT they are using 2 purpose
1)when current reach 120 % as per customer AVR will not give rise or lower command (AVR BLOCK)
2)circulating reactive current detection That CT is used for winding temperature measurement

– I am going to take the initiative to offer a 100 percent free training course on Autocad Electrical which is one of the most wanted software globally.

Electrical engineer, Dr. Saeed Roostaee with his online training packages about using and working with relays will help you learn to work with relays in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable price.

– Hi, anybody has a tool for making an operating curve for OC, EF, Overflux where I can merge 2 to 3 stage DT/IDMT Related to IEC 618590 protocol. I need to merge Generator Over flux and my proposed setting DT/IDMT needs to merge on the graph.
– Do anyone knows what is the purpose of the Lightning arrester. I know the purpose of surge arrester But need to know why we use lightning words especially lightning is quick, like 50us, and surger is to 200ms to 1000m. lightning has bigger voltage, and surge bigger energy.
– Lightning arrester is used for high-voltage against natural phenomena. a surge arrester is used for high-voltage -Please explain a simple process of how this occurs with an example if possible for you
– Lightning arrester..1)used in buildings is a plain rod with ionizing effect and transmits the high energy to the ground..2) used in switchyards and generator terminals is an NLR device which conducts the high energy to ground, it can also be in a combination of surge capacitor depending upon the equipment being protected.

– What will happen when lightning occurs on a transmission line. Then will it travel to substations?
– OHGW is used to protect T/L from lighting. It didn’t travel to substations, however, each piece of equipment in the substation has a separate bodyguard for lighting
– Then sir why do we use a lightening word for LA If is not protected from lightening ie from the sky
– LA is installed in a substation near T/F. In starting also Means incoming of Line. Sometimes on both sides of T/F. In some, they are only installed on the HV side.
– That’s why the first equipment in swyd where this transmission line ends is the LA to protect from lightning and surges as well.
– Shield wire is also part of the lightning protection system to protect trafo from switching surges.

– Why secondary side of CT is shorted?
– How to measure PT resistance???
– With the help of the resistance meter kit.
– Do you mean pt winding resistance?
Yup, insulation resistance with the help of Megger?

-Earthing should be chosen from the VT body or another point?
– What is the range (min) & (max) value of insulation resistance?
– Because at the secondary side current is hardly 1 or 5A so in that case voltage is too much If we open the terminal there is a chance of the blast
– What will happen when the secondary is open-circuited and your primary is on load, according to the transformation ratio, the primary has to be there is secondary, As the secondary is open-circuited, the current will flow through the core.
– As the core has a high impedance, even a small amount of current through it will produce an extra-high voltage which eventually fails the insulation and a short circuit happens.
– So in short never leave your secondary in CT open circuit or lose.
– Any spare core should be shorted
– A PT or VT has its primary resistance (is from the HV tap node to the ground) in the range of 10-100 ohms.

– It is an old distance relay, and it works on the principle of resistance per phase?
– This is not a distance relay. This I’d line differential relay for a short distance with a pilot wire protection system.
– The two pilot wires are calculated with a loop resistance 2*R and a resistor R
– So how can I calculate the setting? any procedure?
– The Instrument transformers do alter the original signal during transformation, so the relay allows for a minimum phase shift during transformation, so the phase shift can be accommodated
– It is a family of the DLN Should give a basic understanding
18/abb pcm600, abb14 –IEC 61850 training Bhatti: I try to do so.
– Transmission line protection by pilot wires (pilot relaying) is limited to 30 to 40 km in route length. For longer transmission lines and sub-transmission lines or even distribution feeders, distance protection is used.
– So they are in theory born of the same philosophy of resistance per length of the chosen pilot wires
– This is limited to the pilot wire differential applications.

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– What will happen if one CT sec. star point towards the object and one CT sec away from the object in differential protection?
– The relay will act for external fault.

– I have one question: what is the formula or how do we calculate the arc flash energy values for the specific switchgear?
– There would be a non-zero component of differential current on all phases. t = time duration of the fault
– You may also star towards the object and load. these features can be set in the above-named relays Once it has clocking features, it also has to come with sequence tweaking for they work together to give the microprocessor a sense of rotating.
– DY set the clock at 6 to invert, not o

– Anybody sends an IEEE guide for safety in SUBSTATIONS earthing Testing parameters.
– Can You share any testing procedure and method of transformer testing Pdf?

– I have to replace existing Solkar Rf relays with Numerical relays. What consequences need to face during these modifications? Someone has done this job before please suggest a line of actions, a logical sequence without interruption of buses.

– What is Digsi 4 & Digsi 5 software? how to use this?
– First of all, you need to install it on your computer. Digsi 5 and 4 are the software we used to configure the Siemens Siprotec relay.
– Can I configure Siemens all types of the relay to use this software?
– I don’t think. Digsi is proprietary software.

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– How to simulate protection function using a virtual injection in Vamp255? How to assign the DR in Micom Esergy Studio soft?

– Voltage measurements issue across the output of the charger
– Voltage across the phase- neutral found ok. 120 v. But across the phase – the ground couldn’t be found. Slowly go to zero volts.
– How much is neutral to the ground? What is the charger rating?
– Zero volt
– Maximum current 27.2 Amp
– That is what we call floating voltage, phantom voltage (Ghost Voltage)
-The reason for this is there is no real link between those two points Or there is saturation in the source hence the load loading the source phenomenon
-This can happen if, for example, you are trying to power a 100W 120v rated electric bulb using the output from a source that has a lesser burden let’s say a VT with a 50VA burden.
– Check for Case 3
– what is the actual reason behind this issue
– I mean why did it happen like this
– If case 1 is suspected Look for a digital multimeter with a LoZ voltage reading range check for potential. If the value is zero still check for Case 2. Short the two suspected terminals through a 2 Amp fuse. If the fuse does not blow Check for Case 3, Look at the burden of the transformer, and test the in-built transformer for coil continuity.
– By which time you would have already found your problem?
– Please note that all the steps have to be done with any multimeter that has the (LoZ) Auto Voltmeter. Start a Private chat with me, if you still need help troubleshooting
– In PCM 600 SOFTWARE is unable to read the relay. Can anyone help?
– It says the relay is an inconsistent state. Try again to read from the relay. Make sure u are on the main page of HMI
– Check the IP address. Then relay reset using the power of the relay. Then try to connect and hope to resolve
– Made Power on/off then the PCM 600 read from Relay
– What are the criteria for min line length protected through modern distance relay?
– I think it can be 100 meters. There are no criteria it’s all about economics and how sensitive the supply is No minimum or maximum length! Notice that during shunt voltage becomes very small and currently becomes very high, hence admittance tends to move towards infinity. But for a very short distance, line differential should be preferred. The 9 members of the matrices can only be compared to the set values by the relay microprocessor as the diagonal members are in theory smaller than others.
– Distance protection zone 2,3 operating time coordination with backup OC n EF protection if not meet grading shall we block all zones
– Hi. I have one key question short circuit ratings are normally given in 1 sec or 3 sec. For instance 25Ka for 3 sec or may 25ka for 1 sec.

-So how do we choose 1 sec or 3 sec or decide or go for type testing
– The essence of this rating supposedly on switchgear is to know the limit you can push the interrupter to, but it is not good to test switchgear at these values (not that you can get a 25KA test kit) because this would be defeating the purpose of NDT Non-Destructive Testing of the switchgear interrupter.

And for a transformer, motor, and other devices, if Isc is on the nameplate then it is the current that would spoil the coil if it lasts 1 – 3secs. The maximum short circuit would be less than or equal to the rated current times the inverse impedance voltage.

– what is the usual Zone 1 trip time setting in distance protection?
– 0 mS
– How to get Wh values from Siemens relay through IEC61850? We are getting only pulse qty
-How about 50 ms Zone 1 distance protection trip time setting?
– Even setting 0, the actual trip will be around 40ms may take?
– Is the relay in circuit/ already installed and in use?
– I tried to change some output configurations after that relay configuration error is coming
– Setting File will be stored in the relay, not an error
-Manually reset the factory default setting, then try to ups Lod the same configuration.
– How to do a manual reset?

– How to trigger disturbance records for Binary input of ABB relay. I had configured binary input 2 for disturbance records in the application configuration but not triggered.
– Generator pole slip protection regarding the document can I get sir?
– Which is preferable to use CVT or IVT?
– CVT is Suitable for the outdoors. Cheaper and used for wave trap (communication between two substations)

– How to calculate Relay setting for differential protection…??
-The old relay was DTH31 with a Bias setting of 15 %
– Now installed RET615 relay.
– How to calculate new settings?
– Numerical Relays, No need for this type of connection.
– Replacing relay panel is existing substation.
– Can’t change CT on both sides.
– May I get any documents where have pole slip testing procedures are available? please. Please share these books.
– Nothing to share just cover pages
– Hello Partners. I need a favor from you about software to use Sepam Serie 20 Relay, please
– Don’t switch the supply off for this relay otherwise it will damage
– What is the circulating current in parallel transformers?

– What is the suitable differential setting?
– could you suggest to me which brand is better?
– Eltel Or Doble CPC 100/ TD12 is the best. M4100 Doble year kit is rugged

-what is that CTM?
– lotting machine
– what is the meaning of the BR.D reading I got from the Megger insulation tester?
-The bridged connection between life and earth

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– Someone, can you help explain wet/dry contact?
– With voltage/potential it is called wet contact. Does anyone have to cost data of medium voltage submarine cables?

– Anybody knows about the dielectric strength test of oil used in transformers
Kindly share about its minimum acceptance result standard if any?
– Yes tried but nothing displays that’s why I ask?? Could you tell me the default password??
– 2 for configuration change
– You can reset from relay only.
– First of all go. relay default front page then -> give the password down key and reset (ok)
-Actually, I reviewed the manual it was written 4-digit password but didn’t mention the password accordingly we just tried 0000, 2222, 4444. These three also passwords are incorrectly shown.
– You communicate with PC? Default password 2 for configuration change/ 1 for operator
– Only 2 password
– No just by hand
– Ok. Press only 2

– Can anyone share an SLD for protection?
– Please share the full version pdf of IEC 62271-200&100
– Anyone can share IEC 61643?
– Does anyone have any testing procedure for Ziv relays

– Can anyone share your area panel scheme which shows DC control supply distribution and how redundancy is achieved for control supply in case of failure of the one?
– This is a good system as it parallels feeding and it will not be in if one of the power supply get trip
– Did anyone notice a DC voltage spike at the output of the diode assembly? due to multiple dc earth faults.? Actually, in my system, 4 blocking diodes are being used. Two earth faults occurred simultaneously in the system, the first earth in source-1 +ve branch and the second earth on source-2 negative branch due to which system voltage got doubled to 440V
– Did anyone go through such kind of situation?
– Is there any difference between core balance CT and Toroid CT?
– Some Toroid CTs are used for core balance measurements because they have very high sensitivity & resolution.

– Please share the practical Earthing book.
– Does anyone have ABB SPAJ 140C or 150C operational manual? please share
-Please send a differential relay Calibration test report format.

– Can we install/retrofit the ERMS switch in the existing LT swgr panel?

– Who has experience with microgrids here?
– Distance relay test procedure please by Omicron without OCC
– You should do it yourself because there would be peculiarities to your system not in mine
– hope you have a CMC kit and a license file.
– Do have any calculations for RIO Graph .. please share

– We are having random tripping of Terasaki ACB (ARS216S) which is connected on the primary side of the step-up Tx (415/6.6kV) which eventually is causing to trip all the GCB’s connected in parallel to different gensets. Any idea what can cause this issue? The sec side of the TX is HV VSD which is running fine without creating any issue.
– Tripping is immediate after startup?
-No. The system sometimes runs for even half an hour and then just trips for no reason without even introducing a new load
– More. ACB should have a built-in event recorder. It will give you cause and time of tripping
-How to download that? Is there software or something?
– Try step by step to analyze and move forward to correct
– No. It should have an LCD that shows real-time current. Configuration settings and the event history of ladt tripping
– Can you share its screenshot or video
– Yes correct. Will ask for the photos once it will occur again. Right now the system is working fine for almost 9hrs

-Quick CMC through Distance protection test possible sir? Or advanced Distance module required for the test?
-Testing is possible, but need to manually calculate the current and voltage value for a specific impedance, in quick CMC.
– May I get manually calculation of Impedance
– You can select directly impedance instead of Voltage & Current…option available…
– Distance protection test report may I get sir? Calculation of distance protection may I get sir? Please share.
– Artificially Line Ground fault created on Raigarh puglur HVDC to tune relay settings.
– Always theoretical & assumption workouts may not give accuracy. Sometimes needs to be tuned in a practical way
– I saw firsthand something like this go wrong, and it was fatal
– I am working in HVDC Raigarh and this line fault is tried several times in the commissioning period to get accurate tuning of the online dc line fault locator.
– I know it is really dangerous to carry out the line fault successfully
– There are remote controlled projectile devices, so try to be on a safe side
-: How is that fault created?

-I need this relay technical manual anyone has kindly shared with me
– Is it possible to share ur valuable advice on the following concern. Resistive/impedance reduced fault happens when the fault is not happening at the first bus, say after x km of line/earth. Recall that the line has intrinsic properties of ( y + j z) ohm/km. Also, there is an intrinsic resistivity of the earth which increases its resistance by distance R = pL/A
– Why do we need DEF protection in distance? But 87 cannot detect Internal faults? Is REF more sensitive as compared to the differential
– I read somewhere that phase-to-ground faults are highly resistive, and to clear these faults we need more sensitive protection like DEF?
– SEF not DEF
– I think he’s asking about the Directional Earth fault
– 87 detects internal faults on phases
– Yes I am asking about DEF also which is mostly used in distance relays for transmission lines
– What’s the stability test? How can perform for the 66 VK substation?
– Please send the method procedure for this test.
– When the energized line comes in contact with a grounded thing like a tree branch it finds its path through the ground back to the substation. Because the magnitude of the current may not be enough to offset the 0.1 – 0.2 I> set for earth fault, it detects only through the NGCT a negative feedback current more like the SBEF but it monitors when there is a reverse from s2 – s1
This means DEF is used because it is used primarily for phase to ground faults and is more sensitive to Ph-G faults?

– Anybody knows about the multi-stage series power filter?
– There is no potential difference hence no effect
-No. due to the complete cycle.. neutral should be needed.
-Consider Phase to phase then?
– I guess. Phase to phase, it will come as shock as the circuit is completed
– It will be a short circuit
-This person will get electrocuted based on the condition of his hands (ie., Surface resistance) and his body resistance. Pls remember the step potential diag, with differences, the earth is replaced with conductor and legs with hands.
– We need to know the cable impedance per meter, the current flowing, and distance hand-hand
-Voltage drop is negligible. See also resistivity of aluminum vs soil resistivity

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– How can calculate the Vector group of CT?
– CT doesn’t have any VG
– However, they do have minimal phase shifts
– Just D or Y connection depending on the application?
-basically, this CT is used for Differential protection. Star is best for the object to be protected. Star point on all s2 for HV CTs. Star point on all s1 for LV CTs
-This is center taped so s3 for full ratio or s2 for half ratio

– Does anybody assist what is slope value for the single side-feed line? I saw the manual they didn’t mention value. Is there any fixed value for that slope? In setting also didn’t find value for that single feed value.
– Slopes are calculated! And it is the boundaries that set trip areas and operating regions. What is your operation criterion?

– When I want to test different Protection for DYN11 using quick CMC how much the angle of secondary current when I use 0 angles for primary side current certainly for the same phase.
– For Dyn11. 180+30=210 & balance angle Should be applied in LV side
– why +30 for 11 I guess it is – 30
– -330(CW)=30(ACW)
– Why use quick CMC? When you can use Advanced different operating characteristics?
– Try any of the two and just input your system parameters for both test object and system. Omicron would do the rest for you.
– Actually, as you said it is better but there was a problem. When I open diff characteristic the connection between CMC and pc interrupted
– Have you ever had the same issue? I don’t know the reason

-What CMC model do you have?
– Cmc 356
– Okay then you should be having RJ45 Network cable
– When I use OC. quick no problem When I use advance diff the problem occurs
– Download the latest model of Test universe and install it. Most likely your antivirus engulfed some registries that contain omicron executable files
– Deactivate it when installing and reactivate back shortly after. Check if u have a license for advance differential

– How to test current reversal and power swing in p546 micom
– Kindly how to test differential using quick CMC

Protection Relay Discussion Group on Telegram:

– help please by checking to debug online in PCM ABB REL670 is showing block input 1 to its all protection what can be the reason?
– means block input is 1 there is nothing attached to it but it is 1 and no function is tripping

– Anyone has an idea in EF19 thermal overload relay make abb While testing relay operating less than setting current (that means 75% of setting current)?

– what‘s the reason for Using the function 59N and if necessary creating a ring loop for all my relays in the SWGR??
– Do you have information about C&P in Substation?
-132kV, 24MVAR Capacitor Banks (group 1 & 2 = each 12Mvar, 8MVAR/phase) when tested on-site by applying three phases 400V give acceptable values of 318mA on each phase thru clamp meter.
– However, when group 2 of the blue phase was intentionally cut off for testing purposes, it showed the following suspicious result? (instead of 318mA)
Blue: Group-1 160mA (normal) and group-2: 0A (acceptable value)
– What is the reason behind 290mA values for red and yellow? It shouldn’t be 318mA?
Anyone, please
– What could be the solution for the above error
– Is it over Ethernet or Front port
– Also you can ignore the error. In the case of the front port try with Moxacable
– Schneider Recommenda Moxa cable for front port communication. It’s with Mona cable and front port
-What is the communication port number your using?
– Can you send the photo of the device manager moxa driver settings?
– Use com1 for communication. If still not able to send a file, try to send the required parameters only. Open setting file, say you want to send VT PRIMARY, then click on and send data to the device

– If Anyone has a 7sk80 thermal overload calculation sheet pls share
-While extracting disturbance recorder in Micom p643 relay, we have this error operation failed?

– In my power plant, DC system +ve is solidly earthed. Checking it through megger to make the BGFT kit but am now able to locate the fault. Due to a system running I cannot switch off the dc controlled feeders. Can anyone suggest to me any other option, idea, or any other kit through which I can get the help.?
– Megger BGFT is the best way to locate the DC ground fault without switching off DC circuits, u just need to measure the impedance from the main source until reaching the branch circuit that has the fault
– But it is failed at my location to trace the fault. As per OEM due to complex DC circuits and the use of electronic cards in breaker feeders is not allowing the kit to trace. But this should not be the reason. Looking for some more options to identify
– I have a question for everybody, Anyone has a document or example for the cargability of CTS?
– I am doing testing for sepam87T, diff function does not operate but other functions in the relay are operating. I tried to fix this issue by activation output and led but still not working. The relay read current on both sides and read diff current but there is no output
– I didn’t check sepam87T. CT Matching Factor (ICT) Star point of the CT connection Vector connections of TR While injecting dual Current, check the phase angle magnitude /Compensation.
– Check output configuration, And Confirm any Blocking signal generate due to Breaker feedback / CTS…
– Actually, I checked the output configuration. What do you mean by blocking? For Example 3 Wdg differential, only you are injecting Two Wdg, Third wdy CTS may Block the output But Function will work…

– Can anyone help me to resolve this issue, I installed PCM for the first time.
– can you see some QR codes in IED?
– No, nothing like this on IED
– 220kv Alstom china, breaker drawing required, kindly share
– Hello! Suggestions to power simulators instead of double or omicron?
-ISA. DRTS series from ISA

– Crowbar failed alarm was triggered in my AVR system (ABB UNITROL 5000) and the same got reset automatically. failed alarm triggered. Can anyone tell me the actual root cause to avoid in the future.?

– Do anyone has Abb REF 541 relay operational manual please share it with us
– Can anyone please tell me the testing procedure of low impedance busbar protection for 132kv single breaker double busbar protection?
– Let’s see your single line first
-Next step?
– Testing procedures can have peculiarities. I would give you the testing procedure if I see the power flow / single line.
– Loss of Excitation of generator protection test process or calculation may I know sir .. please share related documents.

– 90% stator earth fault protection Test process please share with me.
– Have any process. Voltage injected in relay PT coil but not trip. What is the protection operating criterion? Is it only open delta voltage-based or NGT voltage-based or both?
– Open delta voltage based
– Inject normal voltage in any one phase of terminal pt so that no VT alarm came. Then inject in open delta pt and NGT as setting values. It should trip
– Setting value 14 volt
– Anyone can give an idea about starting auxiliary relays manufacturing?
-Setting value injected Ji .. but not coming trip /alarm
– Is there any other ct or vt alarm coming during voltage injection?
– LV BCT can’t be ignored for REF. For LV side BCT is mandatory for REF SCHEME
– So anybody has used IPCT? What are its consequences?
– These connections might be possible when one of the windings of t/f is delta connected (like dyn11, ynd1, etc.) but these connections can’t be made on auto t/f
– So, you mean either higher values or IPCTs should be used for mismatched REF if it is connected!

– Anyone has a CGI14S manual?
– Can someone please help me with the soft copy of NEC2020
– CG relay communication software anyone has?
– Default password?
– 000000
-For 7UT51?
– 6time 0

-kindly find below the steps to restart the 7SR relay Switch off the relay.
– Press and hold the TEST / RESET key (continuously until the startup menu is displayed) and switch on the relay supply.
The display will appear startup menu. Select cold re-start or warm re-start. Please check and update the relay status after re-start.
– In 7SL86 line differential relay charging current compensation setting is mandatory for local and remote end OR only local end?
– Please share the Scope of work for Numerical relay testing and frequency.

-Does anyone have a power transformer acceptable error limits of its testing like winding resistance, ratio test, etc.
– What is the purpose of using TPY accuracy class CT?
– Check the device specified tech norm applied
– Hi. Can someone confirm on Energy Meter accuracy testing of.0.2 and 0.5? What test equipment is used for this testing?
– Please confirm
-CMC 356 Omicron

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Product Detail:


SIPROTEC 4 and DIGSI 4 Training package (3hrs )
IEC 61850 Configuration (4 hrs )
SIPROTEC 5 and DIGSI 5 training package (7 hrs)

NAME length
Part 1: Substation Automation – an overview  05:39
Part 2: An introduction to IEC 61850 & how to learn it effectively 08:52
Part 3: Overview of the main features of IEC 61850 – Part I 08:58
Part 4: Overview of the main features of IEC 61850 – Part II 05:41
Part 5: IEC 61850 data structure and data format – Part I 33:34
Part 6: IEC 61850 data structure and data format – Part II 11:37
Part 7: IEC 61850 station in DIGSI 5 and IEC 61850 System Configurator 17:33
Part 8: GOOSE configuration and the publisher/subscriber LNs 14:34
Part 9: GOOSE simulation via IEDScout 06:31
Part 10: GOOSE configuration and simulation between SIP 5 & SEL relays 13:05
Part 11: Time synchronization settings and SNTP configuration 10:36
Part 12: Case study – Part I 14:56
Part 13: Case study – Part II 29:09
Part 14: Case study – Part III 23:41
Part 15: IEC 61850 configuration in DIGSI 4 20:03
Part 16: IEC 61850 configuration between SIP 4 & SIP 5 12:36
Part 17: Sample project 08:56

IEC 61850 Configuration (4 hrs-1.5 GB)

NAME length
Part 1: How to install DIGSI 4 01:57
PART 2: Introduction to SIPROTEC Relay families 06:50
Part 3: wiring connection 03:02
Part 4: start with DIGSI 19:12
part 5: Archive, import, export 12:36
Part 6: Masking I/O 11:00
Part 7: Masking I/O 04:51
Part 8: Masking I/O 13:08
Part 9: Default and Control Display 16:21
Part 10: CFC 11:57
Part 11: CFC and Implementation of experimental example 07:59
Part 12: CFC Interlocking Example 04:26
Part 13: CFC Protection Example 04:13
Part 14: CFC Explanation of all blocks 11:01
Part 15: Power system data 1 08:34
Part 16: Setting Group 19:13
Part 17: Oscillographic Fault Recorders 03:06
Part 18: General Device Settings 04:39
Part 19: Time Synchronization and Interfaces 03:40
Part 20: Device Driver and Firmware Update 09:04
Part 21: Config SIPROTEC relay in a Practical Project 14:36

DIGSI 5 Online Training

NAME length
part 1: SIPROTEC 5 relay families and applications 08:42
part 2: The online SIPROTEC 5 configurator 24:20
part 3: DIGSI 5 installation 04:27
part 4: DIGSI 5 upgrade and import device drivers 07:36
part 5: DIGSI 5 Vs DIGSI 4 16:05
Part 6:User interface and general setting 14:24
part 7: Case study relay configuration- part 1 16:57
part 8: SIPROTEC 5 Offline configuration I 15:31
part 9: Import specific communication drivers & inconsistencies 05:28
part 10: case study relay configuration- part 2 18:05
part 11: Distance relay configuration I 09:45
part 12: Distance relay configuration II 15:50
part 13: Distance relay configuration III 07:13
part 14: Function in DIGSI 5 16:07
part 15: case study relay configuration- part 3 12:40
part 16: case study relay configuration- part 4 05:48
part 17: case study relay configuration- part 5 15:57
part 18: case study relay configuration- part 6 17:45
part 19: Display Page configuration 15:38
part 20: case study relay configuration- part 7 10:06
part 21: CFC Configuration 09:08
part 22: CFC Analysis 06:13
part 23: CFC in DIGSI 5 and DIGSI 4 08:33
part 24: case study relay configuration- part 8 07:06
part 25: Case study busbar configuration- part 1 12:53
part 26: Case study busbar configuration- part 2 16:05
part 27: Case study busbar configuration- part 3 17:14
part 28: Case study busbar configuration- part 4 10:31
part 29: Case study busbar configuration- part 5 12:29
part 30: Case study busbar configuration- part 6 15:12
part 31: Case study busbar configuration- part 7 12:23
part 32: Case study busbar configuration- part 8 11:20
part 33: Case study busbar configuration- part 9 10:06
part 34: Case study busbar configuration- part 10 09:48
part 35: Case study busbar configuration- part 11 09:30

SIPROTEC 5 and DIGSI 5 training package
Protection Relay

Learning is a continuous process and enables us to be competitive in our field. Consistent with this belief and built on a strong experience in this field, we offer video training courses for practicing professionals in the area of Substation Automation and Protection relay. The material of each course is designed to help you to be a professional in the field.

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