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The possibilities of interactive training with video are endless. Such training can be accessed whenever and wherever it is needed, as often as is necessary. It is highly cost-effective, reduces travel, and time-saving. We provide professional video training package on SIPROTEC and DIGSI

  • High-Quality Video (Full HD – 1080p)
  • Free lifetime technical support with quick response (WhatsApp, E-mail, Telegram, and Remote technical support if needed
  • Share the valuable experiences in the field as a user, not as a promoter
  • Short videos in English with easy-to-digest content
  • Share the most up to date experiences, news, and documents relevant to each course
  • Training by a reputed instructor (Dr. Saeed Roostaee)

Video Training on DIGSI 4 & DIGSI 5 (10 Hours)


Click here to download full package including DIGSI 4, DIGSI 5, and IEC 61850 training packages

Click here to download full package including DIGSI 4, DIGSI 5, and IEC 61850 training packages

SIPROTEC protection relays from Siemens can be used throughout all applications in medium and high voltage. SIPROTEC Compact and SIPROTEC 4 devices can be parameterized and operated via DIGSI 4 software.    

Today, SIPROTEC 4 is considered the standard for numerical protection systems in all fields of application. SIPROTEC 4 provides suitable devices for all applications from power generation and transmission up to distribution and industrial systems.  

The SIPROTEC 4 device series implements the integration of protection, control, measuring, and automation functions optimally in one device. In the other words, in many fields of application, all tasks of the secondary systems can be performed with one single device.

The material of the DIGSI 4 course is designed to help you to be a professional in this field. Nothing beats hands-on learning from an engaging instructor who gives you the information you need.


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Large or small, every industrial, commercial, and institutional organization needs to understand how to protect their investment in their electric power systems.

The task of the electrical unit protection is to detect electrical failures and inadmissible operation of the generator, generator bus bar, excitation system, generator transformer, and another existing transformer (Station transformer, unit auxiliary transformer) and disconnect faulty circuits with speed and certainly without interference healthy circuits.

An automatic synchronizing unit is furnished for connecting the generator unit to the grid via the generator circuit breaker. It is also possible to connect via the circuit breakers in the HV substation if the generator circuit breaker is already closed.

The universal transducers allow the measurement of all electrical quantities occurring in any network in a single unit. Especially in power plants and substations, transducers are used to isolate electrical signals and further process measured values.

The following PDF is the course on Protection, synchronization, and measurement system in the generation station. This course is based on the Siemens project.

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Page: 120

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