– I am facing an Issue with My Mitsubishi PLC panel, I am sending the pictures right here. So what’s the problem? Need some adjustments for the panel view.

– using the DCL Sinha 197-1-1 temperature controller its output is given to the fx2n-4ad converter its output is given to the PLC(mishbushi fx2n-80mr) but in HMI am not getting proper Temperature, What is the problem?
– Some sample photos wiring diagram I will share
– I think it isn’t relating to the HV substation.
– it it is not related to the Hv substation. This belongs to a thermocouple for temperature detection/measurement. Need some calibration
– It’s already shown that the temperature transducer gives 4-20 mA to the PLC Analog Input.. You have to make some calibration to divine this 4-20 mA signal.
– PLC Fx2N communication with HMI already use digital data, it’s not analog so you have to make sure at PLC Side, how the programming work?
– I mean, how its calibration? sometimes do to x-factor you need some increase or decrease the cooefisien factor at PLC program for detecting the temperature, but before you play on the PLC side, you must make sure that the Temperature Transducer is worked well, and all the connections are properly installed, include the cable shield, and cable track
– Please make sure the control cable didn’t cross over or beside HV cable? some induction because this installation can make distortion

– I wanted to open the gate valve electrically
– Use motorize valve
– Use the simulator from that u will get 4 to 20 mA output.

– Hi I need some support on ABB RTU560. Trying to map -1040mW to +1040mW to the AO card, the AO card is sending is out as: -20mA to +20mA, but the DCS is expecting a 4-20mA range
– Any idea how to config this in rtu560?

– Anyone in this group has implemented Solar SCADA, PPC & PASS for a large Solar power plant. I want to move the resister from one word to another work. Receive data from Analyser and want to show on display On MODBUS protocol, Is there any software available like Modscan?

-Who can move that to move (Input resister 30001 to holding resister 40003)

– You can use products like Redlion to read from a slave and write to a master at a different address. (hardware and software required)
– what Slave and Master are you using?
-Hello, can you help, When do we connect the relay to the Switches and when do we connect it to the Gateway device?
– Is it possible to share the SAS diagrams of a power substation?
– Anyone has AB PLC software or its link please send me
– We connect relays to switches for IEDs communication because all relays are based on 61850 protocol. It will connect from gateway device when we have to send our all data to remote end?
– Yes it is possible through a router which is used for received and send through moxa switches.

– If the relay communication is modbus and the SCADA is modbus also , why we use RTU in this case ?
user x: What is the problem if communicate SCADA with the relays directly
user x: For modbus TCP/IP you could communicate directly without intermediate RTU
user x: So , when I use RTU ?
user x: If u have modbus RTU devices and or hardwired signals
user x: I am confused in our substation , we used RTU , but both side is modbus!!
user x: Which modbus type?
user x: TCP/IP
user x: It is more efficient for a SCADA master to poll a single device (RTU, customize the modbus map to have minimal gaps to optimize efficiency grabbing larger chunks of information in a single poll) as opposed to polling multiple devices (separate poll for each IED, possibly multiple polls per IED depending on what information is being obtained and where in the modbus map the information lives, assuming not using a custom modbus map in IED)
user x: Good morning house
user x: Hey guys… this is Lekshmi from Multispan Control Instruments,India
user x: Someone looking for fault annunciator??
user x: What’s the problem?
user x: no issues sir. we manufacture control instruments.
user x: Any requirement vfd & spare parts
user x: Hi
user x: https://youtu.be/fqkDad7s_Xs
user xt: Hello Everyone!!!
Myself from Jay Bhatt from Prolific 3D Tech (India)

We are into Industrial Animation and Training of Machines/Instruments

Below is one of 3D Animation for your reference:

user x: Thanks @989129613659 for adding me in this group!
user x: Welcome 🙏
user x: What’s the default management IP address for a siemens RSG2100 Ruggedcom switch?
user x: Thanks

Username: admin
Password: admin
user x: Thank you.👍
user x: You welcome
user x: If you want to use single-mode FO Cable to connect two RSG2100 Ruggedcom switches in two different buildings how can you do it.? There’s no ping when we connect and try
user x:
Any one know about this gluing system
user x:
How to check Modbus Communications?
user x: By modbus mapping, software which is used for particular device
user x: Thanks for reply sir,

We are using some fan with Modbus, no one is working, HMI showing it is Modbus fault
user x: Check the continuety of modbus communication cable
user x: Hi Kazim,

Open the software and checks what’s the fault value show in modbus block ,so u can find the solution for that .
user x: Difference between scada and hmi
user x: HMI for operator level ,limited operation only performed (ex in HMI report script ,continuous data logging is not)

Scada ,in scada everything is possible
user x: Tq for information
user x: Hi, check polarity of digital inputs and outputs which are connected to plc and check gounding also.
user x: Any one have Siemens step 7 smart software?
user x:
I need this
user x: Try but not possible
user x: 👍y
user x: U cant able to download ??
user x: Yes
user x: Create user id and download
user x: Any instrumtation technician job please tell me
user x: Send me link
user x: https://plc247.com/download-step7-microwin-smart-v2-5-for-plc-s7-200-siemens-googledrive/
user x: U can directly from the above link
user x:
Try this one downloaded also Installed but open time showing this one software
user x: It’s crct only
user x: For which plc u need softeare
user x: This is for S7200 smart plc
user x: S7 smart
user x: Can u send me
user x: Plc partno
user x: S7 200 smart
user x: Okk
user x: This one PLC
user x: This is the correct software your plc
user x: This is only microwin
user x: Not smart version
user x: Download and install this software instead of asking questions here without confirming
user x: For smart version you need license file
user x: License file comes with this package
user x: Already downloaded and installed but open time problem, try to understand problem
user x: What problem
user x: Wil you share the screenshot ?
user x: When I open then this one open
user x:
user x: Activate the software
user x: Go here download this package
user x: Follow instructions that specified on this package
user x: Uninstall previous one before installing this
user x: Okk again checking
user x: This one will work for you
user x: I’m sure
user x: Okk
user x: Yes
user x: Hi guys,

If any Siemens/ab/mitusubhi programming, commissioning or service related work ,please ping me
user x: Are you from ?
user x: Chennai
user x: Oh that’s good
user x:
Same download and install not opening this time
user x: Any other option
user x: What happening when you open this ?
user x:
user x: Give yes
user x: Same done yes but nothing is open
user x: Maybe run as administrator ?
user x: Same do again nothing open
user x: Thats why problem facing
user x: Yes try this
user x: Uninstall and restart your pc then install
user x: Okk
user x: https://youtu.be/F_knBaR0Mzo
user x: Follow these ins
user x: Ok
user x: Same did it…finally got again not started
user x: Any alternative options
user x: I have siemens s7 400 cpu and its communicating with industrial pc through ethernet.i wants to export some db data to exel sheet.how can i do that.pls any one can help
user x: Data logging.
user x: Which TIA PORTAL r u using??
Or is it simatic manager?
user x: It Siemens step7
user x: V5.5
user x: Is anyone available here
user x: I need help regarding dc1040 honeywell
user x: What changes i must do in dc1040 to use rtd pt-100
user x: You need to change its input type
user x: Which input i have to put
user x: I tried j1
user x: It doesnot show option for dp3
user x: IMG-20210201-WA0001.jpg (file attached)
user x: Not working
user x: I have tried everythng
user x: IMG-20210201-WA0000.jpg (file attached)
Did you go in that option and set rtd dp1
user x: Not showing dp1 option
user x: I tried
user x: Kindly share your rtd specification plate
user x: Is there English subtitles
user x: Does anyone here who supplies danfoss vfd
user x: Y?
user x: You need VFD?
user x: Yes i need
user x: Share the model number, which one
user x: Fc 360 2.2 kw
user x: Any one know that in FRL which oil are used?
user x7: Good day I use a emerson VFD on a motor vibrating grizzly feeder…but have noticed everytime the VSD trip on over voltage…the motor windings burn ..is there a logic explanation to this
user x: Missing phase
VFD is faulty, giving 2 phase
user x: We have measured all 3 phases are there
user x: The Vsd is showing overage trip ..but when we checked the motors the windings were burn
user x: IMG-20210204-WA0005.jpg (file attached)
This one?
user x: Maybe the less current, please recheck the phase
user x: Yes but for bigger size 250Kw motor
user x: The motor was new and for 550V application
user x: It has been working like that for 2 years with no issues
user x: Check the time delay for tripping in the VFD

Maybe it’s on the high side
user x: Thanks all for your input we did few test and find that the motor is regenerating power to the drive and create instability on the DC bus
user xE: Wow…

Does it regenerate power during operation or during ramp down?
user x: Its during ramping down ..when we stop the motor
user x: 250 Kw is too heavy power,
Are you using break resisters?
user x: Difference between plc and dcs?
user x: There is not any documentation on how to size for that power
user x: IMG-20210205-WA0006.jpg (file attached)
user xy: Any body have ABB plc /scada ppt to learn
user x:
Any one here who have idea about Moeller NZM 4 100 circuit breaker trouble shooting
user x: Anyone please suggest me a best electrical engineering drawing book with their author name.
user x: What problem u face give me full picture I will try
user x: Would you please share full information???
user x: When I’m giving 3 phase supply to this breaker
user x: Breaker not ON
user x: Check the supply of closing coil and the closing coil…
user x: Not able to understand I’m sending you diagram
user x: Ok send it shall see
user x: Here are total 6 wire connected apart from power wire
user x: I send you mark
user x: Send it without mark
user x: Can you check the supply at 35-36, 37-38….
user x: Check no supply coming before that 3/1 and 3/3 should be ON
user xi: IMG-20210210-WA0001.jpg (file attached)
user x: There is supply at S-T
user x: These are the 3/1, 3/2, and 3/3
user x: Mark me which one
user x: Means secondary coil of transformer?
user x: The top left corner the 3phase supply…
user x: RST
user x: From where the 380 V supply is tapped
user x: Also check the K10B NO contactor
user x: In diagram showing supply coming from S-T but this in connected directly S-T in panel
user x: That’s why supply not coming in ST I’m sending you photo
user x:
This is the S-T no supply coming here
user x:
And this one tag with u and v
user x: How I can bypass
user x: Check with multimeter
user x: The supply voltage
user x: For what purpose it is used for
user x: 3 phase supply voltage okay
user x: Ok…
user x: I need to ON 3/3 transformer
user x: When is step down in 24V
user x: Is the 24 V ckt supply ok…
user x: But not ON
user x: Which one?
user x: Mark me
user x: Below the 380 V…
user x: This one
user x: This one should be on but not ON
user x: Check this one
user x:
This is the K10B how I can ON this
user x: Check the supply in 37-38…
user x: It should be 24V?
2user x: Okk
user x: Good day Good People
user x: Thanks
user x: Anyone have any diagram (ladder/logic) for reference for the implementation of DG autostart while normal supply failure?
user x: I have siemens s7 400 plc and its monitoring Siemens step 7 v5.5. I need to create different authorise levels to entering this software with password. And i want to get report who are enter the software and what they did. Eny one have any idea please help me
user x: For the S7-400 PLC its only possible to enter one password. This password will protect against changing the program. To do this, one has to right click on the cpu from simatic manager and then choose object properties, protection and choose among the three options i.e 1 key setting can be bypassed with password, 2. Write protection and 3. Read write protection. Thereafter enter the password and write configurations to the PLC. Depending on the option chosen, the plc will protect upon establishing connection to it. In terms of user activity logs, this can only be achieved from Wincc/hmi
user x: Response from a siemens automation expert. Not mine.👆
user x: Dear Admin, kindly add+260 96 6496712
user x: Is he the Siemens expert ?
user x: Yes Siemens PLC
user x: Wooo that’s good
user x: 👍
user x: Is Any siemens programme have do this.
user x: In scada or HMI u can create different authorized level
user x: In program u can set password for plc,
And also u can set password for all blocks u developed
user x: What about siemens logon
user x: With this u can
user x: But not much sure, about simatic logon
user x: I’ve got universal motors.
With tachometer
Rpm is 13000-17000
If anyone what to buy that let me know
user x: Thanks very much
user x: Any one have the Selec -enview software link ,it will help to RS485 communication with MFM383A-C-CE other wise no problem , please suggest same related software.
user x: https://youtu.be/Q5_jUlJo1W0
user x: Hello, anyone can help me, pls🙏
user x: How to import program (ladder diagram) on device PLC M340?
user x: Can anyone please tell me how can we control a 3 phase induction motor with VFD using a Raspberry Pi and Python?
user x: New commer is here
user x: Any Job opportunity in Electrical Engineer
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Hope you are safe and doing well.
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user x: any one know any software for analysing CAN protocol, like for modbus we have modbus poll software.
user x: CANrunner is a CAN analyzer and diagnostic software tool built with the cross-platform Qt toolkit. It is a powerful tool for software developers and service engineers, providing advanced data monitoring and analysis capabilities.
user x: Monitor real time data on CAN bus
Analyze and catch problems on CAN bus
View CAN bus statistics
Use both standard CAN and CAN FD
Parse CAN protocol specific data (such as CANopen and J1939)
Remotely diagnose CAN bus over Ethernet by connecting to WRM247+ remote device
1user x: is it freeware ?
user x: https://www.wapice.com/products/canrunner
user x: yes
user x: Thanks gentlemen, I haven’t work with CAN bus but this is insightful
user x: 🙏🏻 thanks
user x: this may sound like silly question but i am new to this can so here is my question, electrically how much different is CAN from RS485 ? i think both are serial communication with differential signalling electrically so what is difference should be only on data packets and frame structure that defines CAN as protocol correct ? just like modbus ?
user xuser x: thanks 🙏🏻, this was very helpful
user x: CAN specifies much more than just the physical layer, whereas that’s all you get with RS-485. There is no standard way in RS-485 to decide who gets to send, what is being sent, how to know it got there intact, etc. CAN specifies complete packets on the bus, which include a 16 bit CRC checksum.
user x: and one can argue that CRC and making those traffic regulation is work of protocol and not the responsibility of electrical protocol or physical layer
user x: Since several protocol layers above the physical are specified with CAN, the logic to implement them can be built into off the shelf hardware. You can find small and cheap micros with hardware that sends and receives whole CAN packets. This hardware automatically takes care of packet start/end detection, collision detection, back off, retry, checksum generation and verification, and a few more capabilities related to dealing with hardware faults.
user x: Is it possible to collect data from plc using tcp/ip and send in whatsapp
user x: sending in whatsapp is not possible as whatsapp has strict rules in place for bots from spamming the platform
user x: there may be some unethical ways of doing it but it wont work for long run projects
user x: Anyone who has a handle on old Modicon Quantum PLC using software Concept 2.6 SR3?
user x: Can someone translate this error i m encountering on HMI?
user x: use googel image translation bro
user x: Not working idk why
user x:
How to wire vfd for Reverse forward two way selector? Model, vfd-B delta
user x:
user x:
user x: This message was deleted
user x: 🔷 Siemens SICAM PAS Manuals

🔴 SICAM – Substation Automation and RTUs
🔴 SICAM A8000 Series User Manual
🔴 SICAM PAS Automation Blocks
🔴 SICAM PAS Complete Training
🔴 SICAM PAS Configuration and Operation
🔴 SICAM PAS Overview
🔴 SICAM PAS PQS Installation
🔴 SICAM RTUs User Manual
🔴 SICAM SAS Configuration System plus TOOLS for SAS

Direct Download Link:
Siemens SICAM PAS Manuals


🆔 https://t.me/joinchat/AZrc5T8i3R1C3dc5JNmplQ
user x: How to connect schneider c264 bcu and which software is used ???
user x: For what purpose?
user x: For configuration of database SCE is required
For writing files to bcpu, CMT is used
user x: SCE version and database should be same otherwise it can’t be done
user x: Merry Christmas. May God save all the people of the world from war, ignorance and selfishness. Happy New Year in advance . May the birth of Jesus Christ be blessed to all Christians in the world
user x: Thx
user x: A Calendar with a difference!

user x: Hi every body I’m looking for the last version of pl7
user x: Because when I tried to restore the program from the plc I get this messages
user xBy searching in the net its say that I must upgrade my pl7
user x: pl7 4.5 pro sp5
user x: Cam any one help me to learn basic scada free of cost?
user x: Can*
user x: Download intouch
user x: https://www.inductiveuniversity.com/
user x: You can register and get a free course on Ignition SCADA
user x: You can also download the free trial.
user x: Does learning c#.net useful in industrial automation field, I am new to the field, I am looking for moving completely towards software side?? Could you please give your suggestions.
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user x: Urgent plz, I have tried to solve this problem without a success. The module is the same as the one configured in the software still bringing this 👇
1user x: Check if the firmware version on the module matches the one on Simatic Manager
user x:
I don’t see where the firmware is mentioned on the module description
user x: Assist plz!👆
user x: Check bus connector and check wiring if problem persists, replace the module.
user x: Thanks I replaced with new 1 and the problem solved
user x: 👍
user x: IMG-20210225-WA0034.jpg (file attached)
Any one have experienced this 👆. I have changed the bus connector to cuvc and replaced the cuvc card it self but no improvement. Any assistance
user x: Is the DP slave an ET station or what?
user x: Hoist drive
user x: IMG-20210225-WA0032.jpg (file attached)
And ET station has a problem also. This crane have down for long time now am trying to restore it
user x: Do you have Teamviewer?
user x: No, bt let me install it now
user x: IMG-20210225-WA0033.jpg (file attached)
user x: IMG-20210225-WA0035.jpg (file attached)
user x: Can anyone share the.manual of this servo drive? I m unable to.find it
user x: 💖🎉Answer the questions to receive Valentine’s Day gifts.I participated in this questionnaire and won a mobile phone. My friend also got the prize.Come and get prizes 📱 https://www.pmvfym.cn/tiaoban.php?app=tata
user x: looking for a book explains the installation of automated systems
user x: Shall we read data over modbus tcp using static ip remotley
user x: Anyone have UL508A
user x: Hi guys tomarrow I want to buy a laptop
if I want to install latest Autocad, PLC, SCADA, ETAP whatever may be I don’t have knowledge.
should operate latest and for another 3 or 4 years with no tension or burden.
what should be minimum specs?
can any one suggest please?
user x: Need to buy a gaming laptop for more graphics?
or normal laptop can have more graphics?
user x: Searching document in servomotors pilz , connection and configuration plz?
user x:
user x: Outdoor ABB this one
user x: Anybody know how to calculate cabel size rating of DC voltage loads
user x: https://www.solar-wind.co.uk/info/dc-cable-wire-sizing-tool-low-voltage-drop-calculator

try this, it may be helpful.
user x:
Dear colleagues, 3 times we find the surge arresster failling (and we trip ofcorse by 59v)
It installed between generator 15kv and step up transformer
How can I know the reason?
user x: Question:
Check if in theses cases happened subit load rejection.
In theses cases the voltage increases in the generator terminal.